assalamualaikum youtube friends see you again with me yogi previously i want to say Happy fasting for Muslim friends who carry it out and for you new join dont forget to click subcribe and the bell ok now we will discuss 4 beginner badminton mistakes check this out ok friends now we will discuss mistakes made by beginner badminton fisrt wrong grip of badminton racquet I’ve done it myself because don’t understand the technique now we see the right and wrong techniques in this video when holding the badminton racket grip ok this friend is the way hold the right badminton racket grip first racket in a straight position like this then our hands like shaking hands form the letter v for forehand this is right techniq for backhand thumbs up like this friends so this is the right technik like this the beginner’s average badminton holds it for forehand like tihs this is difficult the power does not come out the right one like this that is the right one we saw earlier how to hold the grip right and wrong hopefully this video is useful for all of us in playing badminton even better now the second mistake now the second mistake is attaching high string pulls I myself think high string pull the power sill strong and come out but it’s wrong the power sill strong and come out but it’s wrong so the way is first is do it lob clear full power if out pulling our strings loose if the shutel cock is still in the middle of the field meaning the pull of the string is tight the right one is his shutlecock at the back of the opponent that is the right one i’m doing it and find it 25lbs so friend if still confused the way as above that’s the second mistake now third wrong choose the type of racket so we often see our friends using certain racquets playing good then we argue our game will be good too even though different hand feel different different techniques different power and different types in rackets there are 3 types headheavy headlight and all around or evenbalance for those who have big power like smash suitable for headheavy for single suitable for all around and for defenses drive suitable for headlight so for beginner badminton we have to know our power for our game then we choose the racket so not because you see you have good friends then we go good not like this so first determine what type we are that’s the third mistake ok the last is rotation in playing double badminton ok now we see the video ok in that video we see examples of right and wrong actually it’s easy for double rotation for lob clear we defense we retreat to prepare for defense for attacking smash front cover atack is front and back defenses is side so its easy just because it’s not used to it get confused in rotation hopefully with this video We all can be better at playing badminton thanks for watching don’t forget to click subcribe like and share this video See you again regards

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