2020 Miken Freak Primo Balanced USA Softball Bat Review

Hey Smash It Family I’m former MLB
player Jermaine Curtis with smashitsports.com In this video we will
test, review, and rate the new 2020 Miken Freak Primo balance.
Miken has expanded on a super popular Primo bat. and this Primo bat will
be one of the many new best I will be reviewing this week in next week. the new
2020 Freak Primo balance is a two-piece composite with the 14 inch
barrel. It is 34 inches and 26 ounces. This bat is super flashy looking and I
actually love the color. It has the new Worth bat anti-slip grip. This grip feels
very soft, tacky, and comfortable in your hand. This bat is made in the USA and
is USA certified. Okay so onto the special features of
this bat. This bat comes with the triple matrix core which is an exclusive
aerospace-grade material from Miken that increases the durability of the bat by
15%. The result is unmatched performance. It also comes with flex 2 barrel
loading which maximizes the overall speed of the bat head given the hitter
some added whip and swing speed. This added swings speed will allow you to stand
out from your peers. Okay so on that note, let’s take 50 or more swings to test out
this bat so I can give you my review, but before we do please listen carefully to
the sound of this bat. We want you to rate it in the comment section on the scale of
one to ten. So after thoroughly testing this bat.
Here are 3 reasons why you should consider using this bat. 1. if you are
a player that has been struggling to hit balls in the gap consistently, this
balance bat with the large lightweight barrel will allow you to control the
barrel to find more green. 2. This bat would allows you to stand out from the
crowd and add distance to your game because the way the ball jumps off the
barrel. 3. if you’re a player that isn’t getting the results you desire
that you know deep down that you could be better this bet has a forgiving
barrel that would allow any player to consistently produce elite level results.
Okay so on to the rating of this bat. I give this bad at 9.5 when it comes to
pop, a 9.5 when it comes to performance from the sweet spot. An 8.9 performance on miss hits. 6.5 when it comes to sound.
It feels balanced and an overall rating of 8.6. So if you’re a
player that wants to drive balls in the gap and add extra distance and use a bat
that would present you with more success due to its larger barrel this is the bat
for you. Okay I’m going to flip it over to you. what do you rate the sound of this bat? Please put your answer in the comment section. Thank you for watching.
I’ll see you in the next bat review.

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