2018-19 RIT Women’s Hockey Senior Video

[Epic Music] “Favorite memory playing here I’ve got to
say like getting your first collegiate goal is really cool. Like it’s just a
feeling that is like no other feeling like you just get chills throughout your
entire body and you just get super excited and all your teammates are so
happy for you and it was such a great feeling.” “The best part about being on
this team is all the girls were all super close and definitely playing on
this rink it’s a beautiful arena.” “I think just the close-knit group we have it’s
not every day that you get a team where everyone gets along and I definitely
don’t take it for granted and I just love all the girls in the locker room.” “The best part about being on this team is just having that family atmosphere knowing that you know you have a roomful of teammates that will do anything for you.” “I will miss my friends most and my
housemates and definitely the whole team just like
hanging in a locker room every day I’ll be different going to work other than
coming here.” ” I think I’ll miss just being around the rink and going to class with all my friends everyday. “I would just say the girls and having a built-in support
system and 26 best friends that you just can always lean on for anything.” “The best part of you know is team is the friendships I’ve made I’ve made such
amazing friendships that are going to last rest of my life and it’s just been
amazing being up everybody every day.” “Just walking into like a group of girls
everyday that you know has your back and I don’t like good days bad days they’re
your friends or your and I think that’s the best part of
being on a team like this I think that RIT hockey is just like it’s a passion
thing and to work hard no matter what the outcome is on the ice like you know
that every single person’s even though I think representing this team kind of
holds that with you through life and I’m really glad that I could say I was a
Tiger.” “Representing RIT we play Tiger hockey every shift every on ice off ice
we always give a hundred percent.” “Definitely all the girls like the
friendships I’ve made since freshman year here being with them 24/7 seven
days it was peak like I go home and I’m still with my teammates and that’s
honestly the best part is that like I created friendships with everyone and
they last a lifetime.” “I think for me to represent RIT out on the ice would be a competition that every day to play like a Tigers that we come out we play hard
regrets the result the game we know that we always were tired the whole
entire game.” “I’ll miss playing in like such a great
facility playing with all my teammates just going out there for home games the
atmosphere the crowd everything.” “It’s definitely an honor every time we even
get to wear the jersey it’s not even about just our team but the girls who
have played here before everyone who is donated money to make this program a
possibility advice.” “I would give to an underclassmen is really enjoy every
moment and take every bump in the road or good thing or bad thing and really
learn from it and grow from it because “That’s all that hockey is for is growing
and learning actually how to live your life.” “I think just soak it all in
because it’s over before you know it.” “As hard as it can get sometime just keep
pushing through it’s worth it and it’s so much fun so enjoy every moment.”

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