2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

We’re gonna review the Quatro Pro from
Rawlings it’s an amazing bat well-balanced it’s a composite BBCOR
this bat is 33 length and 30 ounces but it feels well feels way more balanced I
swung with this you’re gonna see in the video and one of our students. I
personally trained his name is Brian d1 player, an exceptional player, he swung it
as well you’ll get his opinion so enough talking let’s just show Brian in the video. Jermaine: how does
the Rawlings Quatro Pro feel? Brian: It feels great. It’s really balanced. It has great pop. I love it! Jermaine: I was just talking to a kid
actually inside the retail shop right now and he’s about 10 years old and
he has the Quatro Pro he said it’s the only bat he knows with a caution sign on
it would you agree? Brian: I would agree. Yeah. Jermaine: This bat is amazing. what
I really like about this bat is that is very balanced it’s a BBCOR and
even though it’s a BBCOR it still had life every time you hit in
we just opened up in the package so if you take a few more swings and you know
you break it and I’m I’m more than positive that you’ll love this bat if
you’re interested in the Quatro Pro and have any other questions regarding any
bat go to Smash It Sports.com

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