2019 Tribe Football: Week 10 Press Conference

From the Laycock Center in Williamsburg
welcome to Tribe Athletics TV and football media day. Hello again everyone,
this is Jay Colley – with us the head football coach at William & Mary, Mike
London. And nothing but positive things to talk about this week, coach. Got a home
game versus Rhode Island on Saturday. It’s the Be The Match game, which
we’ll talk about a little bit later, but right now I want to congratulate you and
your team on a five-overtime victory over Elon this past Saturday – the longest
game in Tribe football history. It was a great game. It was a game that we had an
opportunity to experience the highs of the highs and the lowest of the lows, but
also the the new rules in terms of overtime for college football.
And what a great finish, opportunity for our guys to celebrate. It’s a long time
coming, but at the same time you know it was well worth it. An effort by the
players and coaches even the fans that followed us up to the game. It was
awesome and outstanding, so big win and you know we need to put some things
together to continue a streak of wins as we finished the season up.
Donavyn Lester got two touchdowns for you and right over 100 and yards on
the ground. that tells me that offensive line was playing well they did a great
job. We look and there was over 300 plus yards rushing at the end of the
game, over 500 yards total offense probably one of ourbetter
games. And rushing the ball, you mentioned the running backs, but hats go off to the offensive line and the guys up front. They create
those holes and and move the piles and so when we have a successful day running
the ball then we have a opportunity to be successful on the score board as
well. I thought all of the offense did a good job. On the other side of the
ball the defense an incredible job, particularly those upfront guys. I’ve got to
point out Ryan Poole – two outstanding defensive plays late in the game that
propelled the victory. Oh without a doubt, you know defensively six sacks, you get
got a hit on the quarterback – in a few occasions tackles for loss – but you’re
right Ryan Poole is one of those guys. It just becomes a practice, he’s probably
not a household name but at the same time you walk around and you see them
practice some of the things that come to fruition in a game and the young
man who was had a height advantage over him caught the ball over
top of him but tight and he’s taught by coach Dowling, our defensive backs coach,
that they play through the hands and when he came down and at the end of the
day he wasn’t able to hang on to the ball. So you know you hope that the
the football IQ and the coaching and the teaching catches up and and now on that
particular play it showed itself. We came away with a with it, with a
big victory so very, very, very pleased and Ryan’s performance. But there’s so
many other players than that one play performance, particularly down in the
overtime situation that they stepped up big, so we’re happy.
Coach got a chance to make it two in a row at home this weekend versus Rhode
Island. What do we know about the Rams? They are looking for wins
themselves, coming off a big win themselves at home. We know that
offensively their quarterback is number one in the conference in terms of
passing yards and in production they have a receiver that’s over a 1,000-yard gainer, a return guy that is in the top of the
conference in terms of production of kickoff punt returns. He’s number three
and I believe our Bronson Yoder is number six in the conference, so they’re
a good football team. We talked about the whole CAA and what’s gone on
and who played who and the outcomes of some of these games, but
they’re a tough team. We’re gonna have to play, put
another game together where offense, defensively and special teams wise we
play it or optimum. But we’re looking forward. We want to take the mindset and what happened on this past Saturday to bring it into
focus about. We’ve got to play with that effort and energy again, and we look
forward to playing. We know who’s going to come in and that’s going to come in and want to want to be competitive as well. It is the
Be The Match Saturday. You’ve got a young man on your team, played great on this
past Saturday I’ll add, offensive lineman Mark Williamson, who very frankly saved a
life we’re gonna hear more about that story as this week unveils coach, and I
know it’s an important promotion for you as well. The Be The Match program at
Zable Stadium. It’s a national organization. The
CAA adopted it when Andy Talley
coached at Villanova and started it and it’s gone on now from a national
perspective. I am a a bone marrow donor to my
daughter years ago and ended up saving her life, but one of our players, Mark
Williamson, was a bone marrow donor to the recipient that’s coming to this game
that we’re gonna honor and and celebrate this recipient’s life, his
recovery, where he is and where he’s at and so I would encourage people you know
the whole day you’ll get to know about the Be The Match opportunity, to get more
information, to sign up and register. The opportunities to get involved
and save a life, but this hits home. A game is going to get played, but there’s
also a bigger message of people getting involved with the with
Be The Match. When Mark meets his recipient, I’m
sure it’ll be emotional and it should be because the young man is living now
and Mark was a perfect match. So we look forward to the game. We look forward to
bringing the families together, bringing people’s knowledge and understanding of
why it’s important to get involved with Be The Match and then you know hopefully
have a great game and a great home crowd and an atmosphere. That is a win-win.
Well said, coach. Good luck. Thank you, appreciate it.

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