3 Baseball Hitting Drills for Contact

Hey what’s going on guys? Today I’m going
to talk about some baseball hitting drills for contacts. If you’re working on trying
to have better contact, better bat control I’m going to share with you three baseball
hitting drills for contact and these are three of my favorite hitting drills if you’re working
on contact. The first one is going to be the mini ball swings have you ever seen those
little golf balls well that’s what I like doing. First start off with your regular bat
have your pitcher out in front just tossing you mini balls and once you get good with
the regular bat then you can switch to a skinny bat okay. Now this is very, very hard. Imagine
if you can’t hit little balls with this bat that’s pretty good hand eye coordination and
if you can hit little balls with a little bat you got really good hand eye coordination.
Now I’m going to attempt both I don’t know how this is going to go I have not done this
in a long time but I have my players do it all the time and the guys who can work from
this bat to that bat and hit them consistently there contact is so much better this helps
them improve so much this one drill right here. So here we go let me attempt to do this.
Not too bad with the regular bat I’m trying not to hit my pitcher here, I’m trying to
go up. Now this is what I’m nervous about the mini bat. Strike one! Strike two! Now
I had super focus on those balls and you can see how hard it is to hit these little guys
what this little stick. Imagine if you could do that consistently and my players can get
to a point where they can hit this consistently imagine how good your back control is and
your contact is. So that’s a great baseball hitting drill for contact.
The next drill is going to be two ball drill. Where your partner is going to be throwing
two balls up and to he’s calling out top or bottom and your hitting that pitch for purposes
of this video I’m going to call out top or bottom but your partner can do it when he’s
doing it. All you’re going to do is get set up see the balls is coming in. Top! Wait for
the top ball or the bottom ball whatever is call and hit it. Bottom! That ball was smashed
by the way. Last drill baseball hitting drill for contact
is going to be one-handed drills. I’m not big on one-handed drills I don’t like them
that much but when you’re working on contact I do like them because it helps you control
the bat, helps you try to control the bat and works on bat control and staying to that
ball. So you can use a mini bat or you can choke up on your regular bat you’re just going
to do some top hand, some bottom hand. When you’re working top hand I like to keep this
front hand closed right here and just hitting through the ball trying not to drop through
go on line drive and then also same thing bottom hand staying closed up the middle.
To me bottom hand is a lot harder. Some guys its easier top hands harder but working on
that will also help you with your back control and contact.
So those are three baseball hitting drills for contact. I hope you guys liked it. I’ve
got tons more baseball hitting drills and I would love to share them with you just click
the link below and I’ll hope to see you guys in the next video. See you soon.

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  1. In drill one, where did you get the skinnier bat, because i always use a regular bat when doing it with golf balls

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