2020 Worth MENəS XXL USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Hey Smash It Family! I’m former MLB
player Jermaine Curtis and in this video we will review the new 2020 Worth
Menes XXL, which is part of the Hall of Famer and the Purcell Signature
Series the 2020 Menes XXL is a two piece full ounce end loaded
composite that is 34 inches and 26 ounces. It has a 13 a half inch barrel
which allows any player from the major leagues down to the lowest level to
maximize performance due to its forgiving barrel. The Menes XXL
was designed for legendary popping is crafted from 100% carbon fiber making
for a very lightweight but durable barrel in addition the ultra-thin flex
50 handle provides unmatched whip and feel so you can reach your highest swing
speed and drop bombs on your opponent. It is approved for NSA, ISA, and USSSA and is made in the USA. The Menes XXL is a bat I’m
super excite to take swings with so on that note let’s take a few swings to
test it out so I can give you my review. But before we do like us on Facebook and
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carefully to the sound of this bat. We want you to rate it in the comment
section on a scale of 1 to 10. so after taking a few swings I felt that
with the dugout full of bats this would be the bat I swing if I had to hit a
home run for my team to win. The end load allowed me to stay through the ball a
bit more than usual and that resulted in at a distance okay so onto the rating of
this batter I give this batter 9.3 when it comes to pop in 9.3 when it comes to
performance on sweet spots in 8.8 on performance or miss hits a 9 on sound
like I said before it feels end loaded and an overall rating of 9.2 so if you
needed a hit a homerun or win the game this would be the bat you pull off the
rack. okay so I’m going to flip it over to you.
what do you rate the sound of this bat? please comment in the comment section
thank you and signing out

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