3rd SEHA TV Magazine 2019/2020

Dear handball friends, another month full of surprises and unbelievable results. The tables are looking very interesting, and the battle for each point is intense until the very end. So far this season, 11 out of 12 clubs recorded at least one win. Only the debutant Beijing Sport University are currently without points. In October we witnessed a sensational Eurofarm Rabotnik win against Telekom Veszprem, as well as the historic win of Spartak in our League. At the start of the ninth season, Ukrainian champions Motor Zaporozhye surprised and sit in the first position of Group A. Right behind them are three clubs with big hopes of excellent results, reigning champions Vardar, ambitious Slovakian Tatran Presov and always tricky Vojvodina. We cannot forget the Croatian vice-champions Nexe from Nasice, who will be asked a lot in the outcome of the Group, just like Beijing Sport University. Regarding Group B, the first place belongs to Telekom Veszprem. Excellent Eurofarm Rabotnik, Belarusian Meshkov Brest and the talented PPD Zagreb squad are in the middle of the table. Two tough teams, Russian Spartak and Metaloplastika Sabac are also here. In the third Magazine of the ninth season, our star is the handball diamond with a childish smile, Lovro Jotic. Beside him, another ace of Eurofarm Rabotnik stood in front of our camera. It’s Nikolce Mitrevski, terrific goalkeeper whose magnificent saves woke Bitola up. So, sit tight, stay with us, because the third SEHA TV Magazine has begun! From being the pride of Zagreb neighborhood Dugave to pride of Bitola. This handball diamond with a childish smile is one of the most pleasant surprises at the start of the season. Leader on the court, an excellent player and one of the main aces of Eurofarm Rabotnik, a player many teams would want in their lineup. Lovro Jotic, as a boy, had role models who are responsible for us being able to watch Jotic on the handball courts. Before, it was Ivano Balic definitely. He is one of those people, players who made me start playing handball because I watched them as a kid on TV. Then later, players who I shared a locker room with in the national team: Duvnjak, Cindric, Karacic. Phenomenal people and players, they are my idols. He is perfecting his skills in excellent European clubs, his beginnings are tied with home town Zagreb. There is no secret. Me and Leon Vucko, for example, are in the same generation, he now plays for Tatran Presov, we started with the same coach, with professor Kavan and he somehow showed us the handball journey. Of course, Filip Ivic, who is also from Dugave, but also other players who lived or still live in Dugave and there is definitely something about that neighborhood. From that neighborhood, where he made his first handball steps, Lovro went into the world. Most people played football, we started playing handball, a few of us from the class. It was a club called Maksimir Princ, there I started my handball steps. I later went to Zagreb, went through all junior selections of Zagreb and came into the first team. Before I was in three different clubs in Croatian League, Umag first, then Zamet and later Dubrava. For excellent appearances, Lovro does not hide that credit goes to the great squad, like Macedonian vice-champions are. And how and why he decided to change the surroundings? I came to Bitola first and foremost to play and show what I believe in, and I believe I can. Simply, I wanted more minutes, I have that from the coach I am really happy with the way I am playing now, and I hope it will be like that in the future. This young rising star gladly remembers the unforgettable moments from the start of his handball journey. The first professional year in Zagreb, when I was there while Veselin Vujovic was the coach, and basically got to the national team for the first time, to the A selection. It all happened quickly if I can put it that way. From the start when I was playing well, to the national team and World Championship in France. I can’t put it into words how special that year was. I learned something new, everything was new for me. Playing in Champions League, SEHA League, and then being in the national team, something really indescribable. The appearances for the Croatian jersey are a proud part of Lovro’s life. With the national team, he has one of the best memories from handball. I remember that one moment in the semi-final versus Norway when the match started, there were so many of our fans. And the entire hall was full. The Croatian song was all you heard, and at that moment, in the second minute, tears started running by themselves. That is the moment I will remember forever. The story in the Croatian jersey started early considering that Lovro went through all junior age groups. Apart from precious friendship with his teammates, European M18 championship in Hungary is special because of one more thing. I remember Mihic got a red card, Mrakovcic stepped up as the left winger, I played in centre, and he even scored two goals, and then bragged for three more years. He talked to Mihic how he will take his position. Classic joking around. A special tournament and special people. Stay with us. In the next part of the interview, find out how the boy from Zagreb concrete finds the city that never sleeps, which traditional Macedonian meals he likes the best, and a few other things outside the court. During the break between two parts of the interview we will introduce you to the best lineup of October. So, let’s start. After an excellent start of the season, Nikolce Mitrevski continued his excellent form. Sensational, almost miracolous against Veszprem. He recorded 12 saves and added 14 more in tough matches against Meshkov Brest and PPD Zagreb. For the second month in a row, he earned the title of the best goalkeeper. Unstoppable left winger Manuel Strlek is still flying on the court in both ways. He carried Veszprem to the victory against Meshkov with a 100% efficiency and 8 goals. At the position of left back, young Borivoje Djukic is unstoppable. His performance on the home court against Meshkov Brest was unbelievable. This handball wizard scored 15 goals out of 17 attempts. There is no doubt that if he continues like this, Djukic has a bright future. According to many, for surprising results of Ukrainian champions in SEHA – Gazprom League, lots of credit goes to Barys Pukhouski. This leader on the court had 7 goals in Motor’s win against Nexe. His performances as a playmaker were even better and earned him a spot in the ideal lineup of October. Record breaking month is behind Mikita Vailupau. In total, this young Belarusian player found the net incredible 38 times in only 3 matches. With 20 goals against Metaloplastika, he set a new record in SEHA – Gazprom League, but did not stop there. He added 12 goals in Veszprem, against Hungarian champions. Dream month was finished with 6 goals against Eurofarm. He is deservedly the best right back. In the first win for Russian Spartak in SEHA – Gazprom League, Dmitrii Kovalev was especially good. He was fantastic in the battle against Metaloplastika, with 9 goals from 10 attempts. Even though he is one of the most experienced players, the burden on the back of this right winger cannot be felt. Serbian international in Nexe’s lineup takes the breath away with his play on the line in offense and defence. Despite the loss against Motor, it’s impossible not to notice his 7 goals. In the match versus Vojvodina, Zivan Pesic netted 5 more times and made a big contribution to the home win of his team. After a difficult start to the season for the Croatian vice champions, coach Hrvoje Horvat linked the pieces of his team. In October, Nexe recorded a big win against Vojvodina, and a narrow loss versus Motor. Considering the absence of some key players, it is clear that Hrvoje Horvat does an excellent job. After meeting the Best 7 of October, it is time to go back to the guest of our Magazine. The process of adjustment in the new environment for this talented youngster was not hard. People accepted me, the entire team from the very beginning. I really feel like at home. From the first day, there is chemistry in the team, and I really feel great. From that side, there is no criticism, it’s beautiful. Even though it is considered the city of consuls, this Macedonian pearl is much more than that. Terrific performances of Eurofarm woke up the sleepy crowd, and Lovro had a chance to see it for himself. There were a lot of talks that not many teams came here to win easily. And I think it’s like that now as well. I don’t know if the city came to life, but everyone was saying that even last season, and in the previous years, the attendance has been excellent, that simply this city lives for handball. That was obvious from the beginning, and I’m a witness to it. Full stands in the hall that is named after one of the biggest Macedonian legends, Boro Curlevski, hearts full of happiness and pride after a historic win against Veszprem, wrote down the golden pages in history books of Eurofarm. I will remember that match forever. It’s one of my biggest victories with a team, against a club that is at the very peak of World and European handball. That night will not be forgotten. Apart from fantastic fans, Bitola has thrilled Lovro with authentic cuisine. What is on the menu often for our star? Well “gravce na tavce” is a delicious dish that I tried in Croatia before, but it’s very popular here. Or “pastrmajlija“, that I mentioned before is a really interesting dish. “Baklavas“, I don’t know, “tri lece“. There are many interesting meals that taste excellent. On top of trying new dishes, not many people know that our star likes to spend time with art. Maybe in a few years we will have a chance to see him under the light of some other spotlights. In Zagreb I started playing the guitar, but I haven’t been able to bring it here. It’s my wish to bring it, to start playing it a bit. Having in mind that they move often, the life of a professional athlete is all but simple. Answering the question of what he missed about Zagreb, Lovro did not have any hesitation. Girlfriend! I miss everything, the city, I am closely tied with Zagreb. I love Zagreb, it’s my city. I miss the people, miss my friends, family. Despite the kilometers that currently separate them, the people that were with him through all ups and downs are still the biggest support. He can thank them for helping him establish himself in the handball world. I think if it weren’t for my family, brother, mom and dad, I wouldn’t be in this sport. I said that 100 times before. They were the ones who forced me to go training. Then I realised I need to be invested 100% or 0, in general in life that was my attitude. Either I am 100% in, or not at all. So, they are my big support, and they force me to work hard and train. With his dedication and persistent work, he is a role model to many young athletes. What is the most important thing on the journey to the stars? Persistence is very important, and self-belief, that you can achieve something you thought of in your head. Lots of work and dedication, is my message. With these words and ambitions for big things, we don’t doubt that this Eurofarm diamond has a bright future. We wish him that in his career he relentlessly moves forward and writes the best life pages on and off the court! After brilliant support at the start of the season, faithful fans again proved why they have the role of the eighth player. That is why, Be8player again thinks of you. November brings the start of another contest with lots of prizes that will knock on the doors of the luckiest people. The long-awaited, fourth edition of the Be8player Best Handball Fan contest starts with a quiz, in which many interesting questions await. 20 fastest and the most accurate answers await new excitements. In the second round, you will have a chance to display your creativity thinking out a hashtag. The 12 most original and most liked will earn a place in the final, third round of the contest. The honour of picking the winner will belong to your idols who will decide whose photo is the best, most creative and most valuable of earning a trip to the Final 4 of the ninth SEHA – Gazprom League season. So, follow the Be8player social media because you could be the lucky winner! After long 13 years, the brilliant goalkeeper of Eurofarm, Nikola Mitrevski came back to his home town Bitola. In the city where he made his first handball steps, where his ambitions and dreams grew. I am really glad, and it’s a huge honour to play for the club from my home town. I have a huge backing off everyone I know. No special emphasis is necessary when describing Bitola as a handball city, where the hearts of all inhabitants beat like one. The popularity is huge, and we need to reach that level with Eurofarm. I think the team can achieve that high level. Huge importance for handball in Bitola belongs to SEHA League. And exactly that match of SEHA League versus Veszprem brought so much happiness and excitement to all handball enthusiasts. Hearing the ovations of your name in the historic win, for Nikola is the realisation of the boyhood dream and the biggest gift that was awarded by his Bitola people. Everyone was excited because of big Veszprem stars, and they wanted to see their sport beasts. It’s definitely a plus for us, for the club and players. Everyone supports and loves Eurofarm. With Eurofarm Rabotnik, rich history and the people with a big heart, Bitola is a city recognisable for its authentic cuisine. First “ckembe“ soup, then “turlitava“, if you want something more, then “tavce gravce“ with sausage or bacon. For dessert, I would advise “tri lece”. The specialties of the city that has lots of charm are unavoidable. The heart of Bitola that is connected by the colorful spectrum of diversity and the beauty of simplicity. The relationship of local inhabitants with Eurofarm is special. I am open to everybody, who wants to have a photo. It’s good for the young kids to have an example and a role model from sport. In the end, there’s no other words to described the amazingly charming Bitola, but with words of its favourite. Beautiful, pleasant, irresistible. With the nice story from Bitola, we reached the end of another SEHA TV Magazine. Weeks ahead bring many surprises, and we await them with great impatience. To you, dear handball friends, thanks for attention. For the newest information on SEHA – Gazprom League, as well as other content outside the court, follow our website and social media. We will be together in the next Magazine, until then, enjoy and experience handball!

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