4 Easy Steps to make BLENDING STUMP from newspaper & comparison

Hello friends welcome back to draw with vishal and today we are going to make blending stumps out of newspapers let’s test now which is best among the two i have shaded HB & 3B pencil here this is handmade & other company made i have not mentioned the brand name of stumps as all of them performs equally you may see here how well handmade stumps have performed and in company stumps how a rough texture is coming see here how smoothly it is blending the two shades you are able to distinguish the difference clearly for making handmade stumps , we would be requiring a refill a long rectangular newspaper a pen knife a sand paper and any tape, i have used masking tape herein in the first step we will roll this up like this you may roll up with help of the refill do, try there is no gap while you roll up slowly … comedy 🙂 (reading newspaper) do keep in mind there should be no space and the stump is rolled very compactfully in step 2 you may use any tape to bind it all together i am using masking tape herein you have to close it up strongly in the next step, you have to sharpen the edges with a sharp knife like this do make it longer while sharpening in the next step we will rub it on a sand paper pay attention here i am rubbing it titling towards the front end because we have to wear off the paper on its tip and make it round you will see here slowly it is becoming smoother so, here your handmade stump is done and its now ready to beat any other paper stumps in market i hope my friends you this video would have been helpful for you so, please do like, subscribe and comment

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