2019 BYU Football Seniors Tribute

order beginning with Sam Baldwin. A linebacker out of rexberg. Idaho. After Sam Baldwin is Emmanuel ups. How about this guy Mitch Harris on your screen. Long snapper. Woepb of the unheralded heros.>>One of the more stable pieces.>>Living the dream Mitch Harris.>>All right. Up next following Mr. Harris we have bachelor Johnson IV. You met his dad today.>>He was wondering where the ceremony. I need to decorate my kid’s locker.>>Austin kafentzis making his way out of the tunnel. He’s played several for this BYU team.>>One of the most decorated high school players in Utah history but has come on. You see him in a team first mentality. Whatever role the coaches have asked him they does.>>Dayan.>>He’s one of those players who played everywhere. He they can rotate him anywhere they need him to. But he comes back.>>This is a little bit of a surprise he’s not dressed today. We’ll dive into this once the game gets going. He’s still being honored.>>>>My first passes were in the deserts of northern Chile. He’s an amazing missionary and amazing football player and teammate.>>Here’s Austin Lee. Father kids. He has both of them with him today. And Austin another one of those big time playmakers.>>He’s one to rely on and captain as well.>>He played offensive line and tight end.>>He might have opportunities. He came out late and he’s got the capability and skillset.>>From Rockwell, Texas, he came to BYU because he put them on map. Here’s peelly defensive lineman out of Las Vegas also with a new member of his family.>>He’s a beast on the defensive line. He and his brother contributed nicely to the unit and he’ll be missed on that defensive front.>>Sawyer Powell the next to come out. Played safely alongside Austin Lee and company.>>He’s been the nice fill-in for guys. Credit to these guys who are second and third stringers they don’t miss a beat.>>Now to an offensive lineman hailing from Temecula, California. Despite the quarterback that’s behind them they really stepped up.>>He’s a selfless guy. He’s been through a lot with injuries and moving around on the depth chart. But he puts in the work and he has a great work ethic and here we are again with a similar injuries. But both of those guys very selfless and hard workers will be missed.>>Out of Columbus, Indiana. Shumway was our centerpiece. Receiver out of south Jordan, Utah, and he’s being honored and running out of the tunnel right now.>>You can’t say enough about talon.>>Number 21, looking to make some big plays in his final game, been fun to watch some of the more memorable plays he’s made in that deep blue feature.>>Big touchdown in Tennessee. That one comes to mind. And it would be fun to get in the end zone on senior day. Like you said earlier this is something you’ll remember the

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