2018 Biola Baseball Preview

We’re really excited about just the group
that God has brought. Spending some time in Mexico as a team and
getting a chance to build, you say that word “character,” to build some elements of this
team together about how we come together as a group. Realizing that it’s not always the most talented
group of guys that wins. But its the agroup of guys that knows how
to play the game and knows how to play it hard. And so those are the things that we really
try to press into these guys and emphasize that, of course, we do it all for the glory
of God. We’re really hopeful that we can continue
to build on what we’ve accomplished. I know that the move forward into the PacWest
there are a lot of questions to be answered. The great thing about the game of baseball
is that it doesn’t matter what level you’re playing, it’s still the game of baseball. It’s been a progression here, completing four
years and starting my fifth. It’s been a process to get the game of baseball
played the way we desire it to be played as a coaching staff. We really feel good about our incoming recruiting
class and a great group of young freshmen, but also a few junior college guys sprinkled
in. And we feel like it’s gonna be a great group
of guys who are gonna step right into an experienced group of players. And they are going to join those players who
have had a lot of success over the past two years and really continue to carry that tradition,
that heritage, forward that Biola Baseball has of just playing quality baseball. We’re excited about what our pitching staff
looks like and, you know, the pieces that are all around it and we feel like we’re gonna
put together some really competitive innings. We realize position player wise, it is gonna
require guys to be in even better shape and just be able to hold up for the long run. But we also feel like we have good depth there
as well to move guys in and out and keep guys fresh and play at a high level. So we’re excited about the challenge and whether
it’s an opponent or just a little different structure in terms of how the games are going
to be played, we really feel like we’re ready to play this game well. We wanna be a group
of men that exhibit Jesus in all that we do. So while we want to win more games than we
lose. And more than that, we want more games
than anybody in the conference. We want to rival anybody in the nation in
how we do those things. But how we go about it is important
to us. I’ve played APU a couple different times and
so really excited to get back in and renew that rivalry that we’ve talked a lot about
as an athletic department. But whether it’s APU or any other team in
the conference, we know that there are some relationships that have been built over time previously
as well. So we’re really excited to get back to playing
some of those teams. It’s gonna be fun to get back to playing teams
that we played and have a long history of playing games against. I know a lot of alumni I’ve talked to and
heard from are excited about the games and so we are hopeful that we’ll be able to get
a lot of folks out watching these games as we play some similar teams again and renew
the rivarly.

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