3 Tips for Using Batting in Your Upholstery Project

In this video I’ll answer three common
DIY upholstery questions about using battings in natural upholstery. One
question I hear a lot is ‘Do I HAVE to use batting in my upholstery project?’ To
answer this it helps to know the functions of batting: (1) it minimizes
friction and (2) it serves to soften the edges and fill out the corners of your
upholstery or cushion. Here you can see how the batting has helped create a nice
full and professional look for this cushion. Here’s an example of a cushion
that does not have batting. The outer upholstery fabric is in direct contact
with the foam inside, so the friction that occurs with everyday use is going
to cause both the fabric and the foam to wear out more quickly. You can see
that the corners are puckered where batting would be filling this out, giving
a nice plump, clean look. So it’s a good idea to always use batting in your
upholstery project, because it extends the life of your fabric & foam and
creates a more professional look. The next question is ‘Can I use a wool
batting without the thin spun backing?’ This question refers to the Premium Wool
Batting that we sell in our online shop at NaturalUpholstery.com. It comes with
this thin spun wool backing that’s quite strong, which you can staple or stitch
together – around a latex cushion for instance. Because wool batting has a way
of sticking to everything it touches, it also makes it easier to handle than
batting without a backing. I like that the backing provides an added layer of
protection from friction as well. Given these benefits of the backing, what can
you use if you already have a wool batting that does not have a backing? One
alternative is to use only ticking fabric between the wool and your
upholstery fabric. With this method you would book wrap the wool around your
cushion, then carefully hand stitch or staple your ticking fabric, which has
also been cut in a book wrap shape, directly around the wool. To learn more
about book wrapping see the link below this video. The second alternative is to
purchase a separate fabric to use as backing. Look for a very lightweight
fabric that won’t create extra bulk, like this silk gauze which is strong enough to
stitch or staple, and also doesn’t stretch too much.
The final question is ‘Can I use polyester batting instead of wool
batting with my natural latex cushion?’ and the answer is yes, you can, IF you
don’t mind using a petroleum-based product in your upholstery project. Aside
from my preference for all-natural products in my upholstery, one reason I
personally prefer the wool over the polyester is I believe it provides
better protection for the latex from UV light. Thanks for watching! If these
natural upholstery tips have been helpful be sure to Subscribe and share
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