2020 Easton Ghost Advanced -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

Hey Smash It Family, my name is
Jermaine Curtis I’m a former pro baseball player and today we’re going to review
the advanced ghost ghost advanced from Easton and it’s fast pitch and I’m so very
excited to you know do this review with you I have a special player her name is
Mikayla exceptional talent she’s gonna be with
me she’s gonna be taking swings and you’re gonna get her perspective as well
as her dad in this video so stay tuned I have a lot for you. Before we go into
the video with Mikayla, I want to give you a few benefits of this bat. The ghost
advanced is said to be the hottest fast pitch bat in the game. It is equipped
with a double barrel that combines a lighter inner barrel with the stronger
outer barrel creating the lowest compression in the game four more barrel
flex and even higher performance this bat is great for both contact hitters
and power hitters because the double barrel is evenly balanced it also comes
with launched composite technology that allows for a longer lighter and stronger
barrel create an even bigger sweetspot bigger sweet spot more opportunity more
success this is also why and as you’ll see in the coming videos that this bat
makes loud noises very loud noises because of the stronger lighter and
longer barrel and a bonus for this bet is that it comes with lizard skins a
custom back rift that provides ultimate feel, cushion, and tack. Jermaine: nice swing! Wow
67 (exit velo) So how does it feel? Mikayla: It feels endloaded. I felt like I was able to extend and get my hands through. I liked It! Jermaine: You liked it? Mikayla: Yeah! Very Loud! Jermaine: What did you like about the bat, Scott? Scott: I thought that it looked like it had more pop. Because it seems to be more endloaded, She can keep that shoulder in, and drive it the other way a little bit more because she already has a pretty quick bat. I think that helped her in that aspect.
Jermaine: As far as exit velo, amazing! Jermaine: what’s her normal exit velo before using
the advanced ghost? Scott: The highest before was 63. Now we clocked her at 67. Jermaine: If you are interested in the ghost advance go to
Smash It Sports.com

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