2018 Denison Volleyball Season Preview

CARTER CASSELL: Being in my second year kind of established some expectations and things have been going really well in reaching those expectations. JULIA MILLER: I think our team culture is really moving in the right direction. Coming off of last season, our big focus especially this preseason has been controlling our energy and keeping that energy consistent and high. We’ve been able to bond together as a team, and we’ve been able to show that through practices, which is good. You can tell that people are starting to become more comfortable with one another CASSELL: Preseason camp has been going really well. The players are working really really hard. It’s been great to see the incoming first years are really getting acclimated and our returners are helping them do that. MILLER: We’ve had some long days but people have really stepped up to the challenge. We’re trying to get one percent better every single day and I think that everyone’s showing that on off the court. CASSELL: Our defense starts with our serve. So we’ve really been focusing on turning up the service pressure hitting the ball a little more aggressively Yet keeping it efficient putting some pressure on the other teams offense and that’s gonna give our back row defenders and our block a better chance to be successful. MILLER: The returners and starters defense-wise have really been getting into full swing through service D, through covering and defending the attack everyone’s realizing their seams in their positions and where they need to be in order to get that ball up so that we can have a great attacking system as well. CASSELL: We know in order to be successful offensively. We have to pass the ball at a really high level So server Steve’s been a focus of ours Keeping ourselves in system so we can distribute the ball evenly and we know that’s the key for us. MILLER: Being smart about our placement but also just maintaining our aggressive demeanor on the court is a big thing for us. We think that having that constant energy is gonna help us move forward Towards the end of the season when tournament time comes which is the most important in order to get that bid to the NCAA’s CASSELL: we want to focus on being in the present situation Giving our complete effort and then growing from our experiences. In our opinion if we can do all three of those things We’re going to win each moment, and that will lead us to be successful

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