(2A) 2019 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

>>>Funding provided by the path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bury believes in the youth and their pursuit of greatness. We’re the sponsor of Iowa girls high school union. When one rises with he all rise to a better Iowa.>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, fret OE lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor. We congratulate all of the students participating this year. Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By mussco lighting. ♪♪>>>It is time for state championship volleyball here from downtown cedar rapids at the U.S. cellular center, it’s the class two-way state championship game as it will not top ranked western Christian taking on Beckman trailblazers. With sandy Stewart, this has gone all the way here to the final game. What a matchup.>>Exactly. Two great fan bases here. Someone has got to fall tonight. We’ll see who it is.>>Let’s take a look at Beckman Catholic, of course a terrific season, third straight trip to the tournament. Posted regular season wins over 16 that qualified for state. Look out for jade jada Wills.>>A great defensive maybeu player that leads the trail blazers tonight.>>Their opponent Western Christian, 37th trip to state. They’ve got four starters coming back including Postma and Van’t Hul.>>Amazing program. The legacy is just unrivaled. And with five seniors starting I would give them a nod. It should be a good match.>>It’s time now to go to the public address announcer, Gina Rogers.>>Gina: Welcome to the 2019 state champion presented by Iowa farm BOOU OE. Please welcome to the floor the Beckman Catholic trailblazers.>>They’re going for their first ever state championship in school history. Can they do it against the perennial powers? What a crowd. [ Cheers and applause ]>>Great venue here in cedar rapid at the U.S. cellular center.>>Gina: New please welcome the Western Christian Wolfpack.>>How about this, they’ve reached the match, 18 of the last 19 years including ten straight. Going for their school’s 12th state title.>>Just amazing. Just amazing. Quite a dynasty.>>Gina: And it’s now time to introduce the players and coaches in the matchup. First, the nonstarters and assistant coaches for the Beckman Catholic trail blazers. Number 2, Olivia Granstra, northbound 5, Makayla Koelker, number 7, Jadyn Welling, number 11, Leah Wessels, number 14, Lauren Osterhaus, number 16, Keeley Schmitt, the assistant coaches, Mackenzie Atwater and Jenifer ZBLIETelman. Now the starters for the trailblazers, number 3, Tori Wynja, number 6, Hanna Kollis, number 8, Courtney Kollis — number 13, Kylie REEBer, number 15 Olivia Hogan,>>>number 14 stella winter field, the assistant coaches are Mindy deAIGer and Kayly Bartman. Now the starters for the Wolfpack, number 2, Olivia Granstra, number 3, Tori Wynja, number 4, Ally Postma, number 7, Madison Vis, number 10, Macay Van’t Hul, number 12, Sienna Moss, number 1, Makenna Kooima, head coach for the Wolfpack is Tammi Veerbeek. The officials for the match are first referee Chris Armstrong. Second referee Beth Sibernaller-Woodal. Line judges are Greg Vraspier and Ted month sur.>>Great crowd for this state title game. Let’s take a look at the keys to the game. What does Dyersville Beckman need to do?>>A couple things I think are going to be critical, their defensive transition. Really get into their offensive quickly to try and beat the big block, the big power block. Also aggressive serving. With the offense, serving TAUF with keep them out of sync.>>And then on the other side of the net, WRRCH Christian.>>They’re a very balanced team, five seniors starting. That balanced attack is going to be critical tonight. And also their dominate height advantage in blocking. They are tough to block, hit around the big block. That will be critical in bringing their A-game as well.>>Let’s see how these two teams made their way here. Western WLITSian knocked off others. Both sweeping their way to this championship game.>>Kind of falling true to form, if you don’t see that often, but they held their position all the way through the state tournament here.>>This is going to be fun. Western Christian and Beckman Catholic. Beckman Catholic wearing their green and gold for the blazers, and Western Christian in maroon trimmed in white with black uniforms. We’ll get things started here with Mak Kenna Kooima. Here for the Wolfpack.>>One of those seven seniors on the team.>>They’ve been here before. They have 15 state titles setting in their trophy case up in hull.>>And great strategy, starting her in the service position. She’s their number one server. Plays a great position in the back row.>>And right away Beckman Catholic attacked the middle and they pound one home here.>>Right off the bat they show that key to the game that I mentioned, the defensive transition to offense to a quick attack, they did it there, they were able to beat the western Christian.>>Page McDermott, the loan starter, and Western Christian with a side out.>>Great set she really dist rib U.S. the ball there. Great outside kill there.>>On the serve.>>See the lefty there. And how about the punch down by jada Wills, another change-up.>>Another shot there, wasn’t in the best position to swing hard and saw the open in the middle of the court. Nice. Comes in off the bench and does some setting as well.>>And the putback, up front with Mackay Van’t Hul.>>They’ve got seven players that are 5’11” or better. Beckman Catholic is going to have to cover well and run a quick offense to beat that block tonight. Really nice pass.>>Terrific dig, but it was just enough as Courtney KOLis was unable to handle it there for western Christian and Kierstin Schmitt the sophomore gets it.>>Nice back set to the right side of the court there for the kill. You see that slide attack.>>Pays off as Mackay with the kill.>>Tallest player on the team there, 6’1″, she really dist U.S. it well.>>Abby Postma on the serve. The front line of Beckman Catholic getting it done. They’re going toe to toe here.>>Smart play. They know big blocks up there. They’re going to have to do chips up there, use the block and not just swing away. That was a good one.>>Here’s Olivia Hogan.>>Really beautiful pass.>>Right up out of the back by Wills. And it will be a side out to Western Christian.>>Hit her a little bit early. You’ve got to be patient on that and didn’t quite clear the net. Of course that block is intimidating there. That probably had something to do with it as well.>>And miscommunication on the pass there.>>All right nice attempt on the quick set. Went up a little bit hesitant. Misconnection there on that quick set out to the three position but nice try, good idea to keep that spread out.>>Granstra on the serve.>>Free ball, see where she goes.>>Big opportunity, goes swinging with Wynja. But the height across the board, Emma Westphal, 5’11”.>>Only a sophomore, great block. She’s going to have to cover those hitters. No coverage was there. Especially on a tight set you’ve got to read that and pull in to cover. Nice hustle by the setter.>>Was able to be put down here by Beckman Catholic, that’s Schmitt with the kill.>>See that again here. Yeah. Nice little back set, really nice swing on the right side, got her shoulders turned. Beautiful kill attack on the rightside. I believe that was Schmitt again, only a sophomore. Uh-oh.>>A little bit of a scramble. Nice serving. Talked about that’s a key for Beckman, to serve tough, keep Western Chrisman out of there.>>Sophomore will put it in play again. And that is blocked out, strong swing there by Wynja.>>Nice try by McDermott. Good block but got to turn those hand into the court and not out of the court. Nice kill there for Tori Wynja. There’s that coverage. Good job, Beckman.>>Scramble pays off and here we go.>>Looking some great defensive plays.>>And it was hit there by Chloe Ungs.>>Yeah they’re not really probably ready to use their overhead pass. All should have good ball handling skills but sometimes it catches you off guard.>>Western Christian largest lead here, McDermott mutts the HACHLer down.>>Quick come NAIGTS there. That kick attack is going to be critical to beat that block. Nice quick set there from I believe that was Koelker that made the set there.>>Engelken serve, long.>>Close. Good call there by the line person.>>McKenna Kooima, she had an ace to open up this match.>>Boy she really swings, that jada Wills, big arm swing. She goes again.>>Time took something off but it was a bailout.>>Boy, both teams kind of scrambling to get the ball over the court there.>>Offense, see who can settle down first.>>It went to the longtime rally so far tonight.>>Tremendous work coverage by both. Free ball here for Western Christian.>>There we go with this one.>>And it’s blocked but back in.>>Oh, my gosh, this is great.>>What a point. And finally earned by McDermott at the net.>>Wow, some great coverage, great court coverage on both sides, way to stay with it. Thought it was down. But wait, the ball is out, keep playing.>>One of the best points we’ve seen here at the state tournament.>>McDermott leads the team in kills and shows why they are a very aggressive front player. Miscommunication.>>Back to a three-point lead for western.>>I got it, you got it, no, you take it. Center has got to go in there for that second ball and own it.>>What a great bailout again there by Wynja.>>Yeah, they’re covering that tip.>>And they get the point, largest lead of the set here for Western Christian.>>Great court coverage. Wynja back there one of the top servers as well, 55 aces on the season.>>And a service error.>>I jinxed her.>>They’re serving aggressive. As you look at Todd Troutman, been at Beckman Catholic for a long time, serves as the school’s athletic director.>>Semifinalist last year, this year to the finals. Setter is doing a nice job.>>Beck mab Catholic gets the point out of Kyrsten Schmitt.>>She’s been impressive, plays a nice right sided tack, leads the team in blocks and will set on occasion. Very well-rounded player out there.>>We’re going to see a lift, or double hit. Excuse me.>>Olivia didn’t quite get her hands under the ball, feet under the ball. Good call there by the official.>>3-0 run put together by Beckman Catholic.>>There’s a good pass.>>And this time Western strong enough as Madison Vis the junior able to get it.>>Varied attack, a lot of different players they can go Nice kill there by Vis.>>Van’t Hul covers a lot of pace in the middle.>>She does, 6’1″, great technique, tough to hit around that. Nice try on the quick attack but Van’t Hul right on the money.>>Back to a three-point lead.>>Good coverage.>>The bailout there by Hogan. And the point earned by Schmitt.>>Schmitt has been money so far. Not used to blocking that left side there for Western lit YARN, a little bit late getting there, nice job, big elevation, big arm swing. Kyrsten Schmitt coming to play tonight.>>Doing a lot for Beckman. Second on the team in assists.>>She’s very all AURCHD player. I think she can move into a setting role.>>Van’t Hul said give me the slide. They called it and dialed it in there.>>321 kills on the year, leads the team with kills. Coach Veerbeek going for a record championship tonight. Both teams really passing pretty well. Little tight ball there. Nothing really she could do with that.>>It’s going to be hit long, hitting error. And back to a two-point game, 15-13, as this one works its way through the opening set.>>Kristen Schmitt again another nice hit but a nice dig on the Western Christian side. Nice try to go on the quick, on the quick transition.>>And a service error by Hogan.>>Little nevers there. It’s too bad. She’s a sophomore.>>Now Granstra.>>We’ll have her in the back row as a setter, so she’ll have three hitters to go to.>>And the kill put down by Schmitt. She’s having a great day today. Kyrsten Schmitt. We mentioned second on the team in kills and now with five here in the opening set.>>63 blocks on the year. Very impressive.>>Beckman has never had the lead here in this opening set.>>Nice role shot off of that deep set.>>Just set up for page McDermott.>>Got a little bit into the net with her shoulder. Those are really tough. They call them a net violation on Beckman, I believe. Yep. That was a nice try there.>>So how about this, Jada Wills doesn’t have a kill yet, although she leads the team in kills. At the state tournament she has 38, she averages about 19 per game, and has been held out of check. Is Western doing this or is this by design by Dyersville Beckman?>>I think they’ve got her number. But it’s nice to see they’re moving the ball around. I think she’ll maybe get her some back row attacks, middle attacks, mix her around, different plays on the court where she can get in there and swing.>>When you cannot get that over and it’s a one-point set.>>Let’s see where Granstra goes now. She’s got, called the 32 position, kind of a tentative attack there.>>And there is the first kill.>>A little nice roll shot. Her timing isn’t just quite there but she’s keeping ball in play.>>Beckman Catholic has rallied back from 4 back to tied up here. Just like that, Western Christian gets the side out, masison Vis.>>And Ally Postma out there on the front court. They’ve got some of their height out there, 5’11”, 5’10”, and Wynja is 5’10”. Not good timing so far on that one with the setter.>>And it costs Beckman Catholic a point. Western Christian cashing in here, 19-17.>>And Granstra really smart, saw that Beckman was a little out of sync. Smart play.>>Kooima serve is going to be long.>>A little too aggressive that time, going for that back line.>>Now serving is pagee McDermott.>>Good defense, good court coverage. I love those high free balls. They’re a little bit different to pass. Some good scramble.>>The back set to Wynja with the pass.>>Great coverage.>>Wills shot handle. Van’t Hul with the tip.>>Had some long rallies in this match already. Oh, that’s a good spot there. That’s a tough one to get when you’re backing off the net.>>And the point will go a double hit called against Western Christian and we’re tied up at 19.>>Really good comeback by Beckman, playing great defense back there. I believe that was Engelken back there making great defensive plays for Beckman.>>And the tip over.>>Little miscommunication, not quite up quick enough for that quick set.>>Western Christian with the point.>>Beckman tried to run the quick, but hitter didn’t go quite quick enough and so had to tip it over.>>Wolfpack very balanced in this opening set. When you serve. Wills.>>Wills is just — they’re not in sync there with the setter as far as the height of the setter.>>Opportunity here with the free ball, back to Wills.>>There we go.>>Now she got it.>>There it is. We knew it had to be coming pretty soon.>>Look at the crowd.>>Think that was the first time she really got up and gave a swing here. And again the block was held. The block was late. She had that one-on-one. Great job there by Jada Wills.>>Tied up for the sixth time in this opening set. Beckman Catholic has never had the lead until now.>>Doing a nice job there on defense. Great defensive block and WONCH. Wills is coming alive here.>>Time out taken by Western Christian. 21-20, Beckman Catholic has their first lead of the opening set.>>Keep getting the ball to the center good position. Middle, keep running. Every time we’re running. Hogan, you’re up whenever they run that. Keep the pressure on them. Keep having fun playing volleyball. Here we go. Let’s go. You just keep — good job.>>Some great things there. We saw that in the last play with the kill by Jada Wills when she was one on win. The middle blocker is holding that for Western Christian. He said that middle has got to keep running, pushing, go to the middle to a dekoi or attack. Hogan are going to — keep this run going here. Nice deep serve.>>And how about the block at the net? By Beckman Catholic. Kylie REEBer.>>Looks great. Schmitt up there as well. She continues to impress. Good job. By double block Rueber and Schmitt up there all over it. There’s some trouble running down the ball. Great block but great coverage.>>Wills.>>Smart. Smart play. Look at this.>>How about this run?>>This is great. Again, block is there, but beautiful tip. And that defensive player has got to be ready for that.>>Let’s go to the Western Christian huddle.>>We need you to get that ball. We don’t want to all of a sudden you guys go up and them go down the line. You go get those balls. If you see they almost hold it and try to go over our block. But get that and just — we go after this. Okay? Come on. Fight. Be gritty. Play to win.>>I think what we were just tag about on that last play where the defensive player was there but not ready to pick up that tip. You know with Wills, she got blocked a few times. She’s going to be doing different shots and not just swinging away. They’ve got to be ready for any shot that comes over the net. Western Christian playing kind of a quick run of some smart play at the net by Beckman, got them three points up. Little trouble handling the ball. And there’s that Hogan covering the tip, just like coach said.>>She’s been everywhere. And so has Beckman Catholic. And in particular Kierstin Schmitt. The block is late. The defense didn’t switch.>>Set point. Here we go.>>Great deep serve. Van’t Hul shot blocked back.>>Let’s see where they go with it here.>>And Schmitt got it in.>>Beautiful. McKay law great setter, smart offensive plays by Beckman. Beautiful win.>>And 8-0 run to end the opening set for Beckman Catholic. What’s in store for the second step? We’ll find out when we return here on Iowa public t 8-0 run by Beckman Catholic. Hi, again, everyone, this is BJ, and very impressive but Beckman got help from unlikely characters here.>>Christian Schmitt sophomore had a great match. But it was even until about 20 points and Beckman just went on a run. Let’s see if Western Christian can come back.>>Let’s take a look at highlights here in the first set. It started with an opening ace by Western Christian.>>Very strong serving team, aggressive serving and blocking team. They had the lead for the most part of the first set and Beckman went on a nice run to regain momentum. Had nice offensive plays. Quick sets work well. And the passing really got it going there. And Wills got hot late in the set. She finished with five kills I believe on the set. But the good right side strength there with Kierstin Schmitt. Look at the kills by — that tells the story right there. Very strong, aggressive kills with the blazers. From Beckman. And even the defense. They’re really covering the ball, covering the court with 19 digs.>>This is something that hasn’t happened in awhile, Western Christian losing a set here at the state tournament. The trailblazers blazing a trail if you will.>>Exactly. No backing down, one versus two, very well competitive and played on both sides. Beckman got hot at the end.>>Ashley Engelken will get us started in the second set. And the dig out again by Hogan who has been nothing short of spectacular so far in this one. But Western says we got the opening point, and they do. Sienna Moss.>>Coverage was there. The block was so good, it was almost straight down, really hard to get. And kind of a bang bang playup there. The middle blocker got there late but she got there.>>Played up to the front row.>>They were ready for that second ball.>>And a lift.>>Little mishandle there. I think there was some miscommunication or I guess hesitation on what they were going to do there. Just got to make a decision and go with it.>>Sandy, these two teams are similar. They play right at the net.>>Yep.>>McKay Van’t Hul with the kill.>>Big 6’1″ player, hard to block. She cut it right inside, nice attack. Nice passing on both sides.>>And the kill.>>Was that Wills?>>Jes. Jada.>>Beautiful. When she gets a good set out there she can do something with it. The middle blocker is going to hold the block. The block is late and she hit right between the block. What couch Troutman said, keep the middle blocker going. How about that? The change of direction in midair by alley Postma, pretty impressive.>>Nice hit there. And again good set selection by Olivia Granstra, mixing things up. Nice set for Postma. Again, good passing. Nice court coverage there.>>Schmitt, oh, hey, she’ll take them where she can get them. That’s her eight kill.>>Smart play. She was able to keep the ball in play. Starting where we ended-off, pretty competitive when we played the set here so far. Beautiful pass.>>And then the kill by Western Christian, Van’t Hul.>>I think that’s probably her best attack is that. She’s pretty hard to stop on that rightside attack, 6’1″ big reach, that’s a hard one to stop.>>Postma serve, handled by Beckman.>>Nice hustle. Look at that. Sticking hand out, maybe it will go over.>>And Schmitt.>>Nice defensive coverage there.>>And a side out here for Western Christian.>>I think we’re going to call a double hit there.>>Beg your parton, Postma will continue to serve.>>I believe that was Moss on the block up there. Oh.>>And Postma is rolling here.>>Again we talked about aggressive serving and good pass receive really start it, so Beckman has had a couple poor passes here, unlikely. Not likely that they’d do it too much. They’ve been passing fairly well.>>At the net just a misfire by Beckman Catholic. A 4-0 run here by Western Christian and a time-out going to be taken by Todd Troutman.>>Passing isn’t quite there.>>Let’s go to the Beckman Catholic huddle and hear what coach Troutman is saying.>>Keep swinging. Keep swinging. You guys, stay aggressive, we got to pass better, though, run all around. Keep reading what they’re doing, stay up, keep talking, keep playing. You got to have fun. Can’t let yourself start singing into it. Keep working hard.>>We’re up a set. We’re not down. We’re up a set.>>They had a lead the whole first game. Team, team.>>They had some good points that Western Christian didn’t have the lead most of the time. They haven’t passed well in the last few points. Get refocused and get into that serve and receive and running offense here. And have fun. It’s a state tournament.>>State championship. Abby Postma the 5’11”.>>Running down that ball there.>>The slide. And this is going to be deflected out.>>Off the block. 5-0 run here by Western Christian.>>Sienna Moss I believe on the slide. Nice kill there. Having a hard time getting that pass up there. I think it’s our first backcourt attack.>>And it is handled by Beckman Catholic.>>Good coverage there by Beckman.>>Yeah, Hogan again.>>Oh. Love that left-handed setter. She can take it over. Little mishandle there by Koelker. Sometimes that ball comes in a little high. A little hot and spinning, it’s hard to handle sometimes. They’ve given up to Granstra taken over that ball, nice left-handed attack.>>And Schmitt mis-hits.>>Yeah, miss communication there on where the set was going. I think she thought it was going to be inside. It was outside. She wasn’t in the best position. Nice answer by Western Christian. Tough serve.>>And again, Beckman Catholic is unRAFG here.>>Just ball handling errors, a little out of sorts. Need to get a good pass, run an offense. Need to go to Schmitt on the right side. She’s been effective. Got to get a pass.>>8-0 run.>>Back court attempt. Like to see the aggressive back row attacks. There’s Schmitt.>>Had the big opening set, seven kills. But since this was tied up at 3-3 it’s been all Western Christian.>>Really smart play there by Granstra. She knew that Beckman was pulled up, and so she can take that second ball over. But right great defense on the back row there. And again, Beckman off the cover and didn’t get back to base position in time to get deep in the court for that court coverage.>>Wills with the dig.>>Little scramble here. Let’s see what they do with that.>>Oh.>>And now mishandled.>>I think a little indecision. She was going to hit it, and then she wasn’t, and so didn’t get the hand quite ready for a clean contact there.>>Abby getting a well deserved rest. She was at the service line for quite awhile. Olivia Hogan.>>Great defensive player there for the trailblazers.>>Schmitt, able to get another kill. How about that? Her ninth.>>She’s doing great over there. Western Christian nice block up there. They just got to really push over, hang a little bit longer in, really keep those hands over the net to get that ball on the other side. Beautiful pass.>>And blocked back. How about that? The trailblazers, getting the point, and this sophomore is carrying this team right now.>>That was a beautiful block. Look at that big swing, her really nice hands over the net. Great technique. Again, not really swinging at the ball but just putting your hand up there solid.>>The slide has been effective here for Western Christian.>>Nice back set there by Granstra. Is that Moss with the kill there? Yep. One of the juniors.>>Stems the tide a little bit pour Western Christian. They had a nine-point lead a minute ago.>>Center coming out of the back row. Was that Wynja? Yeah. Three or four left-handed players, gives them a ZRGT on the rightside the court. Nice on-side hittirs with those lefties over there. Beautiful pass.>>And the quick tap, put back by sienna Moss.>>Good block there. Kind of see there that those blockers were camping out so she didn’t have much room to I think really any place to go with the ball. So nice big block there by Western Christian.>>I like that we’re running slides here. We got Tori up now. Make that middle move, hands high on the block, feet moving. Quicker, we’re in BIRT better shape, we’re going to wear them down. Make a statement. Let’s go. Keep rolling, one, two, three, team.>>Tammi ver beak been able to turn the SHOIP around.>>A great player in her own right back in the day. Now 24 years in coaching I believe. And doing a great job, talking about staying focused, staying aggressive. They’ve got the big block up there. It’s like really using the middle blocker.>>They’re here in cedar rapids so much they stay at the same hotel, try to keep everything the same year over year. And think about those rewards points they’re building up at the hotels.>>Exactly.>>And Beckman Catholic with a much needed side out.>>It’s a good response there by McDermott. One of the seniors on the Beckman team. It was a good time-out there by coach Troutman to kind of break the momentum.>>Wessels will now be in to serve. Good coverage there.>>And a little — Kylee Schmitt.>>Now Wessels is on the back row. She’s an alternate they use on occasion, a strong back row player as well. Let’s see what we do with this free ball here.>>And the net.>>That was kind of a lost PUNT opportunity I think for Western Christian. The center took the first ball and so they had the alternate person had to try and bump set. Got to get that ball up a little higher so the hitter can do something with it there. See the coaches there.>>Madison Vis will now come in to serve.>>You saw the hand signals for position five. They’ve serving that deep corner. A lot of times you’ll pick on a corner serve to them, make them work harder around the court. Both teams will look at the bench like, where’s the target for the serve.>>Able to get the kill. Wynja — beg your pardon.>>A little reverse of fortunes here in the second set that Western Christian not going to go down without a fight. They’re playing much better. Good quick reactions on both sides there.>>This is going to be blocked out.>>Is that Ungs over there, I believe. Yeah, nice swing there by Ungs, nice bump set and block. Just didn’t steal over the net. You got to get your hands over the net. She kind of knew that when she came down, really got to press and steal that.>>And it will be Engelken able to get it down. 17-11, Dyersville Beckman not going away without a fight.>>Engelken really strong server, beautiful pass there though.>>Wow, Wynja.>>Wynja nice big strong player out there, big lefty, goes up and really cranks. When you’re used to blocking right-handed players it is a little different when you’re blocking a left-handed player. Beckman has got to adjust and bring their block in a little bit.>>And in the middle Western Christian’s height is a factor. Alley Postma at 5’11”.>>Back row center can’t do anything. You have to stand there. Nice overpass kill for Western Christian. There’s a better pass. Great dig. Nice save by the back row setter there. Little tentative. Got to go up hard. Another long rally. We’ve had a lot of long rallies in this match.>>Great action here. But you hit the antenna on Western’s live shot.>>The attack was a little outside and didn’t bring it inside the antenna. Yep, the swing hit the antenna. A little bit too much of a crosscourt or a cross-body swing on that. Good block. Good coverage. Good fundamentals really, both teams.>>Beckman Catholic starting to make this thing interesting, down by as many as 9, now it’s down to 6.>>A couple of hitting errors for Western Christian. See what Granstra does, maybe take it over on the second hit here. Nope, going to go to the backside. Great defense.>>Wynja blocked back, and that’s in. How about that? Jada Wills.>>That’s so fun when you get one of those big blocks especially against a really good hitter. That was great. Beautiful blocking, even a one-hand block up, very strong, nice job by Wills. She’s just a really good all AURCHD player fun to watches that. That’s tough.>>Western Christian gets a much needed side out.>>Tough ones when they’re over the net like that. You’ve got to be up and ready to hit those or back off and set it to run your offense. But nice hustle by Western Christian.>>And the service error makes it a five-point set. Opening set won by Beckman Catholic, 25-20, the trail blazers had a battle by as many –>>Koelker comes in and she’s the setter. Great blocks over there by Jada Wills. With help from Kylie Rueber. Beautiful. Western Christian has got to cover that.>>McKayla Koelker served long. Trailblazers just chipping away here. Here’s Ally Postma who had a good service run early on in the set.>>Tough pass, good scramble.>>And Van’t Hul called upon again.>>Beautiful, beautiful quick attack there by Van’t Hul, Olivia Granstra, really good connection with her, but it started with the perfect pass. Didn’t do that, but kudos to the back row for passing that ball. There’s another really good pass.>>Handled the scramble. And it will be a double hit.>>Little mishandle.>>Now Jada Wills on the serve, one of the best here for Beckman Catholic.>>She’s great back row player, over 250 gigs on the year.>>And Western with enough umph there out of Emma Westphal.>>One of the younger players, but 5’11”, swings high off the hand, smart, smart shot. Again talking about that balance attack from Western Christian, they’ve got to keep moving the ball around, a lot of hitters who can do damage out there.>>Western solid up front. That was Ungs.>>She comes in off the bench to play the front row and does a nice job up there. Nice serve but really nice pass again.>>We’re at set point. One thing is for sure. Beckman Catholic had a chance to really fold early on in the set. They were down by nine. They got it down to four.>>Came back there strong. But again offensive attack by Western Christian got going this set, passing went well.>>That point.>>There’s the jump. Good coverage by Beckman.>>And we are tied at one set apiece, Western Christian coming back here in the second set to win at 25-18. We’ve got the third set when we return as you’re watching the class 2 A state volleyball championship.>>>What a match we’ve seen so far. It’s tied up after two sets. Beckman Catholic took the opener 25-20 and it was Western Christian take the second set. Has been quite impressive.>>It’s a typical finals match, one versus two. Neither team wants to give up and Western Christian came back and tied it.>>It’s been a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at the second set highlights here.>>Granstra the setter for Western Christian got things turned around here in this second set and the block got going for Western Christian. But we’re seeing highlights for the trailblazers. The slide attack you can see with Van’t Hul, the big block up there was hard to get around. And the quick attacks out of the middle, Western Christian did a nice job with a variety of offense to take that tied up.>>Take a look at the numbers up on the board. Evenly matched between the two. Blazers have committed 13 errors but they have been a defensive juggernaut against Western Christian.>>A tale of two sets there.>>On to the third set, opening, service error by McKenna Kooima.>>You don’t like to see that. Maybe coming out of the big one and got to get back in there and focus. She is one of their tough servers.>>And then the ace put together by page — Paige McDermott. They got it at the right time. The lead opens up with a 2-nil advantage.>>Both teams really hustling to cover the court. Ran out of court on that one, though.>>Yeah, Paige McDermott going right into the advertising.>>Good effort but just ran out of court.>>That’s not solid.>>Good effort there.>>2-1 where our score, this one starting to build more drama than the whole series finally which aired here on Sunday night. This is one.>>Looking at Paige, hopefully didn’t get hurt running into that, maybe just a little tweak there.>>Oh, off the NOGGIN, ouch.>>The facial from Wills.>>Those yellow shoes getting up in the air. Beautiful. Yeah. She is really hitting much smarter, bringing the ball inside the block. See if Western Christian adjusts that block more to the middle.>>Van’t Hul.>>Pretty much money. Net cam, I love it. Kind of see there, she just went outside the block. Those are really hard, her timing, block up a little early. Nice kill for Van’t Hul.>>The way these two teams are playing. Everything is at the net. That net cam is very accurate.>>That’s great. See where they go with it here.>>And how about that for –>>Western clips yan, the sophomore, beautiful swing and Westphal another tall one, 5’11” carrying on that big tradition of big hitters for Western Christian. That was nice.>>Good defense by Postma. And they’re going to say that this was actually on the outside of the antenna.>>Outside.>>Let’s see here. Just a little too much. Yep. Just looked like it went outside of the antenna on the attack. Nice quick attack there though by Beckman Catholic to force that.>>And a wide hit by Van’t Hul.>>Yeah. The set wasn’t quite tight enough and she went in a little early. Little miscommunication there with the setter. Don’t see that too often.>>Jada Wills.>>Good all-around player.>>And an ace.>>She leads the team in kills. Leads the team in digs. One of the top defensive players, great server. Really nice all-around player.>>Another ace. How about that?>>I think they’re picking on that server position there. Western Christian tends to go kind of in a deep semicircle. They’re not covering the short. Coach is telling them to move up. Let’s see if she serves deep now. Good ball handle there.>>And in the middle for Beckman Catholic, Kylie Rueber.>>We talked about defensive transition for the trailblazers. They did it right there, quick pass, quick approach, and Western Christian caught off-guard, unable to get back to defensive position. Nice run by Beckman.>>Time out taken by Western. Let’s go to the Beckman huddle.>>Back row swing, okay? Let’s keep blocking it in, plant that left foot, and we’re only going so far. Okay? Big hands up there. Keep the pressure on. All right? Read everything you see. See it, you see the tip, you come up fighting, otherwise keep your hands up. Team, one, two, three.>>Read everything you see. As a defensive player you are reading the hitter, watching there are approach, their arm SWINK, their hand, react to their chip and off speed, really being ready especially they’ll be trying an off speed or something different. Read that offensive player.>>Jada Wills still at serve.>>Might even watch for a second ball over here to see if they can catch Beckman sleeping on defense. Yep, there it is.>>The sniper.>>I should still be coaching.>>Granstra.>>Looks like, there we go. Called it, second ball over. Good play there. Again, Beckman, got to be ready tore that. You don’t not only have to read the hitters, watch that setter, see what they’re going to do with the ball.>>You are the Tony Romo of volleyball right now. .>>Good transition there for Beckman, great set by I believe that was Koelker. Really nice watching Schmitt. Nice attacker over.>>Kierstin submit now in double dij OITS for kills. Beckman Catholic back to a five-point lead matching their largest of the entire match. And Western with the answer.>>Westphal has done nice. Really hard for the block to get there. Really good connection with Granstra and on that outside attack. Good pass.>>And Beckman Catholic right back to work with Paige McDermott.>>Nice pass. The three position is a little bit farther away. Really confuses the blockers. Nice attack by Beckman.>>Leah Wesles will serve for the trail blazers. Hit some tape. Oh, what effort by Hogan. Almost ran into the support.>>Little sophomore out there. She’s been covering the court well. But nice kill by Wynja, big left-handed hitter out there. Another good pass. Good coverage though, big block by Western Christian. There’s that second attack over.>>What a scramble.>>Great defense.>>Great ball here for Western. Go to the outside, Postma with the tap.>>Really smart play. Really smart play. You think she’s going to be swinging hard, but a beautiful nice big approach and then just quick tap. Again, I love that way that both hitters are approaching. Nice offensive set there.>>What a strike by McDermott.>>Beautiful. One of the seniors on the Beckman team.>>Western will set it up to the outside to Postma.>>A little joust at the net.>>McDermott thought she had it. She gets it the first time.>>If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Yeah, that brings a smile to your face there, like, well, try it once, up again and let’s try again.>>What a battle.>>Good try there by Western Christian to keep that ball up. Heads-up play at the net by McDermott.>>And right back at them goes Tori Wynja.>>Beautiful. Love having that left-handed player up there on the right hand, you can fake the set or just take it over and really effective play up there.>>Jada Wills and Wynja, almost thought she had the point there.>>Good coverage, good scrappy play.>>Hogan will play it alive — or play it up. Now Western gets the point.>>Van’t Hul again, really hard to stop up there, nice scramble by Beckman. Kind of CLAUG their way back in here, Western Christian is.>>You cannot celebrate early on any point in this match.>>Exactly. Wills, big swing. Nice dig over there by Granstra, the center. Little miscommunication there, hitter wasn’t up.>>That is blocked out, Western Christian with the point, and here they come. They were down by as. As five. Now it’s a two-point set.>>Nice swing by Wynja, block didn’t get that ball turned in.>>Serve, long.>>Aggressive server. You have those every now and then.>>Kylee Rueber will come back in on the rotation.>>And McDermott is the only returning starter so a lot of new faces out there for coach Troutman this year doing well to get to the finals.>>Side out Western Christian.>>Postma. Postma has had 214 kills on the year, Wynja 226, Van’t Hul 321, they’ve got such a well-rounded attack.>>Western with back-to-back service errors.>>That hurt.>>You can tell it bothers them.>>One of those things you have control of, especially just a net serve. Oh, my goodness.>>And a gift right back from Beckman Catholic.>>A little tired here, out of focus here, halfway through the match.>>We’ve seen some long grueling points here.>>Got to get back and FOEKTS, focus on your target.>>Wills, what a dig by Postma.>>Yeah. Good coverage there. Again, good coverage. Hogan was up there.>>Now Wills.>>Both teams really playing some great defense, great transition.>>What a back set, Schmitt can’t get it down, it’s blocked back.>>One of the few times I think Christian — KEERS TEN Schmitt wasn’t ready. Postma playing nice defense. Good digs in that rally.>>And at the net Western Christian with a gimme, Olivia Granstra.>>A little over pass, up there and ready for it.>>We are tied at 14. Western Christian has battled back from five down to tie it.>>Nice extension. Playing some good defense here too for Western Christian.>>Hogan with the –>>Yeah. Good court coverage on both sides.>>And Van’t Hul says, just give it to me.>>The big 6’1″ middle blocker, middle hitter, she’s working the ball, beautiful. And Beckman a little bit on their heels. Nice rally.>>Time out for Beckman Catholic. Let’s go to the Wolfpack huddle.>>Okay. They’ve got that ride side over there. If there’s a hole in the block, just collapse it in. We want Emma to take a step over. You got to work your butt off here. Keep swinging. We made a great comeback. Go take this game interest them. Go take it. Relentless defense starts in the black. Team.>>Talking about blocking position and van HULT she’s got to get there. Emma west FAULT is doing a good job and she’s go the to encourage her middle blocker to join her so they can close that block. One of the keys we talked about was their dominant blocking performance. So far throughout the yearing with really outstanding BOKing team.>>Alley Postma, the 5’11” senior will continue to serve. Free ball here for the Wolfpack.>>There it is.>>Van’t Hul will deposit it.>>And she’s working hard to keep that quick attack going there in the middle, getting rewarded by Granstra by getting the ball.>>Ten kills from ma Kay Van’t Hul.>>Good match.>>Schmitt.>>Found a good connection on that one for sure.>>Jada Wills will come back to serve.>>Granstra in the front row.>>Schmitt with another kill. That’s her 12th.>>Really nice set, middle blocker for Beckman was driving to hold the block. It’s Kylee Rueber so she’s doing a good job of playing her part to get a one-on-one situation with that block.>>Tied once again. Still put down by Westphal. Or make it ma Kay Van’t Hul.>>She kind of again nice job with the offensive design. They’re pulling the position out to three, kind of between the middle and outside, hard to bring those two blockers together to be effective. Nice pass.>>Right in the middle they go to Kylee Rueber.>>She’s been effective when she was up there. Nice drive. We got McDermott back in the front row for Beckman as well.>>We’ve had one lead change here in the set. It was a big one, Western Christian down by as many as five. The slide effective again.>>Yep, yep.>>Sienna Moss.>>Nice, nice combination play there. Beautiful takeoff, right inside the block, nice deep corner shot by Moss. Talk about that multibalanced or balanced attack, many hitters that Granstra can go to.>>That deflected. Yeah, they’re going to say it was. Tammi Veerbeek not happy with the call. But the linesman on the far side and now Western is going to try to challenge it.>>Well, there are two lines people. Either one can call it. Sometimes you’re blocked. But the other lines person could probably see it. He called it out. The opposite lines person did sigh the touch. I did believe there was a touch.>>Even though we have great footage and coverage here on Iowa public television, the officials cannot go to the monitors to check.>>Unlike college, in college you can have a couple challenges and watch a replay but don’t have that at the high school level.>>Let’s not institute it either.>>Yeah. You know it’s a game of human error sometimes, and –>>And they’re going to say that’s long.>>Long and no touch on that one. Yep. See some of the fans in the crowd there.>>Two-point run here for Western Christian.>>Really good pass by Wills.>>McDermott.>>McDERMot is great, started with that great pass from Wills and she had to kind of get in a really tough position. She had to really get down there low to get that beautiful pass. So credit to Wills for starting that transition. And for McDermott for finishing it off. Great block coverage there.>>And we’re going to see mis-hit.>>They’re following pretty tight on the double hits. Centers have got to have clean hands, get those hand up there, no indecision.>>Back to a two-point lead. And set number three of the class 2a champion match.>>Blocked back by McDermott. Back to a one-point set.>>You can see the net cam here, you can kind of see hands up there. Not sure if the ball even cleared the net. Let the ball drop a little too late. You got to reach the ball at the height. Really nice pass. Big block. Good hustle. Oh, my gosh.>>And Beckman Catholic will tie it up with 21.>>Wow.>>Our fifth tie of the set we’ve had one lead change.>>Really good match. Really like the passing on both sides. Both teams passing well.>>And Western Christian will hold the advantage.>>Couldn’t tell if that was Postma out there. I think that was Postma. Yep. Nice outside kill there.>>Now Wynja. Wills with the big shot but handled by Western.>>Great defense.>>Here she goes again, and this time the starter, the one-timer.>>I love it. Boy. And didn’t get me the first time, I’ll do it a second time. Block has got to get up over the next. What coach was talking about, steal the block. Nice attack there by Wills on the quick outside set.>>And Van’t Hul off of the slide again. The go-to.>>Great set by Granstra, good selection, nice choice there. Beautiful back set. Almost had the set or the block there, was Wills I believe.>>Now Postma.>>Nice hustle.>>Wynja will put it up.>>They missed a back row attack there.>>It’s going to be blocked out. Westphal again with another kill, the sophomore coming up in big moments. That’s her third kill. And we’re at set point. In a time-out by Beckman Catholic.>>Yeah, and set three is so critical because it gives you such a psychological advantage knowing you’re up 2-1.>>Everybody covers. Team, one, two, three.>>Just big fundamentals, let’s get that pass, we’ve got the offense to do it. Probably talking to his setter there, Koelker about what her options could be here. Got to start with that pass. Credit to Western Christian for fighting back. They were down early in this set, come in strong. Big blocking, really good serving, both teams playing great defense.>>Ally Postma serving at set point here for Western Christian.>>Schmitt in the front row for Beckman, let’s see if they go to her. Going out to Wills.>>Wills, the change-up.>>Yeah, nice shot, smart shot. Big block and she’s really hitting smart right over the top, easy roll shot.>>Still on set point, Jada WILZ will serve and a time-out taken by Western Christian. Tammi Veerbeek, let’s see what she has to say here.>>First ball kill we’re going to go pin to pin. Emma out here, don’t leave it short. If you have to tip we tip deep down the line and we’re covering like crazy. We need the first pass, first ball kill, we do this all the time, first ball kill we win.>>Like that philosophy, just get a good pass and first ball kill. So high outside to Westphal who’s in there now, big 5’11” hitter. Those are the two options but it’s going to start with a pass. First ball kill. See if the team can follow coach’s orders there.>>Jada Wills will serve. Van’t Hul with the quick tip, Hogan with the dig. Schmitt blocked back.>>Good coverage. Oh.>>And how about that? The decisiveness of Chloe Ungs.>>Caught them kind of sleeping there in nomans land. Ought to be at the net or off the net. When you don’t get off it, there’s a really open spot there. Smart play there by Wills. It wasn’t Wills. It was McDermott, I believe.>>Tied at extra points. The block back. Schmitt. How about that? Our first make it our second lead change of this set.>>Wow.>>Beckman Catholic, showing some fortitude here to come back.>>Talking about guts, playing under pressure. They were down, they this three set points potentially and now they’re serving for the set.>>Set point for Beckman Catholic. Westphal with the shot.>>Oh.>>Tied at 25.>>Deuce. First team to win two in a row now, we’re in overtime.>>What a set.>>See how far we go here.>>What a match.>>Yeah. Abby Postma will serve. Good deep serve. Error.>>A little indecision there.>>Tammi Veerbeek is fired up. Set point now for Western Christian.>>Granstra in the front row. Oh, boy. The net serve. Jeez. I shouldn’t laugh. It’s like the coaches are like, having heart attacks right now.>>You’ve been there. I mean, mentally we’re only in the third set.>>I know, but the third set is so critical. You’re up 2-1, psychologically you’ve just got one more to win and you’re done. Slide attack. Beckman has been playing pretty good defense back there.>>Out of the middle.>>Good court coverage.>>Schmitt with the tap over. Now Westphal.>>Then Western Christian.>>Set point again for Western Christian.>>Good effort there by Hogan.>>Tammi Veerbeek telling her team, one more point.>>Good pass by Wills, beautiful pass.>>Now Schmitt, oh, what a dig. Kooima.>>Both teams playing some great defense. Look at that, great dig, and Hogan right there. Good coverage.>>Schmitt with the blast. Westphal. Oh handled by Hogan at the net, and Western Christian gets the point. And the set.>>Wow. Wow. How many lead changes we have in that one? Really good set.>>28-26, Western Christian takes a two sets to one lead. We will go to the fourth set when we return. When activity here on Iowa public television.>>>You catch your breath at home, get something to drink? Why not. We have played three sets here. Beckman Catholic took the opening set 25-20, Western Christian came back to take the next two including 28-26. A lot of action out there.>>Catching my breath after that one, 28-26, a lot of lead changes, fun volleyball, great court coverage, two good teams. Hate to see one lose. See if Beckman can come back.>>Here’s the highlights out of that third set. Beck plan Catholic started out on quite the role. Western Christian was starting to see this is slipping away. But then the Wolfpack rallied back here. They tied it up and then were able to take the lead late. Each team had an opportunity at set point but could not put the other one away until Western Christian did winning it 28-26. Here’s your statistics.>>You can see fairly evenly balanced teams, a little bit more on the kills for the Western Christian but errors and blocks pretty equal. Two good teams, fun to watch.>>Beckman Catholic, serve here to start it fourth set. This is a young team. Psychologically are they damaged after that third set?>>That was a tough loss. You think you’re in it there and then lose it.>>That’s going to be in. The Wolfpack gets the opening point to begin the fourth set.>>Nice back set there by Granstra to Wynja. They’ve had a lot of good combinations there for the kill.>>Kooima’s serve is going to be long. A service error.>>It was a close one. Some of the Wolfpack didn’t like that call, but I think it was out. Wynja. Granstra has got three attackers now. Let’s see where she goes. Wynja again with the blast. Trailblazers trying to rally back.>>Nice hustle.>>Schmitt able to get it over.>>Good court coverage here, another free ball. See if they run a 32.>>And along point, Wills will keep it up, Schmitt over, Western Christian with another hack at it here.>>Nice defensive play back there by I think that was McDermott. And Engelken, good court coverage on both sides.>>Postma shot handled. And an error, a double hit. Just could not get the fingertips around.>>Not used to handle the ball. Everyone if you’re a young player, you’ve got to work on your ball handling skills. You’ve got to have good ball handling skills even if you’re a hitter. Nice up there by Wills. I tell you, both teams really well fundamentals, excellent fundamentals, good court coverage, block coverage.>>Now the block. We’re tied at 2.>>Kind of a slow developing play there in the middle and the block wads really ready for it. Beautiful, beautiful technique there by Wills.>>And an ace.>>Tough serve. Beautiful. Koelker. One of our centers there, junior.>>And that will get in.>>Nice shot right down the line, beautiful up and turned. She does a nice job of coming up for a crosscourt and turning her body and pulling an arm straight down the line. Good block, good coverage. I love this camera angle. Thanks, guys, you can really see how the defense moves on the court. Watch that middle attack there, beautiful.>>4-3, Western Christian.>>Nice quick attack by Van’t Hul, got to keep driving, got to be up there.>>Schmitt kept it up.>>Tough save there for a back row center when you’ve got a tight pass.>>The Wolfpack starting to find some holes here.>>And Westphal has been effective there, the sophomore there on the outside, getting a lot of support from her upper classman teammates. Trouble. Nice aggressive swing out of that back row bump set.>>And Westphal able to get it in. Another kill for the sophomore.>>Kind of slow developing offensive plays on that set, kind of think that defense went to sleep there a little bit pour Beckman. Got to stay on their toes, stay deep in the court.>>Seven kills for Emma Westphal.>>Balanced attack there.>>She’s going to be blocked out.>>Really smart play by I think that was Schmitt out there. Used the block, wiped off the block.>>Now Jada Wills. Really been limited offensively, just seven kills but has been effective at serves.>>Good all around player, nice defensive player, there she is in the back row playing some great middle back defense. Both teams having a hard time getting the ball down. Oh, good recovery there, Hogan.>>Yeah, thought about it and then pulled it back here at the last second. What a long point again.>>Yeah. And Western Christian will get the point.>>A little miscommunication. Kylee Rueber got caught in no-man’s land. Changed her mind. Tough one there, almost picked up there by Koelker.>>14 kills for Van’t Hul. Schmitt.>>This is going to be a side out for the trailblazers, tied, or make it 6-5, Western Christian.>>Kierstin Schmitt on the left side. Only a sophomore playing on her first state tournament.>>That’s just in.>>Was that Westphal again? Yeah, she’s been doing well. I think what’s helping, we’ve got Van’t Hul driving in the middle holding that block, so it’s not just the outside attacker. The middle has got to lep to hold the blocker to get out there. Oh.>>Wynja.>>Yeah.>>Blocked out and boy, Western Christian.>>She is really effective out there, Wynja, I like her arm swing. She gets ready for the big attack or big approach and gets up there and really swings.>>I think we’re pretty close to a time-out here.>>I think so. Troutman over there is pacing the sideline, he’s thinking about it.>>That’s going to be long. Side out, Beckman Catholic. So keele Schmitt will come in and also coming in for Beckman Catholic is Leah Wessels.>>She’ll do setting. She’s a sophomore, one of the younger players on the team. Good court coverage there on the tip. Nice pass.>>Wynja with the blast again. And she’s got nine kills.>>Doing great out there. I give credit to Granstra, the setter for Western Christian, mixing up the offense, quick middle, back sets, really keeping Beckman’s blockers a little off-balance there.>>Madison Vis with an ace.>>Beautiful. That was a beautiful serve. You’d think it was going to go out and it dropped. You’re going to follow that ball out. But with a float serve it can dive just like that.>>Give eth and then take eth away.>>Tried to skim the net there a little too close.>>Beckman Catholic. Rotate back in Ashley Engelken.>>Defensive specialist. Good server had a lot of digs this year for the team. Schmitt did a better job that time handling the ball, nice outside set.>>Wynja feeling it from the outside. Here’s Wills.>>Nice cover on the second ball over. Nice to see Schmitt in there setting, it’s great. They’re trying to do some different offensive sets there with Beckman.>>Wills with the blast.>>Somebody else needs to set. Another long rally.>>And Western Christian wins out back to a four-point lead at 11-7.>>Long, long rally. Sometimes you get tired, a nice little shot by Wynja, she caught the spot open there.>>Now Kooima serving.>>Oh, good reaction there by Van’t Hul.>>Dyersville Beckman will take a time-out here. Todd Troutman.>>A little bit out of sorts. Not playing this game right now.>>Calling for that time-out right now.>>If we’re going to send the free ball over, we’ve got to send it deep, okay? If we get something on the outside and they’re camped on us, we GT to try and go deep line. We got to get them out of of there. They’re doing a great job. We got to stay in. Locking in our passing, lock in our focus. Forget score. Play point to paint. Block what they’re doing and communicate. Let’s go. Let’s go.>>Words from coach Troutman, 12-7 his team is down in the fourth set. This is the class 2a class champion game and hour crew has been here all day since 10:00 this morning they’ve been trapped in a truck. And out on the cameras trying to make sure — there they are. Doing a terrific job pushing all those buttons, making everything come alive at home. We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage here on Iowa public television today, as Western Christian will take the point. Today got started with Cedar Falls besting valley. And then of course in the class 4 A championship games, then in 3 a it was Mt. Vernon defeeting Kuemper. Western Christian and Beckman battling it out. After this one it will be the class 1 A.>>Western Christian coach will the the all-time most winningest coach in the history. It will be a big moment for coach Veerbeek if they win tonight, she’ll have the record. A little joust at the net. Nice strong push there by Van’t Hul.>>And the kill coming from the outside from Western Christian’s Ally Postma.>>Postma. Again they’ve got such a diverse attack with Postma, with Westphal, balanced attack there and Granstra setting a nice offense.>>Wolfpack wearing them down. Throughout this one the third set of course went into TRAU KPOINTS. Western Christian winning it. Now we’re starting to see the effects mentally of that third set when it’s 15-9.>>It puts you over the hump. Beckman Catholic like the time-out he said we got to pass the ball, play hard, forget the score, just get back into system, back into passing. It’s a good block but good coverage by Western Christian –>>And post MAU again with the shot.>>Keeley Schmitt must be a sister to Kierstin on the right side frying to block there. Nice big swing by Postma for the kill.>>Tammi Veerbeek her team leading now. And Wills able to get the side out for Beckman Catholic, 16-10 where our score, but look at the Beckman Catholic fan base that came here and a lot of energy they’ve provided here over the week. They like seeing themselves on TV.>>It’s great. All the teams bring a nice support group from hometown. Makes a fun event to come down and cheer their team on. Bring up by Koelker. Beautiful bump set.>>Postma will get the kill.>>Smart, smart shot. Wasn’t in position to swing. This is what coach Troutman swaz talking about, reading the hitter. You’ve got to move in and be ready.>>Westphal will come back in. Ally Postma back to serve. 15 state titles for Western Christian, Beckman Catholic trying to get their first. They’ve got a rally here.>>Nice bump set, beautiful top spin attack there by Jada Wills. Again, Beckman was a semifinalist last year so making a good showing here in the find for the first time. See where Granstra goes with this. Attack, too hot to handle for Koelker but nice try. Really see that Western Christian fans that came way across the state.>>Tammi Veerbeek 48-8 all-time at the state tournament.>>That is amazing. Talk about a dynasty. I think that beats the Steelers and the Patriots. You think about the all-time dynasties in sports and she’s right up there, Western Christian right up there.>>As you mentioned going for her 12th state title as this is going to be long and it’s going to make it 19-11. Western Christian in a time-out taken here by Beckman Catholic. Let’s hear in coach Tammi Veerbeek.>>I know you can feel it. I can feel it too. Take a moment to soak it in. Okay? We’re up 19-11, okay? Soak it in. I love you guys. Let’s go be state champions. It’s ours for the taking. One, two, three, team.>>She’s got some great assistants that have been a part of this program assistant coach they’ve been a part of this program for a long time and.>>I think in the program, 37 years they’ve been at the state tournament, 19 in a row. Quite the dynasty. Their only losses were really to three teams out of Omaha when they went to play a tournament in Nebraska and a couple losses here to wasky and the champions in 4A.>>Beckman Catholic looking for a rally here. Paige McDermott coming in maybe they can pick it up. Couple players have got to take it on their shoulders, show some leadership, get excited about a play. Get that momentum back. There’s that Wills back there digging again.>>Can’t fault either team they’ve been playing some great defense. Nice job covering that. Again Granstra on the second hit over. They were ready for it. But second hit over, nice attack.>>Beckman Catholic was wanting to get a net violation there. And they kind of slowed up their play thinking the call would be made.>>I think so.>>And a kill. Westphal.>>Coming to play, what’s that make for her there?>>Nine kills for Westphal.>>She’s played well. But again with Western Christian you’ve got so many offensive weapons, really hard to defend.>>From the back row, Jada Wills.>>Love the aggressive swing by Wills. Nice block up there by McDermott. They’re playing a lot of defense. Got to get on to the offensive role here. Schmitt shot handled. And it rolled along the tape and went the trailblazers’ way.>>Sometimes you’ve got to be lucky be, be in the right spot. She put her hands out there. Good way to keep that ball in play.>>Wessels will come in to serve.>>Got the returning senior up in the front row.>>And an ace for Wessels.>>Wessels only a sophomore, nice serve there. Still a comfortable lead for Western Christian.>>And a little long. Service error.>>The energy a little bit low now on Beckman’s side. They’re going to have to get some leadership there, like Chloe YUNGZ trying to pick up the team there, getting some energy. In volleyball anything can happen. We’ve seen teams go on big runs. See if they can put one together.>>Western Christian now two points away from the class 2A state championship.>>They’re feeling it now. Yep. How about this senior class and their run here in cedar rapids now just a point away, we’re at championship point.>>Yep, nice SMACH there. Really good fourth set here for Western Christian.>>The balloons are ready. Will they fall, 24-14 championship point. Not yet.>>McDermott I think on the kill there. Got to keep fighting. Really good serve. See what they do with this free ball here.>>Wills.>>Good court coverage there.>>Wynja. Long. Kind of holding their breath on that one.>>Still a championship point.>>Really nice pass. Wynja has got it. [ Cheers and applause ]>>Western Christian your class 2A state champions, they loose the opening set, they win the next three, and the champion balloons are falling.>>Congratulations Western Christian had a great team, so there, great kudos to Beckman Catholic as well. Really competitive match. They have a lot of young players and they hope to get back here next year.>>Tammi veer beak now has the record in the state of Iowa, 12 titles and she knows it.>>That’s great. All right. Nice thing, union is doing all the championship teams get championship T-shirts to put on. Wynja in one of their biggest attackers and right down the line. Beautiful kill for the state championship. Love the celebration. And even though she’s been here 19 years, every one is special, I’m sure. Always a new round of kids you’re bringing through this program.>>And each championship memorable for Western Christian. And here in 2019 no doubt memorable as well. It is time now for the naming of the all-tournament team. Here’s Gina Rogers.>>Gina: Jim beemer and Thomas Lester, presenting awards to the 2019 class 2A all tournament team is John Sam PAthy, wreathal manager for Iowa farm bureau. Your 2019 class 2A all tournament team with from Western Christian, ma Kay Van’t Hul. From western Christian, Olivia Granstra. From Beckman Catholic, Kierstin Schmitt. From Clairion gold felled downs, Morgan Middleton. From owe SAIJ, Paige kisseling. From Western Christian, Tori Wynja. And your class 2A all tournament team captain from Beckman Catholic, Jada Wills.>>How about that? Your all tournament team and captain, Jada Wills out of Beckman Catholic, she’s joined by McKay van HULT, Olivia van STRAU, Clairion gold field downs, pay I just kissly, Tori Wynja, and Jada Wills, again the all tournament team captain.>>And very well spoken for her. She’s not on the winning team but she had such a great tournament, all-around player really helped the team get to the finals.>>Gina: Todd Troutman, the Trailblazers. And now your 20192A champions, coach Tammi Veerbeek and the Wolfpack from Western Christian.>>What a run by Western Christian. Their 17th championship, they get it done here this afternoon as they best Beckman Catholic 3-1.>>The pressure is on them every year to come back and perform and they do it every year. Coach congregatelations on the regard and an overall state championship for the teams.>>Again Western Christian your winnerer, three sets to one over Beckman Catholic. I’m BJ saying so long for now. Again Western Christian your winner in the class 2A title game. Stay tuned, the 1A will close out the day. That’s your 1A title game. Coming up next. You’ve been watching here on Iowa public television.>>Funding for the Iowa girls high school athletic UJion girls state volleyball champions is provided by –>>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bury believes in the greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the spontor of the high school ath lotic union. When one rises we all rise to a better Iowa.>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, Frito-Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls sports championships. We congratulate all the girls participating this year. Fairway, proud to care for the places with he work and live. But mussco lighting with providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community. ♪♪ ♪♪ We are the champions ♪♪ We are the champions ♪♪ No time for losers ♪♪ Because we are the champions ♪ ♪ ♪ We are the champions my friends ♪ ♪ And we’ll keep on fighting until the end ♪ ♪ We are the champions ♪ ♪ We are the champions ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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