2020 Miken Freak Primo Slowpitch Supermax ASA Bat review

Hey Smash It Family! I am former MLB player Jermaine Curtis with Smash It Sports.com and in this video we’ll test, review,
and rate the new 2020 Miken Freak Primo Super Max. Miken has expanded on this super popular Primo bats and this Primo bet is one of the many new bats
that we’ll be reviewing this week and next week. The new 2020 freak Primo
Super Max is a two-piece composite with the 14 inch barrel.
It’s 34 inches and 26 ounces. This bat is super flashy looking it has a light gray
barrel with the mic and sign being highlighter orange. It also comes with
the new Worth bat anti-slip grip. This grip feels very soft, tacky, and
comfortable in your hands his bats also made in the USA and the USA certified
which was formerly known as ASA. USA softball is now the governing body of
softball in the United States. This means that from now on, you will be seeing a USA certified sticker instead of ASA certified sticker. Okay so on to the
special features of this bat. This bat comes with the triple matrix core which
is an exclusive aerospace-grade material from Miken that increases the durability
of the bat by 15%. The result is unmatched performance. It also comes with flex 2 barrel loading which maximizes the overall speed of the bat head giving
a hit or some added whip and swing speed. This added swings speed will allow you to
stand out from your peers. Ok so that’s sums it up. Let’s jump right into
taking 50 or more swings to test out this bat so I can give you my review. But
before we do please listen carefully to the sound of this bat. We want you to
rate it in the comment section on the scale of one to ten. Okay so after thoroughly testing this
bat. Here are three reasons why you should consider using this bat: 1. If
you are struggling to add distance to your game but know you could do better
this large lightweight endloaded bat will allow you to stand out from your
peers and become a freak. 2. If you are looking for a bat that will allow you to
add more power to your game but still get consistent hits, this is the bat for
you. Its carbon fiber barrel will allow you to place the ball when you want to
but then unload when the game calls upon. 3. If you are struggling to stay
through the ball with other endloaded bats, consider this bat because although
it is unloaded it doesn’t feel very top-heavy. Since it doesn’t feel very
top-heavy and allow you the stay through the ball better to produce
consistent extra-base hits. Okay so onto the rating of this bat: I give this bat
at 9.4 when it comes to pop, a 9.4 when it comes to performance
on the sweet spot. An 8.9 performance on miss hits. A 7.5 when it comes to sound. It feels end loaded. The overall rating of 8.8, so if you’re a player looking to drive balls in the gaps in that
extra distance and use a bat that will present you with more success due to its large forgiving barrel. This is the bat for you. I’m going to flip it over to
you: what do you rate the sound of this bat? please put your answer in the
comment section thank you and I’ll see you in the next bat review.

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