2018 RIT Women’s Volleyball Senior Video

[Epic music] [Beautiful Guitar Rift Background music] [Singing] “Home of the Brave.” “My first year of college I didn’t play
volleyball, so it’s just really fun to be like I don’t know going from not having
that team aspect of college and then coming into, it I think it it really
helped to get through college. And I don’t know playing for RIT, its just fun,” said Kirstie Wehler. “I just think it’s a great way to like
help represent the school as a whole.” “This year I feel like we all have fun
together we all have each other’s backs and we do enjoy a practice and it makes
it feel like practice is like a fun place to go to get rid of all the stress,”
said Erin Parkinson. “So I didn’t really think about volleyball college like I always played throughout high
school and it was kind of like a last-minute decision like I didn’t go
through really the recruitment process I just kind it was like hey Jim in my
senior year, like I might, I’m going, I’m thinking about RIT so can I try it for
the team and he basically was really open about it,” said Sara Taylor. “We are so close I feel
like the past I’ve been here for three years it hasn’t been this close as a
team like previous years I think we all just get along really well and it’s just
fun to go to practice every day,” said Wehler. “Like trust yourself, trust the coach, trust
the team, like if you make the volleyball team you’re obviously a good player. You have the talent. You can do it,” said Taylor. “This whole year is pretty memorable I don’t know our team is just fun, that’s a good word for it. So I pick the whole season so far, but Clarkson that was fun, Clarkson, yeah,” said Wehler. “Everyone was like “Clarksons the best, Clarksons the best oh.” And then when we finally beat them this year, we took them to a 32-30 set and just winning the whole game overall
that was exciting, I was almost in tears,” said Parkinson. “Yeah we’re all like great friends we do
team dinners all of this awesome team bonding stuff. We’re like super-close, closer then we’ve every been for like the past four years,” said Taylor. “Yeah I am going to miss that team feeling. being off in the world on my own
again it’s kind of like starting new and I just grown so used to having
like a second family,” said Parkinson. “I’m Kirstie Wehler and I’m in biomedical sciences let’s go Tigers.” “I’m Sarah Taylor and I’m electrical engineering let’s go Tigers.” “I’m Erin Parkinson and I’m majoring in biomedical sciences, let’s go Tigers” [Beautiful Guitar Rift continues]

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