2020 Worth Mach 1 Boss 302 Balanced Slowpitch ASA Bat

Hey Smash It Family! I’m former MLB
player Jermaine Curtis and in this video we’ll test, review, and rate the new 2020
Worth Mach 1 Boss 302. This is one of the many bats that I will be reviewing
this week. In next week the new 2020 Mach 1 Boss 302 is a two-piece composite
with the 13.5 inch barrel. It’s 34 inches and 26 ounces and
compressed that right out of the wrapper at 275 and 280. This bat has sweet looking colors and
has the new word bat grip feel. The new grip feels very soft and comfortable
without batting gloves but it feels very tacky like you could use this bat with
no batting gloves and your hands will not slip it has an extended barrel
making for a very forgiving sweet spot this sweet spot will allow any hitter to
play at a very high level it is made in the USA and it is USA certified which
was formerly known as ASA certified. The Mach 1 boss is crafted 100% carbon
fiber making for a very lightweight but
durable barrel. In addition, the ultra-thin flex 50 handle provides
unmatched whipping feel so you can reach a highest swing speed and produce high
level results. The Mach 1 Boss is a bat that I have super excited to take swings
with. So on that note let’s take 50 or more swings to test it out so I can give
you my review but before we do like us on Facebook and smash that subscribe
button on YouTube we have more bat reviews, tips, drills, and more exclusive
content coming out that will help you improve your overall game but you will
only be able to see it if you follow our Channel. Also please listen carefully to
the sound of this bat. We want you to rate it in the comment
section on the scale of one to ten. so after testing this bat, I feel like
I could place the ball wherever I wanted to with this bat. It felt very balanced
allowing me to stay through the ball better. Overall the ball jumped off the
bat pretty good so I really like this bat. Okay so onto the rating of this bat.
I give this bat a nine point three when it comes to pop. An nine point three when
it comes to performance on the sweet spot and eight point five on performance
on miss hits because the large extended barrel still allows you to play at a
high level even though you’ve missed it. A seven on sound.
It feels really balanced and that balance feel allows you to stay through
the ball longer and then overall rating of eight point five. So if you needed to
get a rally going or just drive a ball and any gap you want this is the bat for
you. Okay so I’m going to flip it over to you: What do you rate the sound of this
bat? Please put your answer in the comment
section thank you and I’ll see you in the next back review.

3 thoughts on “2020 Worth Mach 1 Boss 302 Balanced Slowpitch ASA Bat

  1. Cool it looks like you used some of my feedback. Definitely thought this was a more comprehensive review. I agree with ur sound rating. It was loud and had a good pop sound. The echo had a little ping to it, I like more of an impact smash sound.

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