2020 Miken Freak 23 Maxload Kyle Pearson ASA Slowpitch Bat

Hey Smash It Family! I’m formerly MLB
player Jermaine Curtis and in this video we reviewed the 2020 Miken Kyle
Pearson Freak 23 bat ASA certified. This is the bat of the offensive animal Kyle
Pearson Signature Series. It is a two piece 34 inches 25 ounce bat. It has a 12 inch
barrel and is maxloaded which means it is 1/2 ounce endloaded. It is
approved for ASA. which is now USA certified. Holdup! I need to explain this
because many people are confused when they receive a bat that is USA
certified. USA softball is now the governing body of softball in the United
States this means from now on you will see a USA certified sticker instead of
ASA certified sticker. Okay so onto the features of this bat. This bat comes with
the triple matrix core for those of you who do not know the triple matrix core
is an exclusive aerospace-grade material from Miken that increases the durability
of the bat by 15%. The result is that you stand out like a freak. It also comes
with flex 2 barrel loading which maximize the overall speed of the bat
head, giving a hitter some added whip and swing speed so you can have the edge
over your teammates and friends. Also this bat is a no-brainer for power
hitters looking for a short barrel and sweet spot performance. On that note
let’s take 50 or more swings so I can thoroughly test it out and give you my
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to see if you follow our channel also please listen carefully to the sound of
this bat. We want you to rate it in the comment section on the scale of 1 to 10. okay
so on to the review of this bat. I really like the colors of this bat but I also
like that is made in the USA. So I give this bat an 8.5 when it comes to pop, an
8.5 when it comes to performance on the sweet spot an 8 on performance on missed
hits, a 7 on sound it feels endloaded. It gave me a little bit more at a distance
and an overall rating of 8. If you are looking for a bat that will allow you to
stand out from the crowd and your friends this is the bat for you okay so
I’m gonna flip it over to you what do you rate the some of this down
the scale of one to ten please put your answer in the comment section below
thank you for watching I’ll see you in the next video

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