4 Baseball Pitching Strategies – Baseball Pitching Strategy

Hey what’s up guys? Today were going to talk
baseball pitching strategy. In fact I’m going to talk about four strategies that I really
like for pitchers. First and one of the most important is that you want to focus on throwing
a first pitch strike. Throwing a during a first pitch strike is so important in pitching
because if you get ahead of that batter forget the percentage wise but you have a huge advantage
over that batter of getting them out if you look at the batting averages over time. So
first pitch strike is very important also if you throwing a lot of strikes and getting
ahead early in the count you’re going to keep the pitch count down. So throwing first pitch
strike is huge when it comes the baseball pitching strategies.
Second strategy that’s I really like for baseball pitchers is in the 1-1 count. What you want
to throw is your best pitch of the day for a strike. Why do you want to throw a strike?
Because if you throw a strike you’re in a 1-2 count. If you throw a ball there you’re
in a to 2-1 count if you look at the batting averages in the 1-2 count versus a 2-1 count
the differences are huge. So as a pitcher I would much rather be in a 1-2 count than
the 2-1 count. You have a huge advantage so that’s why you want to throw a strike in a
1-1 count. Why do you want to throw your best pitch? Because it’s a swinging count you don’t
want to just throw a meat ball out there you want to throw your best pitch. He’s ready
to swing in a 1-1 count it’s an even count and also your best pitch you should have the
most accuracy, you should be able to hit that strike. Why you want to throw your best pitch
of the day first strike? Why of the day? Because every day could be different. You ever had
those days where your sliders is just nasty and un-hittable and some days you can’t even
find it or some days your change up is good, some days your fastball is the best pitch
it varies every day. So that’s why the 1-1 count you want to throw your best pitch of
the day first strike. Another baseball pitching strategy that you
can use is pitching hitters backwards and I was never huge; I never liked this that
much but when I did use it was very effective and all that means is when you get them into
a hitters count 2-1 2-1 3-1 things like that you can throw an off speed pitch because what
are they expecting normally. They are expecting a fastball normally. If you throw them that
change up or that slider or something else they’re not going to be expecting it they
could look stupid if you pitch them that way. So pitching backwards, pitching batters backwards
is also another baseball pitching strategy. The last baseball pitching strategy I want
to share with you guys today is reading the hitter and this is another huge one. I use
this one a lot because it’s very important. Let’s say you through a fastball to a righty
and this righty fowls the ball off to the first base side was he early or was he late?
He was late. So would I throw something slower or change up or slider to speed up is bat
absolutely not. I would go back to another fastball until he can prove that he can catch
up to that. So reading a hitter’s swing is very, very important. Same thing goes if
I throw a change up and he’s late then I would definitely through a fastball. What if I throw
a change up and he’s early then I would throw another one lower and slower because he’s
early. I don’t want to throw a fastball and get back into his hitting zone. So reading
a hitter and knowing if he’s late or early can help you decide what pitch you’re going
to throw next. So those are four baseball pitching strategies.
I hope you guys liked them. I got a bunch more pitching information if you click the
link below I’d love to share with you. I hope to see you in the next video and thanks
for watching guys.

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  1. Whenever i pitch my arm hurts but whenever im not pitching i can throw submarine from an inch off the ground and i wont feel a thing. is it because of something in my form when pitching, or should i just stop pitching.

  2. Please do a video for right handed pitchers pitching to left handed batters…(strategies) for example ,,i generally used the old classic Strategy of Fastballs up and in -,Curveballs low and away for right handed hitters ,,but for lefthanded hitters, That didn't always work…

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  4. Great vid. hello from 2017.
    —I have a question. I'm writing a book about baseball and I need some good info. Your vid was a great help, but I want to know where can I find the source of those statistics. Anyway, I would be so happy if you could tell me, but if not, I will still thank for your great vid. Love from Korea

  5. This video helped me so much. I watched your video a year ago and now that I look back this video is why I have had so much success in the last 2 years of ball. Thanks a lot

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