3 Universal Defensive Hockey Tips

(rock music) – Hey guys, it’s Dan
from The Hockey Movement. – And Jeremy, and in this video, we’re giving you universal
tips to play better defense. Let’s get right to it. So these tips are universal. No matter what position you play or where you find yourself on the ice, they should always help
you play better defense. The first one is to stay between the guy with the puck and the net. No matter what, you’re always
in good defensive position. So Dan’s coming up, trying
to make some moves on me, I’m just trying to make sure
that I stay between him and the net, because it’s taking
away his chance to make a pass, taking away his chance to make a shot. This tip is to watch the
chest and not the puck. Too many players get caught
staring at their puck, and what the player with
the puck is gonna do is hold it out here and bait
the guy to try to go for it, pull it in here, and he’s gone. So we are gonna watch
the chest, not the puck. This last tip isn’t quite universal, but I find it really does work, and that’s to hide your poke check. When you want to take
the puck off of somebody, if you have your hands out here, he can see how much reach you have and he can try to go under your stick or bring the puck around you, ’cause he knows that’s about
as far as you can reach. If you hold your stick in
a bit close to your body, it makes it look like he has more room to move in front of you. When he goes to take the
puck into that space, boom, got the poke check and you got him. Alright guys, those tips should help you play a little bit better defense. Thanks all for watching the video. Don’t forget to subscribe
to The Hockey Movement. We do new hockey videos every single week to help you become a better hockey player. Thanks for watching the video, we’ll see you in the next on the. (rock music)

52 thoughts on “3 Universal Defensive Hockey Tips

  1. As a forward who often gets thrown on D to balance numbers in our beer league, these are just what I'm looking for to not appear as lost as I sometimes am.  Thanks guys!

  2. Hey I'm a right wing on my bantam team this year and am trying out for a high school team in the fall. Could you give me any tips that would prepare me as much as possible for next year?

  3. Can you make a video on what skating skills someone should master before playing ice hockey? I want to play ice hockey but I'm not sure if my skating ability will match those of other players on the ice.

  4. Awesome vids guys. I'm second season roller and transitioning to ice next year. Naturally play defense, but have been getting dangled hard. The watch the body is definitely the trick. My main problem I have to work on is transitions when pushing the player to the outside of the rink in the rink and staying with him. Guess I'm not fast enough yet. Made some great d plays with all your video tips though. Thanks.

  5. I always see when I play defence that the offencman always dangles me and I'm left trailing, I stay with him but it always happens,do you have any advice.Thanks

  6. I'm 6'1 and I've got about a 9 foot reach poke check. Hiding the poke check is a really good tactic because one moment they think they have space and then it's "oh shit that's a 9 foot reach poke check" 😂

  7. Love the fact that all your D videos can be used in "non check" adult league play. Big help, thanks guys!

  8. OK, now try these when the forwards are coming to you at top speed, and its a different proposition. Please can you make a video of how to effectively use your body, and how you should be skating to block the forwards drive to net. I play D for years in beer league, and the best I do is to force the guys to skate on the outside. But oftentimes they still outskate me. Sad face.

  9. Great tips, thanks for all the help, for all the guys, who are trying to get better at their game. Thanks Jeremy

  10. The most simple yet helpful D tips….works every time. Even if you suck, these are a surefire way to piss off the forward lol 👌

  11. On defense when I poke check I hold my stick with my left hand(I’m a righty) and I bring it up and just smack the puck out of their hands

  12. Hiding ur poke check helps so much, watched this years ago and still use it till this day… pickup hockey against my friends when they come down always forget how much room I have and I poke easily and it’s a breakout for me

  13. I've used the "hide your poke check" for a while now. Let me tell you how effective it is. It's perfect!
    Often my team and I have drills where some of us get set-up around pylons as others try to keep
    the puck and the guys on pylons try to poke it away. I rarely fail to poke check using your tactic.

    Thank you so much!

  14. Whatch your man, not the puck, stay in front of him or in between him and the net. Try to lift his stick right before he does his next handle. Push and slash!

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