59 thoughts on “$340 Prada Baseball Hat Unboxing

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  2. You're my fave YouTube star and entrepreneur. You and your wife are so sweet together. You're very inspiring. Thanks for making your videos.

  3. Sir thank you. I have been working for myself from 1984. Not much worked but i kept trying. I am going to use "Since 1984"
    Thank you Big Bo$$

  4. Love his style of unboxing. Poor millennials would get frustrated and wouldn't understand why he doesn't get to the point by showing the product. POOR FOOLS. lol

  5. Some company who have just started already stating their price high, guess you gotta research before you buy

  6. To be honest i'm terrified, knowing that it takes time, years potentially to reach "that" level and also knowing that it might not work out. Feels like i'm building blindly and hoping for the best but these videos give a lot of insight into current success success stories so hopefully this knowledge helps, thanks!

  7. Dan Lok your the men keep doing what your doing im very inspired by you hopefully I can be as great as you and gain millions of supporters and impact many life's across the globe

  8. This matches the Christian Louboutin sparkle shoe but again… I don't think you are going to wear these : ) But if you do, definitely put them together.

  9. In the more expensive market so many times you hear someone needing to ask their spouse regarding purchasing something, which most likely is just an excuse not to buy. It's so nice to see that this is not the case here.

  10. hi sir, im 17 now, i really would like to be succesful in the future and that's why I started to read books but I dont know at which age to take the next step, or what I should do to take a next step.. do you maybe have some advice to get to know what I would like to do? when I think about it I just cant get an idea or something, thanks in advance!

  11. Hi Dan. Here is George. I wana to answer me on that, please.
    For example: you live in the village whit 2.000 people. The village is very pour, like very many of them. Do you think evry family from there, i mean, evry family, if they are 2.000 family there then, 2.000 can become rich?
    I truly belive evry one is diferent, not evry one can think how to invest and how to manage many like you, because they are different. Even if they try, they not cant do it.
    Not evry one can start a bussnes, very many work for the company and to have rich live whit small salaris, do you think is posibile?
    Must of them can have better live but never can be reach, that is because of the society and how this work.. thank's.

  12. Love how your unboxing videos are not just unboxing but every time it’s more like a lesson. 10 years ago it would cost a lot of money to have the information you share with your subscribers in your videos absolutely free of charge. So I guess people that pay you 5k$ for 1 hour of your time get a real fucking huge boost of their life and business. Keep it up and thank you.

  13. This Gentlman Mr. Dan Lok is so real, honest, smart, sharp and authentic. I met him once and he answered my questions to the point and I've applied his advice. He looks great, relaxed and happy. All the best to you Mr. Lok. Hello to Jenny as well. Love your videos.

  14. My brand is the 10 short story books, you`ll finish reading it.  I always try to deliver value because I know my reputation depends on it.  Thanks Dan.

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