2018 Moravian College Field Hockey Season Preview

This year we’re looking to build on the
success we had last year we have almost the entire team returning a lot of
starters. I think we have twelve starters returning so really building on what we
started the culture and the on-field and off-field stuff from last year and then
with the summer our freshmen to come in make that immediate impact will just
keep growing the program. I’m looking most forward to the Ramapo game because my brothers both went to Ramapo so it’s like a family
competition but I’m also looking forward to a bunch of different games that I
know that we’ll have a tough competition with this year that we can
like compete harder and better than we ever have. Definitely the change of culture that
we’ve had since I was a freshman the team just has a more positive attitude
and we have more fun during practices and games. I think that we’re all our whole team is preparing mentally and physically
and we’re working on it as individuals and then trying to strengthen that as a
team and I think that our number one goal is our positivity this year. So typical week, we start off pretty hard a lot of fitness alot of ball touches and team work stuff as we get closer to games it’s a little more strategy working on corners working on special plays and that kind of stuff, to really get our mind
focused and ready for that team. Pretty good we all have a really
positive mindset and we’re all ready to just kick butt and have fun and win

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