2018 Baseball Preview

Practice is going good It’s been two weeks, full team and about three weeks pitchers and catchers The guys came in prepared pretty good, which is important You know, if they come in prepared and we can get after it right away that makes things easier So it’s been going good. With Cat and Angelo, both of whom have been here for four years, impact guys for four years So they’ve been through it Their leadership off the field, on the field is helping and their experience, the type of players that both of them are It’s helped with some of the younger guys that are in the program now and then also some of the returners that didn’t have major roles maybe their freshman or sophomore year that now are looking for more impact roles at practice they’re kind of leading since the fall they’ve been leading you know, talking a lot with them and doing some real good stuff at practice I like what we added Our freshmen, our freshmen class, I like our freshmen class a lot A couple of players within that class that had really, really good senior years last year that are having a real good preseason now, had good falls, individual work so they look like they’re ready to handle our conference schedule and our non-conference schedule. Our transfers were a big part of our recruiting for this year where we did want to bring in some junior college transfers along with a four-year transfer that we brought in to give us some experience to add to all the players we lost last year in the 11 seniors. They’re all panning out pretty good right now we’re just trying to gel everything and put it in place. We’ve been doing the North Carolina trip now for I think this is our third year opening up President’s Day Weekend. I like it because it gets us playing in a three-game atmosphere at another school’s facility We can get those games in If we are stuck inside, it gets us playing earlier. [It’s] challenging, This year we’re playing a different we’re playing Chowan University compared to the last few years we’ve played Pfeiffer University. Both clubs are good. Chowan is definitely returning a lot of players so it’s going to be a good challenge right out of the gate. Then going to South Carolina with the Myrtle Beach trip to the Northeast Challenge that we’ve been doing for 11 years is just a great experience because it’s all regional games and it’s good competition, solid competition, within the region so it’s back-to-back weekends where we’re playing right away and that non-conference slate is definitely important to see where we are and then be ready for conference play. I mean I think it’s a confidence booster always but especially for the returners and then even some of the guys that may have not been totally in the mix. To be in the conference tournament the amount of years we’ve been in, that experience is very important just to even be in that atmosphere. Getting to the championship game and falling short I think makes the guys even more hungrier to try to finish the job but last year is last year the conference is just so good you don’t know what’s going to happen adding New York Tech is gong to make it even that much more competitive all the teams in the conference, every weekend, it’s a crap shoot you have to play, you have to bring your a-game every single weekend in order to be in the conference tournament. It’s very important I just like the way the entire group is working I think the entire team is working really good I like what the coaching staff, I’m really lucky to have the coaching staff I have, their individual roles with their individual players. Coach Callahan and now adding Coach Brosnan with the pitchers, I’m liking very much where they are as a staff right now preparing. Our depth is probably the best we’ve ever had in a long time. Coach Holden with the hitters and the outfielders and Coach Burke with the infielders overall collectively the team has the understanding of we’ve got to practice hard every day if we practice hard every day and can translate that into our games we’ve got a good shot of doing some good things it’s all going to be about how we prepare and how we go when conference play starts. and non-conference play

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