2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro Balanced (-10) 2PC Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat-FPZP10 – Review

hi I’m former Major League Baseball
player Jermaine Curtis I’m here with my buddy Ryan he’s a special guest and
today we’re going to review the Ryan: Rawlings Quatro softball bat 33 inch 23 ounce of
drop 10 (-10) USSSA 1.20 bpf fastpitch only bat. over all the bat is
really really good-looking it does not shock your hands. it’s got a really big
barrel, long barrel. it also has lizard-skin grip and a really nice speed
cap at the end of it and it is made in the USA this is the balance that and it
is composite and a 2 in 1/4 diameter Jermaine: amazing amazing we’re also going to hit
with this bat and you’re gonna see all that in a second and then we have a
review and the person that’s gonna hit is Mikayla she’s an exceptional player
here at smash it sports so you’re going to love you see there in the
previous video as well so you’ve seen it before but yeah it’s gonna be amazing so
we’re gonna do that review and yeah you’ll get to see everything so enough
talking let’s get into the video Ryan: wait wait wait don’t forget to Like and
subscribe and smash that like button and comment down below how you thought Mikayla
hit with the bat! beautiful beautiful yep Ryan: she hits hard!
Jermaine: you hit 67 miles per hour
I remember we did a previous video and you did that and now this becoming a
reoccurring thing do you think it was because of the bat?
Mikayla: Yes! Definitely has lots of pop!

Jermaine: Does it feel light
in your hands? Mikayla: no not as light
Jermaine: No? Not as light? but it still felt good to swing and you felt
like you had a it felt fast when you swung it right?
Mikayla: Yes! Jermaine: amazing how about you Scott what do you think about the bat you flipping the
ball and seeing the results and the flight of the ball would you think?

Scott: I think she had a lot of pop in it. Seemed like it was balanced good. Her swing was quick. I think she likes the colors, speaking for myself. Jermaine: perfect!

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