2019-20 DU Hockey Preview

– You know there’s certainly outside expectations
on the group this year and on our program that maybe weren’t there last year. I think
for us as far as how we approach that nothing really changes. – I think what we learned from last year is
just not to listen to the outside expectations because they don’t matter. So what matter’s
is what’s in our dressing room and what belief we have in ourselves. So that I think it’s
gonna be really important for us just having that mindset going into the year. – I don’t think I’ve ever played on a team
this fast. The things like plays a game this fast so I think it’ll be really exciting for
fans. To obviously gonna have some growing pains and ups and downs but I think it’s gonna
be a really good season. – We’re always looking for ways to improve.
Certainly toward the down the stretch last year coming by goals was a little bit difficult
for us. And we found different ways to win hockey games which is a positive too. So there
is a lot of continuity for our players coming back and how we play and playing with each
other too. – There’s definitely unfinished business with
how last year ended and with the up and coming freshman and the sophomore’s that just that
much they’re one year older and that much more mature. I just felt that we had the potential
to be a very strong team and I’ve been very impressed with how they’ve been practicing
this first little bit. – Everybody pushes we’ll be ready now So there’s
not as much teaching not as much stopping practice so everybody’s up and down the ice
battling and stuff So I think it’s the best thing that we could have. – Out of the things we talk about with the
tradition of our program, of past success and the people that came before us and you
know we stand on their shoulders today. And we don’t take that tradition lightly and we’re
really proud to be able to represent and carry the Denver Pioneer flag. – Looking through history of the other players
that have won the seat for Denver, it’s a pretty special group and I’m very honored
to be a part of it. So I definitely want to do my best to uphold the tradition and definitely
win a national championship this year with this group. – Felt like it was just here, we just won,
but it’s been it’s been three years already. So I know our class is anxious to get going.
Doesn’t want it to get go by but we want to leave a lasting mark here. And I think everybody
in the room knows that. Everybody wants to win. All 60 teams in college hockey want to
win. But we saw what the seniors did when we were here as freshman and they left on
a winning note so that’s exactly what we want to do, that’s our goal.

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