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  1. "Learn how to get their elbow above their shoulder"
    Yes, that does make you throw faster. However, he states that if you do not get your elbow above the shoulder it will lead to elbow problems and make you less effective. There are two problems with that:
    1. The typical pitching style today is to get the elbow above the shoulder. By pitching sidearm/submarine, it provides a different movement on the ball (As the ball will either sink or have two seam action) and will confuse batters for a few pitches while they try to get adjusted to the new arm slot. ESPN broadcasters were talking about how hard it is for 12 year olds to pick up a different arm slot, as the Korean pitcher had a Chris Sale like delivery, but his elbows peaked at a higher point and arm slot is lower.
    2. The "Elbow above the shoulder" method has been related to more injuries than not pitching above the shoulder. This is because it causes a timing problem where the front foot gets planted before the arm reaches across the body, resulting in more tension for the arm. Almost all MLB pitchers use this style; However, not only are Tommy John and shoulder surgeries becoming much more common, but all injuries are going up exponentially. It has been documented that current stars like Strasburg, Harvey, deGrom, and previous pitchers like Kerry Wood, Jose Fernandez, and Mark Prior all had the same timing problem they are teaching in this video. All of them have had Tommy John surgery, Strasburg has had a shoulder issue, Prior and Wood both retired or were extremely ineffective after a couple of years due to this timing problem. A quick look at the all time greats, such as Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Greg Maddux, Tom Seaver, and Bob Gibson show the elbow is never above the shoulder during the whole process. Max Scherzer, while he lags behind, is close to Ryan and Seaver in his mechanics. Point here: Strasburg, Prior, Wood, Harvey all have the timing problem they teach here; Ryan, Seaver, and Scherzer don't. The problem group is often injured or has been hurt beyond repair, while the second group has stayed injury free.

    When your arm gets hurt during the timing problem, you learn to throw sidearm. If you can learn to use that tailing or sinking movement to your advantage, you will be much better off than the problem with a straight ball.

    Source: Chris O'Leary

  2. I'm 10 and these pitching tips don't work very well and I'm pitching amazing my coach says and I rarely miss and the trick is also to throw hard if you have a good arm and it will go faster and straiter and I am a closing pitcher and an okay batter

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