2017 World Baseball Classic WBC Team Canada Batting Gloves

– As a hard core baseball
fan, Canadawide Sports knows that you want the full fan experience. That’s why we’re bringing
you the 2017 Team Canada World Baseball Classic gloves. The World Baseball Classic
starts on March 6th. All-stars like Justin
Morneau will be rocking these one-of-a-kind batting gloves. Adapted from the famous CFX Pro Series, these gloves are truly
Hall of Fame worthy. In the world of modern
baseball, style is everything. That’s why Franklin put a lot of thought behind these truly uniquely
Canadian batting gloves. As you can see, these
batting gloves are branded with the World Baseball Classic
on the back of the hand, as well as the Canadian flag on the wrist. These red and white design
is both powerful and sleek. When it comes to performance, no one is better than Franklin. On the palms you have the quad flex which helps you grip around the bat, as well as prevents bunching. The digital sheepskin leather
offers excellent bat grip in any weather condition. When you put these two things together, you get a world class batting glove. The Canadian World Baseball
Classic Batting Glove is just another example of how we deliver the best brands in sports. If you’re interested in these gloves and you wanna know where you can get them, just give me a shout
here at Canadawide Sports and don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel.

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