2019-20 Baylor Alumna of the Year: Kellie Fischer

(inspiring music) – Baylor does a wonderful job in infusing ethics into
basically every single class. I can tell you that it helped give me a sound foundation of ethics in business, and that ethical dilemmas are real. My parents, of course, certainly gave me the base
of my morals and ethics, and I’m so grateful for that. And being at Baylor, it was talked about, and that wasn’t something
I did often prior to that. Upon leaving school, when I encountered challenges, I recognized, “You know what? I’ve thought about these things before, and I have tools to
help work through them.” I’m just forever grateful for that, because I know I would not have gotten that at another school. We are building a $1.25 billion stadium. About three years ago, the biggest numbers I was dealing with were maybe $100, $200 million at a time. We’re now dealing in billions. I’ll say, probably the
most proud thing I have is I spent three years helping the Rangers open up an academy in
the Dominican Republic. It houses 100 kids that are our prospects that are signed and
under contract with us. These are all kids from Latin countries. But this gives them a chance
to play baseball, for sure, but also a chance to
be a better young man. In all sincerity, I was genuinely shocked. I am so incredibly honored. I feel like I’m in amazing, esteemed company. I actually happen to personally know a few of the prior recipients. It just is a huge, huge honor. (inspiring music)

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