2018 Bridgewater Baseball Season Preview Video

I think I think coming off last year as
well as one of the situations where we knew we were young we knew weren’t
experienced and we were gonna gain something out of that with guys playing
and learning on the job or learning on the fly so we take that into this year
we feel like a lot of guys did gain a lot out of that they understand what
college baseball is all about if they were a freshman and or if they’ve been
out there for the first time I think there’s gonna be a lot to gain from what
happened last year and I think we’re excited about where we go on this year I
think I think the keys as we look at it is the biggest thing is starting
pitching I mean we didn’t put up very good numbers from a starting pitching
standpoint last year with like just a little over a three average three plus
innings a start and that’s something that’s got to change we’re going to be
successful in college baseball or any level of baseball and we’ve we feel like
we’ve we’ve taken some steps there guys have grown who were younger we’ve got
some transfers to come in and some people are gonna help us out in that
area we’ve got some guys back from injury they’re gonna make a difference
so I think that’s the biggest key for us beyond that it’s just fine I was ways to
win the tight ball games we had a couple ball games where they were a one-run
games last year and we just didn’t know how to to fight through that and win
those games and those are important when you’re when you’re gonna try to turn
things around beyond that is just believing in their abilities I mean
we’ve got a talented group of young kids and and and players that if they just
start believing what they can do I think things will come together so we really
worked hard on the belief and hard on competing every day and all we do in
order to be able to do that on game day well anytime you have a large senior
class and we’ve got nine we’re gonna lose that it’s important they stayed
with the program they worked hard for four years and they really want to prove
something this year there’s nine of them austin batten who will starting left and
be a leadoff hitter as one Parker Mead is going to start in center field
least some and and be a guy that can provide some speed on the bases and
create havoc Josh lasam gonna start at third some and
really be a relief pitcher for us he also backs up shortstop in second base
he’s a guy that’s they could do a lot of things for you Jake Bailey’s the first
baseman who can swing it from the left side
Chris King as a catcher who’s been there for us and started last year coming off
a successful hip surgery is really kind of a different player he’s been our
number three hitter he’s gonna be a good good hitter in that role as well as
catch for us Jordan Showalter is a fifth year senior
left-handed starter he’ll be in our starting rotation
Ian Mays is a right hand relief pitcher and Kyle Jones who’s been a side arm relief guy that’s been kind of here
since day one performing in that role so all those guys will contribute and
really want to make a difference this year and try to lead this team for us
and that’s what we’re counting on out of them well I think offensively some of
the other key people that we haven’t mentioned are Jake Talley who was a
freshman all-conference player at shortstop who will start there again this
year Luke paczywski is a guy that’s gonna
play either start at third start at first he hit it pretty
well for us last year is also a freshman going into sophomore
year he had a lot of good experience last year Brett Jones junior first
baseman right fielder D H I think led us in RBIs last year as a guy
would count on to continue to grow in that role as well from a relief role
standpoint and we got a number of guys that will relieve for us so it’s it’s
kind of pretty deep Sam imeson comes back to the
left-handed one-time starter feels a little bit better relief for although
counting him on the left as a left-handed reliever and then we have
some young guys and they were gonna kind of blend in either they transferred in
or their young guys that are gonna kind of help that along the way and obviously
the key is our starting pitching Chad Lenz comes off of an injury and having
surgery and he’s looking really good as the left-handed pitcher he’s really
really good as a freshman and he’s a junior and he’s really one we’re gonna
count on to kind of take us to a different level with where we were last
year so he’s new to the picture in a sense Drew berry is also a guy that grew
it had to throw both relief and start last year and I think he’s really grown
a lot and we’ll start something for us Tristan daywalt who is a junior all
these guys are juniors actually the junior right-handed
pitcher is certainly somebody that’s that’s proved to be capable as a
freshman had a little off year as a sophomore but looking to regain
his form on the mound we’ll count a lot on him
Jacob Benfield was a freshman last year a plus arm right-hander who I think grew
a lot and pitched in the valley this summer I think will be that much better
as a sophomore this year and then Kyle a transfer junior who’s a
right-hander who really gives us another option on the starting rotation so
there’s six guys we’re looking at their it could hit start for us in any time I
think will help us escalate where we were last year to this year well we got
it we got some young talent again through the last recruiting class and
through and through even a transfer process Michael Morgan’s a kid will
start second base he’s a good young player a good athlete plus arm but that’s not what he does expecting
him to be a good good freshman player for us it does a lot of good things
swings about well got a little pop Ryan scatter is coming to us as a
outfielder pitcher he’s kind of recovering from an offseason injury but
what we’re really counting on for is probably be a right-handed closer for us
and then gradually get back into the mix as a hitter and an outfielder which I
think in town would be a really good hitter jacob grave was an outfielder
pitcher he can do both for us got a little speed really good work ethic does
does the little things and makes a difference and then tucker garrison is
transferred is a sophomore transfer a left-handed pitcher i think is really
going to be a left-handed kind of closer type for us and also probably sometime
down the road i could develop into a starter so we’re really excited about
some of those young players as well

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