2019 W&M Field Hockey – First Scrimmage Post-Game

Considering it was physically our fourth
practice out on the field together with the humidity I thought you know we threw
the freshmen under the bus pretty quick we had no major team talk we sort of
said let’s listen to the upperclassmen and figure it out in one big drill that
you know 15 minute drills were working a lot on our side today so I was pretty
pleased with the continuation of the growth that we had in the spring and
leading the freshmen in really quickly You k now go back and sit down with our
freshmen and upperclassmen and sort of talk through some of the problems
that they saw happening on the field, try to make those adjustments in drills at
practice at game speed is you know always the best way to learn hands-on so
I think you know for us as a team that is growing in strength that they be able
to adapt to different systems that we can change in a heartbeat but also being
able to read what the opposition is doing to us, so you keep challenging
them and asking questions and presenting the problems to them I think you know by
the time we roll around to Duke on September 1st that hopefully we can deal
with anything that any team throws at us in conference or out of conference
this year

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