2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced Drop 10 Baseball Bat Review

Are you an elite player looking for a drop
10 baseball bat with the ability to dish out 500-1000 hits or more? There are so many bats available today and
there’s no chance to test every one of them. How will you know which bat produces the least
amount of stingers while at the same time having a bat giving you pop just about every
hit? You are not alone. There are elite players
in the same exact situation. They scour online looking for reviews and testimonials of which
bat to get this year. I do the same thing and provide an unbiased
top 5 recommended list based on what all the best players are using themselves. They all want longevity in a bat. They want
pop. They don’t want hardly any sting. They want the assurance that the sweet spot is
adequate for a top player. The best drop 10 baseball bat I found this
year is the 2019 DeMarini Voodoo balanced model. Many parents and elite players in the drop
10 realm agree by giving this bat a 5 out of 5 rating! It features the all-new Paraflex™ Plus composite
handle for a lighter swing and premium feel, and is combined with an X14 Alloy barrel to
create power. With the 3Fusion™ System that redirects
energy back into the barrel to reduce hand sting, elite players will love the power this
bat generates. It is USA approved and is absolutely the perfect
choice for many top players in middle school, junior high and early stages of travel ball. The color scheme is amazing and the price
point is excellent for this type of bat. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can
literally buy this bat today and begin hitting with it tomorrow due to their excellent free
1-day delivery. Ordering today and having it in hand tomorrow
is a no brainer! Just click the link below to my top 5 drop
10 baseball bat list and you’ll see this bat in the #1 spot. As always, if you enjoyed this video give
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