4 days in Switzerland | Part 2: Paragliding & Things to do in Lucerne| Ep #07

3rd day in Switzerland! Today’s main activity is Paragliding! Not much idea! Will see you back after flying. Swiss Alps is one of the best spots in the world to do Paragliding! It is quite expensive, nearly 250 USD per person. We opted for Tandem paragliding. Was quite tensed at the beginning As we fly up, the feel we get is speechless. Just landed after paragliding Speechless, can’t realise if it was real or dream! Walking back to the hotel after paragliding Walking through the city of Interlaken Many shopping centres around We will be heading to Lucerne from Interlaken now. 2 hours train ride Lets visit Lucerne now! Arrived Lucerne. Now we are going to the flat which we have booked at Lucerne. Its a flat, where the owner has arranged one room for us. Lucerne is an active city. Just came out to see few attractions here. One of the famous Landmark in Lucerne- Chapel Bridge and the water tower Chapel bridge is one of the world’s oldest wooden foot bridge Planted lot of flowers on either sides Triangular paintings hanging on the roof A must visit tourist destination in Lucerne Lot of cafes and bars in the river side and place to sit and relax! A good place to hang out in the evening Another famous tourist destination in Lucerne is Lion Monument It honours the Swiss guards who sacrificed their lives during French Revolution They have electric buses here. I am seeing it for the first time. Day 4! We will be heading to Zurich in the afternoon. We are planning to roam in Lucerne for 2 hours. We are going to visit Swiss Transport Museum Its raining heavily here Not sure how long we can cover today. Will start anyways! They have 2 sections here: Transport and Chocolate adventure. We bought tickets for chocolate adventure section They have taken us inside many rooms which depicted the scenes of chocolate making process starting from history This is the last room Different types of chocolates and its flavours are displayed over here in this big room Arrived Zurich from Lucerne. Inside a shop-Chocolate World in Zurich Its really a chocolate world. Everyone inside is in a state of wonder-don’t know which side to look! At Zurich airport. We will be arriving London around midnight. 4 days in Switzerland is a heavenly experience. Details in the description box

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