3 Baseball Drills you can do by Yourself

Hey what’s up guys today I’ve got some baseball
drills you can do by yourself. I’m going to share with you three baseball drills you can
do by yourself. One for hitting, one for fielding, and one for pitching. So if you’re looking
to do some baseball drills by yourself in your house inside somewhere without the help
of a coach or parent then these are three drills you want to try out first. First one
is going to be hitting the soccer ball or basketball off of a tee. Sometimes it’s hard
to balance and this ball may fall off; you may see it fall off but if you have one of
those old rubber tees that have the hole in it what you can do is get a plunger, stick
it upside down and then you’ve got a deep tee for the ball to sit in. All you’re going
to do is take regular swings and hit this ball line drives up the middle. The reason
why I like this drill so much is because it’s going to give you a recoil and you have to
really be strong and drive through that ball that’s why it’s a great drill and you can
do this baseball drill by yourself. So you’re just going to get set up, good stance, make
sure you drive through this ball. Have something that you can hit into; obviously a net or
a wall that is not going to break, grab your ball and repeat.
The next baseball drill you can do by yourself is going to be a fielding drill. Now I like
to do this as a short hop drill or just off-the-wall. You’re going to find a wall, tennis balls
are great because they’re very light so you have to have very soft hands. I like using
a valle training glove when I’m using mine whether it be ambidextrous pancake glove which
I love or this one is the four finger. Great gloves, they are flat and you have to be really
soft when you’re fielding the ball. Now all you’re going to do is get set up, good fielding
stance, throw against the wall, have soft hands, fielding it out in front, out in front,
out in front. You can do this all day by yourself. This should be the no excuses baseball drills
video because you don’t have any excuses. You can do this by yourself at home.
The last drill for you pitchers and this is another baseball drill that you can do by
yourself and this is going to be the wall drill and this is probably the most important
pitching drilling that you can do. You’re going to get set up against the wall; nice
and close if you have a pad you can be a little bit further away. If you’re on a regular wall
you want to be a little bit closer. Then you’re going to get set up, a little bit staggered
on the feet. I’m acting like I’m pitching this way. All I want to do is lead with my
front hip or the side of my butt and land into this wall. Now nothing else should touch;
my knees shouldn’t touch, my foot shouldn’t touch, my shoulders shouldn’t touch only the
side of my butt. So I’m coming up just like I’m pitching and that’s going to tell me
if I’m starting my delivery in the correct way. One thing you want to be aware of when
you’re doing this drill is how much bend you have in your back leg. I see a lot of guys
when they do this drill they will get here and their back leg is very straight, that’s
no bueno. You got to get a little deeper on your back leg when you’re going and kind of
sit into it. So you can see I’ve got a nice little bend not to deep right but definitely
not too straight just a nice little bend and the only thing touching is the side of my
butt; no knee, no foot, no shoulder but still able to see your target with your head.
Guys if you like these baseball drills that you could do by yourself please check the
link below because I’ve got tons more and I’ll send those all to you after you check
that link and I love to hear from you guys. If you like this video please share it and
I will see you guys in the next video.

24 thoughts on “3 Baseball Drills you can do by Yourself

  1. Awesome drills.

    Got any drills for pitchers to train pushing off the rubber and following through? This is something I seen a lot of kids needing including my own.

  2. Hey I have an upper cut swing(I keep swinging underneath a fastball). Do you have any tips to help me straighten out my swing?

  3. As expert, I do believe Eprosoke Training Program is great way to increase your soccer technique. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.

  4. We're in the UK and my 10 year old has taken a shine to baseball. Been practicing in our local park, but decided we need a tee now. Thanks for the great video. Now subbed as I want to help him as much as a parent can. Keep it up.

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