2020 Miken Freak-a-Delic Autism Slowpitch Softball Bat

Hey Smash It Family! I’m here with “Beach”
and today we’re going to review the Miken Freak-a-delic autism. Rocket Radar: 105 miles. Jermaine: So we’re back and
we’re reviewing the Miken Freak-a-Delic what do you guys think about this
Matt Beach: I love the looks of this bat obviously with the autism design great

Other guy: yeah I think this band has really cool graphics. It has the look good, feel good, play good mentality. The ball comes off it really well. Jermaine: this was the bat everyone was excited to use. Why are you guys excited? it’s a 25.5 so it’s the lightest bat
we swung but it still unloaded so it’s exciting to use a light bat that is also endloaded.

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