3 Unique Baseball Pitches AND how to throw them to GET BATTERS OUT!

Today, I’ve got some unique baseball pitches and how to throw them. Now, these pitches aren’t your typical pitches, you don’t see these pitches too often, not even at the major league level. You’ll see guys who throw these. They are pitches and a lot of guys do throw them, but they’re not very, very common. That’s not in every pitchers arsenal And I’m going to share these pitches with you today. But before we get into it, if you’re interested in learning some new baseball pitches, go ahead and give me a thumbs up. If you already got your pitching arsenal iced out, and you’re feeling good with it., go ahead and give me the thumbs down. No matter what you just gave me, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and hit that notification bell right next to it, then leave me a comment below, let me know that you subscribed, and ask me any baseball questions that you’ve go, and I’ll answer you personally down there in the comment section. So let’s get into it, what are some of the unique baseball pitches? First one I’m going to talk about is the fork ball, and in fact I threw the fork ball later in my career as a professional pitcher in the San Diego Padres and New York Mets organizations. The fork ball is just like a split finger, except the split finger’s on the laces, fork ball is off of the laces and it’s more of a slip pitch, okay, so basically you’re just digging that ball into the pointer and the middle finger, like it’s a big fork, I guess, is why they call it a fork ball. I’m not really sure why they call it a fork ball, but all you’re doing is taking this ball, and you’re throwing it straight down and you want it to slip out, and it’s going to have a knuckleball effect if you throw it correctly. Now, some guys like to tilt it this way and they get a little bit of a knuckle down this way. Some guys like to get around it and it kind of has a knuckle curve to it. You can mess around with that pitch and throw it and you know get some different movement on this fork ball. The second pitch is the spiked curve, or the knuckle curve. And all you’re going to do is put that middle pointer finger knuckled up on that ball. You’re going to hold it like a traditional curveball, except for that pointer finger is going to be knuckled up, okay. Now the reason why guys do this is because when that knuckle is up It kind of gives you a point of reference of where you’re trying to throw that ball You want to throw that knuckle toward your target and this gives you the good axis on which that ball should be spinning, so it kind of helps noobies, if you will, noobs to the curveball, it helps you learn how to get that good rotation on that curveball, so that’s a knuckle curve, or spiked curve, whatever you want to call it. You can call these pitches whatever you want because they’re your pitches. Just let the catcher know what’s coming, and how they move, so he’s able to catch them when you’re trying to strike batters out. Now, the third unique pitch that we’re going to talk about is the actual knuckleball, okay? I never had a very good knuckleball, but a lot of you guys ask me about the knuckleball, can I show you how to throw the knuckleball. I got it to dance a few times, really well, but I was never able to bring it onto the mound, okay, but what I will do is I will share with you, there’s a great documentary on Netflix called The Knuckleball. So if you’re interested in throwing the knuckleball, you got to check that out if you have Netflix, because that’s the best information out there, as far as it goes for knuckleballs. Some guys in that documentary said they gripped it, knuckleball with the three fingers, three knuckles on it. Some just had the two knuckles on it, okay? But watch that documentary, that’s going to be your best resource for learning how to throw the knuckleball, okay? These three pitches, now, I want you to understand something. You have to have good mechanics. If your mechanics are out of whack, and you’re throwing these pitches, you can easily hurt your arm. Also, if you’re overusing these pitches you can hurt your arm, okay? A lot of these pitches may not be suitable for younger [athletes], younger pitchers, so just be smart with it, okay? If you’re throwing it, and it doesn’t feel right, don’t throw it. You only got one pitching arm, so don’t go out there and blow your arms out, okay guys? Hope you like this. Click the logo right here, and the subscribe button is going to pop up click that. After you do, let me know in the comments that you did, and then go watch this video here because you’re going to like this one too.

44 thoughts on “3 Unique Baseball Pitches AND how to throw them to GET BATTERS OUT!

  1. INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE SIIIIIICK PITCHES?!?! WATCH THESE VIDEOS NEXT!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGAZvxdlBB8&list=PLNFtz-o2hi9eNv5VuJZpyg8CCL1HLfVRz

  2. When I throw my knuckle curve, I hold it like a two seam, with my spiked index finger on the left seam and my middle finger on the right. When I throw it, I snap my wrist and flick my index finger out to get a lot more downward spin, it helps a lot.

  3. I have used the knuckle curve since little league and have embarrassed many batters do u think u can help me perfect it?

    Hey coach I was wondering I'm a catcher and wanted to know what tips you have on catchers footwork best ways to throw to seccond and some vocabulary that catchers need to know because I'm a varsity starter and have only caught for 1 season

  5. Lol i can probably throw that pitch for a strike better than my fastball for some odd reason. I was just wondering if u had any tips for me or any essentials of throwing it perfectly

  6. Hey coach I know this is a baseball channel but could you possibly do a blitzball pitching episode? Please coach, thanks

  7. Hi coach I am 12 years old and I throw a 4 seam 65 mph, Sinker, and a pretty good changeup. What pitch should I add next

  8. Spike curve you put the tip of your index finger in the ball. Knuckle curve you're flexing the finger and getting the first knuckle on the ball.

  9. any tips on having more control on my curveball? I get a lot of movement but have trouble throwing it for strikes. many times I will throw it in the dirt outside

  10. Coach Madden is it safe for a 13 year old to throw from down under because I am thinking of switching and I want to make sure I won't have arm problems in the future

  11. Hey, if I remember correctly coach, you threw your arm out right? What pitch would you say contributed to that? Because I had a coach that threw a splitter/Fork and threw his shoulder out and he was in college.

  12. @YouGoPro I am a freshman and I am deciding about playing for the jv team. I'm sure I will make the team but I don't know if I will get much playing time. Should I just play little league for one more year?

  13. Hi, im a 3/4 side arm guy and I want to ask if it's possible to, in my case, throw a sinker(due to the release angle).
    Also, is it a good idea to throw a slider that has at 1m horizontal movement (and about 30 cm vertical drop) against same handed batters? cuz the angle it comes in is oddly the same as the plan of the batter's swing.

  14. Hey coach I’m 13 and I throw a curveball my rotator cuff is hurting near shoulder is the curve the reason

  15. I’m a little league pitcher and I throw the forkball, the dead fish, the knuckle , curve, 2 and 4 seem, the Vulcan, and a sinker.

  16. I throw the knuckle curve soooo differently. I throw it like a fastball I just flick my wrist and push up with the bent pointer. And it looks like a knuckle ball and breaks like a curve last second.

  17. Awesome channel man! Just subscribed. Quick question — I pitched in college and I'm thinking about joining an adult woodbat league, but I haven't thrown a baseball in about 5 years. Are there any programs you recommend for getting my arm back in shape? How far in my throwing program should I start throwing bullpens again?

  18. I thought the spiked curveball was held similar to a knuckle curve but thrown like a traditional curve ball as you demonstrated. But the knuckle curve was held slightly different and thrown like a fastball.

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