3 Baseball Pitching Drills for Youth Players

Hey what’s going on guys? Today I’ve got three
baseball pitching drills for youth players and these are a little bit simplified pitching
drills for the younger players so that they can work on balance, control and becoming
great pitchers. Now I don’t really use these with some of my older pitchers but these are
great baseball pitching drills for youth players. The first one is going to be the balance drill.
When you come set; now here me out okay I’m not a balanced guy when it comes to pitching.
I believe the proper pitching mechanics are going to be leading with that butt and keeping
your momentum going but for youth players this baseball pitching drill is great because
they need to work on that. They need to work on the stability and learning how to control
their body before they get it moving on the mount. Eventually later on I will teach them
how to lead with that butt and keep their momentum going but for youth players we want
to work on getting to that balance point and just balancing as much as possible okay. I
even had my guys for homework do this while they are brushing their teeth or hanging out
doing laundry or whatever at the house just lifting this leg up and trying to hold it.
Also doing the other side if they are a righty or lefty they are working it on both sides
were really just working on balance here guys okay. So the balance drill is a great baseball
pitching drill for youth players. The next drill for youth players is going
to be the ball pickup drill. So you’re just going to come set up like your pitching this
is really another balance drill for the youth guys. They’re going to come through their
delivery nice and easy bend down and try to pick that ball up and stay in balance okay.
Now you can do this drill two ways; have them go through their delivery nice, easy throw,
pick it up, come here and up and then put it right back down. Then back to their delivery
or you can just have them go through their delivery, pick it up, balanced, good and repeat.
Another just coordination drill, balance drill, great baseball pitching drill for youth players.
Now the third one we are going to implement is the wall drill and this kind of takes it
to the next level and teaches them the proper pitching mechanics and that’s going to be
leading with the butt. So if you’ve seen any of my youtube videos before I’m sure you’ve
seen this drill a 1000 times but it’s the wall drill. I’m going to get set up; staggered.
I’m acting like I’m pitting this way all I’m going to do is lead with my butt and my butt
should be the only thing touching the wall; no knee, no foot, no shoulder. I have a good
little bend in my back leg I’m not too straight and I’m not too bent. So that’s the baseball
pitching drills for youth players. If you guys want some more baseball pitching drills
please click the link below I’ve got tons of info to share with you guys and if you
like this video go ahead and share it with your friends. Alright I will talk to you guys

31 thoughts on “3 Baseball Pitching Drills for Youth Players

  1. Great video!
    I have a pitch Arsenal question, would you say throwing a forkball and a splitter (for a change, take a two seam grip and spread my fingers out so the ball spins backwards) is acceptable (throwing both) or would you say they are too similar? Sorry for bad formatting.

  2. great video…thanks can wait to reach my son…his coach this season has him pitching in a way that uncomfortable and doesn't let develop and deliver what I know he can do

  3. I will post video of his pitching tell me what you think…question do u do pitching clinics…I'm on the little league board and it would be cool if u came for maybe like a Saturday…we r in southern California

  4. Hey quick question how do you throw a more accurate curve that cuts. I was doing live pitching and Iam a lefty and my curves were starting high left like 3 inches over the strike zone and were cutting more like my old slider more to the right and it was just bad do you have any pointers to help me.

  5. At what level/age would you start to introduce teaching youth player to lead with the butt and keeping the momentum moving?

  6. For pitching (Youth), at home, how far would I stand away from where the Batter would be?Another way of saying it – How far would I stand away from the batter at the age of 13-16?

  7. pls put some more because I am in junior league and pitcher so I need to get better that's also why my profile photo is MIKE TROUT

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  9. Oliver Goodman you have the most subscribers out of all the Oliver Goodman channels that included a me

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