2019 Korea Professional Baseball season starts

Shifting gears,… The 2019 Korea Professional Baseball season
kicks off today,… to the delight of many local baseball fans. For more,… let’s connect to our Seo Bo-bin
who is coming to us live from Jamsil Stadium. Bo-bin, what’s the atmosphere like over there? Hi Ji-won. Yes, like you said, today is the opening day
of the 2019 Korea Professional Baseball season. Five games are scheduled for today, including
one here at Jamsil Stadium… between the Doosan Bears and the Hanwha Eagles. There’s still about 2 hours left to go until
the game starts,… but the atmosphere here is heating up as the fans start to gather
at the stadium. As for today’s starting pitchers,… Josh Lindblom will be taking the mound for
Doosan… with Warwick Saupold on the hill for Hanwha. Looking back at last season, both teams did
extremely well. For the Doosan Bears, they made consecutive
trips to the Korean Series, but finished runner-up for the second-straight year. Still, they have a strong roster from top
to bottom and also,… Doosan’s starting pitcher Lindblom was one of the league’s finest pitchers
last season,… so his start in today’s game is something to look forward to for the team. As for the Hanwha Eagles, they might have
started off poor last season,… but climbed their way up the standings to finish third
and played in the postseason. As for Hanwha’s starting pitcher, Saupold,
he pitched well in a pre-season game where he went five inning without giving up a run,…
but he faces a difficult match-up against Lindblom who had 11 wins last season. With the game starting in 2 hours, it’s now
up to the players to give the fans their money’s worth. I will get back to you with more details in
our later newscast once the game starts. Back to you, Ji-won.

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