2018 Women’s Volleyball Promo

– Let’s go, let’s go. – [Tim] Last season we had a
chance going into last weekend to make the conference tournament. Really trying to watch players develop. We’re still trying to get a couple kids healthy at the end of the year. Didn’t quite get healthy
to make an impact for us. Turn that into the off season. We get all those kids
healthy. Now it’s a big deal. Kayla Redfield’s done a
really great job for us. Look for her to have a leadership role. I look at Teagan DeFalco to
come back and make a impact again for us this fall. And then some faces the
crowd might not know yet, but certainly will know
by the end of the year. Annabelle Kubinski
freshman out of New Mexico. Kennedy Adams out of Houston. So I’d look for those
two to make a big impact. And then Melody Horton
who’s really shown well in double day, so I’d look for her to make some waves as well. You know last year we
were top 50 in the country in attendance in the arena, we look this year to crack the top 25. The student body here is one
of the best in the country. I think they come out, they support us, they cheer for our girls, they understand that our volleyball program
plays for the university. We play for the students, we
want to be inspiring to them and give them an outlet.
Something to cheer and really be proud of
how we represent ourselves and the university. The
environment in there is second to none. Our arena is beautiful, it’s 7,000 seats, it has
all the bells and whistles. You know the HD jumbo tron,
the electric sound system, we bring the band in, we
get the cheerleaders in. The atmosphere we create
it’s family friendly, but it is definitely a college atmosphere. It’s rowdy, it’s loud,
it’s just a lot of fun to be a part of. Our goal this year is we want
to win the WAC tournament and we want to advance
to the NCAA tournament. That’s our goal every year, we want to win that WAC tournament,
we want to be a staple in the NCAA tournament, we
want to be a top 25 team every single year. It takes momentum to do it so
we’re excited about this year. We have a great start to
it, but we gotta get to that WAC tournament and we gotta win.

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