(4A) 2019 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

>>>Funding for the Iowa girls high school athletic union, Iowa farm bureau girls volleyball state championship sess provided by –>>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bureau believes in Iowa’s girls and their greatness. We’re proud to be the title sponsor for the Iowa girls athletic union. When one rises, we all rise to a better Iowa.>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, FRITO-lay is a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls championships. We congratulate all the girls competing in this year’s girls high school volleyball state championships. Fairway, proud to work for the places we work and live. By MOSCO lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community. ♪♪ ♪♪>>Tim: It is time for state championship volleyball. Iowa public television is here in downtown cedar rapids at the U.S. cellular center to bring you this class 4A state title game between sergeant Bluff-Luton and western Dubuque. Along with Sandy Stewart, this is BJ. What an interesting matchup in class 4A as you’ve got the top ranked team against a group of upstart youngsters.>>Exactly. They look fantastic. Again, an upstart. They had some upstarts along the way, western Dubuque, and they’re going to try and put an upset again today.>>The bobcats, third trip to state. They upset three-time defending champion Dubuque wallARD until the finals. Three freshmen lead the bobcats in kills, digs and assists.>>Exactly. They have a very young team, but they play well under pressure.>>Now for sergeant Bluff-Luton, this is their third straight trip to cedar rapids, returning only four players with varsity experience. But they have a good one in Kenzie Foley.>>Exactly. And she’s going on be playing next year at state. They look to take it home today against western Dubuque.>>What an atmosphere here at the U.S. cellular center. We’re getting ready for the class 4A state championship games. But first, the pageantry that is here at the state volleyball tournament. Let’s turn it over to Jason s linger.>>Regional manager of the Iowa farm bureau, proud title sponsor of the Iowa girls high school athletic union. Now let’s meet this year’s class of hall of famers. Our first inductee today is Carlie Tritz of Sioux City bishop ELIN. She starred the from 2006 to 2009. She helped receive four state tournaments and was named to the all-state tournament team three times. She was named elite all-state her senior season when she averaged three kills and three digs a match. Abdomen outstanding all-around athlete, she was an all-state performer in volleyball, basketball and soccer. She led bishop ELIN to the state championship and was miss Iowa basketball in 2010. She was inducted in the IGHSU basketball game in 2017. Carlie enjoyed an outstanding basketball year at Crayton. She married Nate Burger last summer. Welcome back to the U.S. cellular center. The first individual to earn induction into the IGHSU basketball and now the IGSAU volleyball hall of fame. From Sioux City bishop ELAM, hall of famer Carlie Tritz.>>Our next inductee starred at trainer high school from 2003 to 2006. She was a four-year starter. She finished here career with 934 digs and 128 blocks as trainer reached the state tournament all four seasons that she played. She was a two-time all tournament team selection and was 2A player of the year in 2006. A talented four sport athlete, she was a state medalist in state track and field, an all-state performer in basketball and a school record holder in softball. She continued her volleyball career at Wayne state and averaged over two kills a set for her four-year career by helping Wayne state win two times. Iowa lake’s community college, upper Iowa and Wynonna state. She currently resides in Omaha. That’s one of the finest players in the history of volleyball in the IGHSU volleyball hall of fame. From trainer high school, hall of famer Lee hardIbegan. Today’s final inductees starred from Sumner high school from 1992-1996. She was twice named to the elite all-state squad. She averaged 4.5 kills a set and lead to aces state tournaments in 1993, 1994 and 1995 in an era where there was just three classes in Iowa volleyball. As a junior in 1994, she had 23 kills, 7 digs and 11 blocks to the state championship match and was named captain of the class 1A alternative team. The following year, she bounced back from a mid season injury to lead Sumner to the finals. Her talents led her to the University of Illinois where she went on to play four seasons for the Illini. A shoulder injury sidelined her for much of her career, but after 1999, she returned to Iowa and has been teaching and coaching for the last 18 years. She’s been coaching the last 13 seasons and has been an assistant at INKENETY teams. Welcome to the hall of fame from Sumner, Annie STENCIL.>>What a class.>>It’s great. A lot of great history here.>>Congratulations to the volleyball hall of fame class of 2019 from Sioux City, bishop ELIN, Carly Tritz, Lee hardIGAN and Annie STANSEL. Congratulations.>>Three storied programs. It’s great to see the recognition there for the past heros of girls state volleyball tournament.>>For those of you watching, you also witnessed a trivia question unfold before your very own eyes with Carly Tritz being named into not only the basketball hall of fame, but now today, the volleyball hall of fame. It’s time now to turn it over to the announcer Tim Fitzpatrick with the announcement of the class 4A matchup.>>Please welcome to the floor the western Dubuque bobcats.>>So here is western Dubuque, a team that has been up start all season. They struggled early on in the year, but then caught fire midway through after a tournament and they beat three-time defending state champion Dubuque wallARD in the regionals to get to this spot.>>Now please welcome the sergeant Bluff-Luton warriors.>>Here are the warriors on out of northwest Iowa, only four players back from last year’s team, but loads of talent with those four. Can they carry them today?>>Fans, it’s now time to introduce the players and the coaches. First of all, the visiting team, the western Dubuque bobcats. Number 2, Sara Horsfield. Number 3, Meg Besler. Number 5, Natalie ULRICHS. Number 6, Ella Schindler. Number 9, MACI Steffen. Number 13, Shelby OLBERDing. Number 14, Teresa PETSCHE. Number 19, ADELINE HUEHNERGARTH. Your assistant coaches, libby GANSen, Ashley board of trusteesFord, Hannah KOERPERICH and Mariah Cline. Starters, Meredith Bahl, Clare Horsfield, senior Kaylee Elgin. Sophomore number 10 Maddie Harris. Freshman number 11, libby Lansing. Sophomore, number 18, Madison Maahs. Your LIBERO, number 1, Ella Meyer. Head coach for the bobcats, Megan Scherrman. Now for the home team, number 1, Allyson Hertz. Number 4, Addie brown. Number 5, MAKAYLA GROTE. Number 9, Maddie Hinkel. Number so, Taylor spotten. Number 12, addy MOSIER. Number 14, ALIVAA Wolfe. Assistant coaches, Dan winkel, Janelle woodbury and noel HERBST. Your starting lineup, sophomore, number 2 Madison Wilcoxon. Number 6, Isabelle Lenz. Senior number 7 Elle Sneller. A senior, number 8, Kenzie Foley. A sophomore number 11, Emma Salker. A senior number 13, Regina Rogers. Your LIBERO, a junior, number 3, Mia Gamet. Head coach for the warriors, Renee winkel. Here are your officials for today’s 4AIP championship. First referee, Jodi WIELENGA, KevinG vander PLOEG, Jennifer WIECH and Jennifer Lewis. Who is ready for volleyball?>>So here we go. Western Dubuque and sergeant bluff Luton. Sandy, you had these keys drawn up for western Dubuque. What do they need to do?>>They are very young and they have a sophomore group. That pass game is going to be critical. They have to get that pass and serve going. Also, defense and support coverage. The two big outside hitters are going to push the defense to the limits there. So defense and court coverage are going to be critical for the bobcats today.>>And on the other side for sergeant Bluff-Luton, what do you have drawn up?>>They’ve been number one, so the target is on them. Hopefully they can keep their composure and handle that pressure. Again, the aggressive serving. Let’s keep western Dubuque on their heels. Aggressive serving will do that for them.>>The sergeant Bluff-Luton western Dubuque going for their school’s first ever volleyball title. That is the table stakes here in class 4A of the warriors at 36-3, impressive wins against state qualifiers Joaquin, council bluff’s Abraham Lincoln, unity Christian and western Christian. For western Dubuque, 13 losses, but they played a very tough Mississippi valley conference. They beat Johnston and southeast POLK. So the opening serve, an ace for the warriors.>>And there it is. One of the keys of the game is that tough serving. That’s the way to start for sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>The one that can do it is Madison Wilcoxon who is at the trigger here.>>We mentioned that sophomore center, but also an outstanding server.>>And this block is down, up front by Emma Salker.>>Pretty good block out there. Tentative on the attack. Out to a 2-0 lead quickly for the warriors.>>Showing their prowess right away. A big side out for western Dubuque.>>Nice mix up there with the center, kind of catching the — off balance there with that second hit over. A nice job to mix it up there and get the side out. Ooh.>>And Gamet, up front. Look at the bobcats shine up in the middle. Maddie Harris.>>She’s only a 5’10” sophomore, but one of the key players there. The two big outside hitters have carried the western Dubuque this year.>>Gamet feeds it to the front. Look at that shot down the line.>>That’s where it started with that great pass, great set there. And we talked about keys of the game for western, they have to cover the court well. Didn’t quite get that one.>>And a service error.>>Unusual. They do serve aggressively, but you have to take the bad with the good when you’re serving aggressively out there.>>Here is Kaylee Elgin. An opportunity here for western Dubuque. They go to the outside and that is blocked out and Maddie Harris.>>Great way. The ball was a little tight, but she was smart with two of the blocked keys, swung her arms and go out of bounds. Nice kill there on the outside.>>First lead of the game for western Dubuque. Now Sneller. A hitting error.>>A little bit of out of transition there. Really didn’t get off the net to get a good approach, wasn’t ready for the ball. All three hitters have to be ready to go. She wasn’t quite ready to get up there and take a swing.>>Out of the back by Foley. And a push.>>A little sloppy here getting started. A little nervous, I think. And Sneller says just feed me that time. Right in SYNCH.>>One of the beautiful servers on the team, beautiful set. 6’1″. Usually plays on the outside, but can also do the inside.>>Wilcoxon now with 580 assists on the season.>>Good coverage there.>>They find Foley. That’s dangerous.>>So they’ve got Sneller and Foley, the big outside six foot hitters. She gets up, a great set and swings down the line.>>And a free ball coming up here for western Dubuque.>>You have to go up strong.>>Out of the outside again.>>The passing here so far is shaky.>>A little shaky.>>Now the kill put down by Maddie Harris.>>Harris. Harris played well so far. Big outside hitter. She’s their go-to player. A little bit weak getting up there.>>We mentioned at the outset that this is both schools going on foretheir first ever title. A lot of jitters here.>>Oh, sure. I think they’re going to call over the net. Yet. So the defensive team cannot interfere, reach over when the ball is still in play. So — and when that setter is a back row, she can’t bring it over, anyway.>>Foley.>>A little out of SYNCH there for the warriors. We talked about that composure.>>Largest lead here for western Dubuque. Here is Madison Maahs, the 5’6″ sophomore. Out of the front, how about that? The put down by Regina Rogers.>>Really nice play. She’s one of the seniors on the team. Really nice approach, way to get off the net and take a big swing. The cutback shot that western Dubuque wasn’t quite ready for.>>We saw this in the semifinals yesterday with western Dubuque. Jumped down to a big commanding lead and ran away with the first set. They’ve been dangerous with their opening set. Now a missed cue up front makes this a one-point game.>>Western Dubuque, like I said, they upset defending champion waller in the finals, came here, upset Marion. Or Xavier in the first round, which is number two seed and they’ve been a lot of upsets along the way.>>Going to sergeant Bluff-Luton as it was wide. Hertz will rotate back.>>Tried to find that line out there. Just a little too wide.>>Fourth tie of this opening set. Now from the back row, the attack and it’s blocked down by Regina Rogers.>>Nice job. One of the seniors there for the warriors, and you’ll see a lot of back row attack from the bobcats. Again, just a little unaggressive. And the cover has to be there.>>A 4-0 run put together by sergeant Bluff-Luton. And Rogers again, the south paw.>>A nice approach there on the back foot. To her strong side. Beautiful approach and swing. It’s a great combo and a great set by Wilcoxon.>>The 5’8″ senior coming to play today in western Dubuque having trouble accounting for it.>>This is where they go here.>>A good counter. Western Dubuque set that up nicely to find Maddie Harris.>>She’s been attacking across the front. Now we have the ball up front. See what she can do in the back row there.>>Harris has had quite a state tournament. 24 kills. Slide out here to sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>A net violation there on Meredith Bahl. Tried to get up there. A little too aggressive and follow through at the net.>>Sergeant Bluff-Luton matching their largest lead here. And an ace by Gamet.>>We talked about aggressive serving and that’s what they’re doing. Keeping the bobcats on their heels. That server, has to improve for the bobcats to get back into their system, get into their offense.>>Both of these two schools have had a long night. Play football at the dome a night ago, but they’re loud. Bringing it home is Foley again. Block a little bit late, and Foley is just going to crush.>>A four-point lead, their largest. And a time-out here by western Dubuque. Let’s go inside the western Dubuque huddle and hear from their head coach, Megan Scherrman.>>Secondly, we’re letting their offense run all over us. That’s not the team we are. We need our offense going. Keep them out of system. They are in system way too much right now and that’s the difference. Okay? Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go.>>Nice to talk about what their goals are. Getting back to their offense, one of the keys to the game is their servers, passing and getting in system as opposed to what the warriors are doing now. They’ve been in system a lot, the offense really hurting western Dubuque right now. We’ll see if that time-out will reset things here for the bobcats.>>In that final victory against Marion yesterday, 3-1, coach Scherrman felt it wasn’t their best showing. In that game, they had four players with double digit kills, so they can spread it around.>>Exactly. Any young team. Three sophomores, including the setter, which is your quarterback.>>Foley.>>A lot of tipping. The hitters aren’t quite on the timing.>>Sergeant Bluff-Luton with the side out.>>And the ball handle hadding error, not really getting into it. Good flow. And they’ve got a freshman up there right now. So it’s a big time play environment here to be a freshman.>>What a way to hit the tape and get another ace for Gamet.>>That aggressive serving is coming into play. Bobcats have to do a better job of communicating. Their server is going to pick up here and get a good pass up to Maahs so she can run the offense. That’s better.>>Foley kept that alive.>>Nice hustle.>>Some good rally going here.>>And that is going to be long.>>A nice try. She wasn’t up quite enough to hit hard. So tried to go for that deep corner. A good idea to tag along there.>>Critical slide out there for western Dubuque. Now here is Ella Meyer. Just a freshman, 5’3″.>>One of the two freshmen that play a key role for the bobcats.>>And that could, could not control it. Foley with the kill.>>She was there, be just couldn’t quite pick it up. She does lead the team in digs. Hopefully she’ll get a better one the next game.>>The St. Cloud state signee ready to serve it.>>Right back to the middle, Kaylee Elgin.>>She’s the only senior for the bobcats, so they have a great crew returning next year. I’m sure she will love to finish her season with a big upset today.>>They had a stretch midway through the season where they had eight in a row. Gave them confidence that they could win. And what led to their stretch run here to get to the state championship game, but right 2340U, they find themselves down by 6 at 17-11.>>The sets have been a little tight or not quite on the mark. Just a little shaky to start here in the finals.>>Wilcoxon back in. Western Dubuque comes through with Meredith Bahl. We haven’t called her name a lot this opening set. That’s 37 kills here at the state tournament.>>I’ve been enjoying watching her play. She has a big jump. When he gets into her timing and width IM on a kill, she has a beautiful attack.>>The back row attack long.>>Nice aggressive try by Foley. I love to see that from the back row.>>Bobcats trying to put together a run here. As this attack, again, will go long. Salker, a little too much.>>A couple of hitting errors by the warriors. Need to get their composure back and put the ball on the court.>>How many times do we see the state tournament, the opening set is so important. Elgin with the block.>>Put together a nice run here.>>And, in fact, it is a 4-0 run to make it a two-point game. Let’s go to the sergeant Bluff-Luton huddle with their head coach, Renee winkel.>>I say push to Elle or Emma. You know where to hit the ball. You have to get it in.>>We need to be able to pass the ball first, right? I need this ball to go to Elle. Need to stay inside a little bit. You know what to do with it.>>Get up there. On the net. Take a breath. We’re still up by two. Let’s be up by three. Got it?>>Yeah. Just to focus on fundamentals. Passing is where it starts. So they’re taking a breath, trying to slow down the momentum of western Dubuque. See if that time-out works.>>Coach winkel, 175-41. Went on to play collegiately at brier Cliff.>>Great play on the outside there by Sneller. That’s what she said in the time-out, let’s go to the outside to Elle Sneller. Great set by Wilcoxon right between the block. A little late getting there. Great attack. If.>>Dangerous. Salker hit tape there. Wilcoxon finding Foley.>>Neither team getting some good offensive flow yet. Great cover.>>Put over by Bahl. Sometimes you’ve just got to get it over.>>Just kind of the winner of who can do the best free ball. Kind of a scrappy play there. Miscommunication on the warriors side.>>It has been a festive week here in cedar rapids. Western Dubuque, one of the more lively student sections we’ve seen. And a double hit called against sergeant Bluff-Luton. It’s a one-point game.>>A little bit uncommon error there, but good call by the official to catch that double hit. Elgin.>>Tricky. A nice, aggressive down ball.>>Out to the outside and a shot could not be blocked as Maddie Harris, too much power.>>Harris is really carrying western Dubuque right now. Been really strong on the outside. Using the block, hitting smart, getting off the net to get that great approach.>>This is her fifth sigh of the set. Sergeant Bluff-Luton a moment ago had a six-point lead. And right now on an 8-1 run is western Dubuque.>>So they’re not getting the ball to the setter who normally handles the ball. And the other players aren’t as used to handling the ball. So two ball handling errors there in a row.>>Elgin again, but this one is long. An error. And we’re tied at 19.>>Seems like neither team can sustain a rally or momentum. It’s a game to six.>>If you’re just joining us here, shame on you. You missed a Dandy on of an opener. Cedar falls against west Des Moines valley. This is our second of five games today. It’s western Dubuque and sergeant Bluff-Luton. To the outside to Foley. That is blocked out. Point, sergeant bluff Luton.>>Foley got caught in. She was smart to hold, get a jump and get a good swing on it. The server in there now, wolf, she was 5 aces.>>The back row attack. Bahl putting it down.>>Block up early and tried to get a triple block up on her and she still got the ball across. Passing a little bit off. They have to get that pass up to the net.>>Foley with the kill.>>Foley, a lot of power. Like we said, she’s a returning all-stater going to play volleyball at the next level at St. Cloud state. Good to see those players going on and getting an education in college on their volleyball talents.>>That’s her fifth kill of the set. Now serving is Hertz. Out, an attack error by the bobcats.>>She tried to cut it inside the block a little too much. You can see here, she tried to cut it in. I think the crosscourt shot was opened. She just missed a little too wide there.>>And Foley, able to knock that back and now dangerous territory for the western bobcats and they’re going to take a time-out. Foley with the block here.>>And actually, the middle blocker, Emma Salker, was up there and got that. She’s 5’11”.>>Don’t worry about what they’re doing on our side. Doing a good job of getting the pin to pin. We knew this would be their strategy, okay? That is — set the ball. Just because we’ve got a double block does not mean there’s not a way around that ball, okay? Defensively, talk to your offense about what’s going on, okay? Is number 8 in the front row right now? She does not get a ball pass to you. Do you understand that? Let’s go. We have to get some touches on her. We have to slow her down over here. Stay relaxed on our side. One point at a time. We have to give Maddie Maahs some time here. Good? All right. Come on. Let’s go.>>Unbelievable insight. Exactly with Foley up there, they’re going to have to start digging her. We talked about that with the defense and core coverage. Try and dig a few balles from Foley. That will frustrate her. So far, she’s been up there and be very effective.>>Allyson Hertz with the ace. Now setpoint.>>When it gets to the net, that’s really hard to defend. The western Dubuque has had their back to the wall as many times. Let’s see if they can mount a rally here to finish strong in the first set.>>And it’s an ace to end it. The first set is in the books. Sergeant Bluff-Luton will take the opening set, 25-20. They had a six-point lead evaporated, only to come back to win it.>>And the aggressive serving and lack of pass received for the bobcats is hurting. You have to follow that ball. You have to follow that bomb out and play it. Nice win for the warriors to get started here.>>Second set on our way when we return here on Iowa public television. sometimes of Iowa artist grant wood. Tell a kidney transplant story that is more than skin deep and follow one man’s dream to celebrate the spirit of giving.>>Saturday afternoon at 5:30.>>Join the conversation online with Iowa public television. Follow us on Twitter. Connect with us on all our social networks.>>What an opening set. Sergeant Bluff-Luton takes it 25-20. We are here at the class 4A state championship game at the U.S. cellular center. Sandy, a great set. We saw a lot of things there. Sergeant Bluff-Luton had a big lead. Western Dubuque came back, but sergeant Bluff-Luton prevailed.>>Just like they’ve done all season, they rolled through that first set pretty easily.>>Let’s take a look at the first set highlights here. You can see western Dubuque came out aggressively.>>Strong offense. A great game, aggressive and smart hitter on the outside there, only a sophomore, one of their key players for western Dubuque. So she was very effective. We need to see more of that from them. Is Foley, fired up outside hitter. Very effective, as well, in that set. We talked about aggressive serving. A lot of errors on both sides. A little nerves there, some ball handling errors. That is the key to the game there. There’s your set right there with six service races. One of my keys was the aggressive serving and they’re coming through with that for the warriors. So nice win to get out to a lead here at the state finals.>>So we’re set for the secretary set to begin here. Western Dubuque. 5-4 senior will put it across. And right away, the attack by Elle Sneller.>>And one of the big two seniors for the warriors, 6’1″, number two on the team in kills and number one in blocks. So they’re starting her in the left route position to get her up there to start.>>That is an attack error by Wilson.>>The stride attack, nice try, but a little late getting there. This is the miscommunication.>>Bobcats.>>Smart, smart play. Kind of saw the defense for the bobcats was out of position. Nice smart aggressive play there for that deep corner kill. Again, aggressive serving.>>Now from the back. Sneller shot blocked. Now the celebration.>>Nice system of play. A little slow developing. So the bobcats, big block there with Elgin. Was able to get over there, beautiful, get up there, get your hands over the net, put the ball back. Good defensive coverage there. They’re digging that ball.>>And Neller with the attack. A nice dig out of the ball by Bahl. However, a double hit.>>I don’t know what’s happening, but both teams having some trouble with some double hits there. The setter is really trying to get out there and get their hands on the ball, having a little trouble.>>Wolf, serving.>>Having to bump set, that’s not the system you want to run. And western Dubuque with a hard-fought point there.>>But give tight Maddie Harris there. She’s doing something with whatever she’s getting to at least get the ball over the net. Nice attack there.>>Her sixth kill of the match. And, again.>>Another ball handling error. Nerves, not getting into position. Fundamentals are key here in the state finals. You have to really execute. All players, not just the setter.>>And Sneller with an attack error and we’re all tied up at four.>>Both teams just in and out of system, in and out of flow. The coach is saying, what’s going on out there? Let’s go here. Doesn’t look like the team we had in the first set there.>>Now the attack. And it’s put down by Foley. When in doubt, go back to Foley.>>Nice cut shot inside the block. Beautiful. Six foot’s, but she has a big jump, too. She’s hard to stop. That’s really, really error. I’m not sure what’s happening, if the ball is wet or they’re nervous on the release. Haven’t really seen that out of Madison Maahs.>>They are rotating the ball around. I think it’s more nerves than anything. Another attack error against Dubuque.>>Very tentative. Needs to get some leadership here. Very young team. They have three sophomores playing critical roles for western Dubuque. Show some leadership on the floor here and get it turned around.>>What a move in the middle by Madison SMAS. Very crafty.>>Very good. I although of that quick unexpected back set dump in a beautiful spot, hard to reach over there. Nice selection there since they couldn’t get the offensive attack going. So nice way to mix it up.>>92 assists so far here at the time state tournament, that time did it herself.>>Both teams kind of using back row attacks.>>Maahs. Libby Lansing.>>She plays a nice front right there. It was an awkward angle to hit from. Nice job from the defensive block up there. There’s a good pass.>>Gamet with a nice feed. Will it kick start the team at that point?>>That’s what you need. A nice, quick attack with a good pass. That is going to be hard to stop, as well.>>Now Gamet will serve, the 5’4″ junior.>>Lockdown in the middle by Emma Salker.>>Again, both teams have to cover and expect that ball to come back. Both teams crambling trying to get into the system.>>Foley’s shot denied. That came back by us. Foley got three cracks at it. The third went through.>>That was beautiful. Very smart play there. She saw the overpass, took advantage of it. Ooh, tight one. Nice handle by Maahs. Those are tough to handle.>>Foley is rolling now.>>Yeah. She was warming up.>>And a time-out taken here by western Dubuque. What a run here by sergeant Bluff-Luton and their senior, Kenzie Foley. 10 kills in the match.>>She leads their team all year, she’s been their go-to player. Can run the middle.>>If something isn’t working quite right, listen to your back row players call on what is available. Stay aggressive. Block timing from there. Expect that second ball coming over the necessary net. Let’s go.>>A couple things there. Their block timing has been a little bit off. They have to have the discipline to wait and not jump with the hitter, but jump after the hitter. Also, watch for that second ball over. Wilcoxon is crafty with that. The middle back player has to be ready on defense for the second ball over.>>All season large, sergeant Bluff-Luton has served aggressively. They lead the state. This time, the bobcats are able to set up their offense and Maddie Harris gets the kill.>>Actually, I think they called that out there, I believe.>>I beg your pardon.>>I thought it was out. Again, getting the offense going for western Dubuque, a little bit of a struggle. Let’s try the back row.>>Bell your pardon. This time they do get the kill down. It’s official.>>I like to watch her SHP she had a great big jump, so smart play by Maahs to try the back row attack.>>Harris trying to spend some time. Back serving. That one went up near the rafters. And the bobcats get the hard-fought point. Meg Besler.>>Besler, she’s one of the juniors on the team, the only junior on the team, 5’11”. Right side player. Nice kill. A nice slide attack that western Dubuque covered the court pretty well there.>>They’re get something offense. Besler.>>Very good on the right side there. Started with some strapgy defense covering the court. We talked about that. A nice off speed. A good place to keep the ball in play and try to find that open spot.>>Foley. That didn’t take long.>>When you need a point to start out, you go to Foley. I really liked her quick attack. She’s up early. Wilcoxon does a nice job getting her the ball. See if the bobcats can get a good Pat here and get some offense going.>>Go to the outside. They find the attacker, Meredith set up nicely by Maahs.>>She was probably 15, 20 feet off the net when she started that approach. Big swing and right down the line she’s their leader with kills on the season. Scramble. Sometimes you just have to keep the ball in play. Look at what they’re doing here. She is almost at the end line.>>And this one is blocked out. Beautiful, beautiful set. Really aggressive, big, big approach and cranks on it. So nice set, nice big attack out there on the outside.>>Ella Meyer.>>And good court coverage.>>A lot of attacks from the back row. That time the swing was not all the way through by Maddie Harris.>>Nice to be a little bit higher for that back row attack. At least a two-point run there for the bobcats to try and get back in this second set.>>Bahl and Harris on the back row for the bobcats.>>Now they got the KETer in the back row and now they can run attack for all three positions. They go to the middle.>>Maahs just kept that alive.>>Pretty good court coverage.>>Foley with the change-up.>>Really wasn’t much of a hit, but just an off speed hit. Caught the bobcats on their heels. Expecting the powerball and that little shot dropped over. Nice hit there by Foley. All three hitters in the front row.>>Sneller.>>Beautiful. When you get that pass, you’ve got a lot of options with the offensive players they have. So beautiful pass. Third position, three 2 foot high and tough to defend.>>This is blocked back. The wall formed by Salker.>>Beautiful block. The bobcats, have to be ready for that ball on hitter coverage. So far, the warriors really taking it to.>>An eight just blocked in. Now western Dubuque wants, needs and gets a time-out here. The largest heed of the second set at seven. Check this out.>>This is a breakdown in communication, a breakdown in execution on server. That was close. Like safety in your football, your center fielder has to be back there following that ball ready to make a play.>>We’ve got errors all over the place. We have to find a way around that line. You have to look for those holes. Defense, talk to our offense. This does not work if we don’t get our offense going right now, okay? No let ups. Let’s go!>>Some of the things that she’s been mentioning there is they’ve been hitting into the block a lot. So as an offensive player, you’re going to be listening to your teammates behind you looking at where the block is telling you the line is open, the middle is open, high hands. Talk to your offensive player. We’ll see if they can SPAULT ball and Harris out there.>>Western Dubuque is now out of time-outs for the second set.>>The block put together by Meredith Bahl. This is a resilient team.>>They’ve had a lot of long matches, a lot of upsets. Good block there, great defense, nice come back there for the bobcats. Nice time-out by coach Scherrman to turn the tide a little bit.>>Serve error does not help.>>You want to serve down. When you’re down, 19-12, you have to get the ball in. Now we have the setter in front, Maahs, we’ll see if she does anything offensively. Ooh, another one. Really having a big break down in their serve. Really nice, deep serve. And they’ve got to either rearrange their server pattern. Someone has to follow that ball. Nice serving. Mix it up short, deep.>>Maahs, able to get with Bahl.>>Again, give her the ball. She’s very impressive. Only a sophomore, 5’10”. A pretty good server.>>7 kills so far here on the match.>>Good block.>>That one rolled right along the tape and went down. A lot of smiles there.>>She leads the team in blocks. 5’11”. Only senior on the west Dubuque team. So trying to carry this team to their first state tournament.>>That time, Sneller with another kill.>>6 ‘1″, really a big hitter up there on the front. One of the leaders. Second on kills on the team behind Foley. Both teams, when they’re insistent, they have a nice attack. But it’s been few and far between on the offensive blow and that ball was way out. Just really out of synch for the western Dubuque offense now. Need to get a good pass.>>LARNLGest lead of the match for sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>There we go.>>Gamet coming to Foley. That got in.>>Foley up in the front row, you have to get a block up on her. An interesting sed selection when you have two big hitter and you go to a back attack. Let’s see if they can get a front row attack here with –>>Sneller. With the block.>>Kind of a slow developing play. The blockers are able to just kind of camp out over there. Just like coach said, they have to listen to their teammates. Where am I going hit this ball? What is open?>>That is setpoint. Foley from the back.>>She is hard to stop.>>The second set goes to sergeant Bluff-Luton. Now 14 kills in the match for Kenzie Foley. The third set will be coming up.>>>Coming up on the next Iowa outdoors.>>That’s the danger zone when you fly low.>>Welcome to a very special adventure themed episode of Iowa JOUD doors.>>See et Wednesday at 6:30 on Iowa public television. ♪ It’s the most wonderful time of the year.>>Hi. This is Marion Ross. Please join me and Marion in a classic Christmas.>>Two sets to none lead for sergeant Bluff-Luton over western Dubuque and the class 4A title game. Sandy, the errors are starting to mount against western Dubuque.>>Unfortunately they haven’t played their best game so far, but sergeant Bluff-Luton, they come in as the number one team and show why they’re the number one team. Foley picked up her game quite a bit. Some serve receive errors play havoc with them getting into their offense. But the warriors are looking great.>>Let’s take a look at the highlights. They belong to sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>Good court coverage, aggressive serving, aggressive net play. Coming into their rhythm that they’ve had throughout the whole season with only three losses the entire year. Ella Sneller, and Foley, their big hitter, she was pretty much unstoppable. When they did stop her, she had good coverage to keep the ball in play. Really impressive.>>So as we take a look at the team statistics, the errors from western Dubuque have been mounting. 15 errors. Receiving errors are sitting at 8.>>Yeah. They’ve had too many balls drop. The state tournament, you have got to play every point like state tournament points. It’s one of their mottos for the year was the bobcats, play every point like a state tournament point. One of the funny things, I read about them. They’re into their Kittles. Skittles will get them fired up here.>>.>>Sergeant Bluff-Luton, they win their first ever state championship if they win this set. They’ve been down here under the direction of Renee winkel. Back to the state championship game a couple of years ago. And now this year they’re trying to make it their own. And from such a far corner of the state, they have a great crowd support.>>And the warriors will start with the opening point.>>A little bit out of S synch on that one.>>Foley will feed it to Wilcoxon. And the back row attack is brought down by Sneller.>>Really good blocking technique there, really good patience to wait because it’s a back row attack. Great timing and the reach and, again, Sneller, one of those big seniors up there with the block.>>Can and Foley from the back row.>>Picked up where they left off in the second sed. Nice offense, aggressive OVENTD. Offense.>>And the bobcats finally get a point here. Side out as Maddie Harris collects the kill.>>One of the few defensive errors there by the warriors. Nobody really covered that ball. Have to scramble and cover the court.>>Sneller from the side.>>She is really good. Really big jump. She kind of held her patience out there. Nice, big swing block. A little bit late getting there. Got a short blocker now on the right-hand side. Mad Maahs is only 5’6″. They’ll probably try and take advantage of her on the attack.>>Bull down by Bahl.>>That’s what I’m talking about. She is really an impressive attacker. Especially, she is so mentally prepared for that. She gets way, way back. Huge, big approach. She will be almost back to the back end line to get ready to hit that ball.>>Meyer serves long.>>Wolf has been a strong server. She had five aces in both the finals and semifinals. Again, another sophomore.>>Right on target. Foley.>>You see where Maahs is starting her approach. She’s on the bottom right-hand side if you watch her.>>Tremendous dig, but a little too much there out of the back.>>That was a good way to kind of follow the ball. A good call that the ball was out. Let’s see if they go to a good pass on the outside. They’re going to bring her into the middle.>>Gamet could not handle the strike by Bahl.>>So she’s been their key play here the last couple of sets of the state tournament. Very impressive. See if she can get fired up here in the third set.>>Nine kills for Meredith ball here in the state championship.>>A little out of system, but Foley is going to swing.>>And Foley is going to get a point.>>She has a really heavy arm. She hits the ball very hard, even from all the net. There is a good pass.>>Back to Bahl.>>Hammer down.>>And I love that approach. She’ll be in the back row, see if they can go to her back there. She will be ready to hit. She’s had 30 aces on the year, another good server for the bobcats. Oh, I jinxed her. Tried to do a short serve in there.>>Here is Mia Gamet.>>Great defensive player.>>And an ice by Gamet.>>Found that aggressive serving. It’s playing havoc with the bobcats. They really need better communication, better court coverage.>>And that’s in. Way to mix things up by Madison Maahs. Really nice, deep shot there. Good court coverage for western Dubuque.>>Oh, the quick dump.>>Nice, smart play by Wilcoxon. Saw the opening. It’s one of the things that coach Scherrman stay in the time-out to watch out for. That was Hinkel. Thank you. Run a couple different setters out there.>>It’s going to be on the outside. It will be a side out to western Dubuque.>>A little bit outside of the antennas there. So western Dubuque really needs to get a tough defense, big block up there, get some transition offense.>>The serve. Now the warriors come back with Isabelle Lenz. A freshman? Oh, a so much more. One of the young players. Again, the bobcats just have got to cover the court better. They’re kind of on their heels and not ready to move. A little hesitation. A good transition.>>What a job, well done by Gamet. And the warriors get the point.>>Good foot scramble, good court aware PS. Keep that ball in play. So Wilcoxon will go back there.>>.>>Outside to Sneller.>>A little bit of off SPOED there. Another good vision.>>And into the net goes the bobcats — excuse me.>>I think she plied to play, it rolled up her arms. When the ball rolls up, eye that’s multiple hits. Time-out.>>A seven-point lead for the warriors. 13-6, our school here in the third set. Let’s go to the western Dubuque huddle.>>How are you feeling? We’ve done this before. We’ve been in this situation before. But we have to worry about our side of the court. We’re letting them control us in every aspect now and we’re settling for that. SVENSive will I, we have to read what they’re doing. We can’t be sipping. That is not going to stop them right now.>>Yeah. This is not the time to play lazy. Be talking to your front row about where the pocket is.>>Okay. Come on, let’s go right now. Everybody, go.>>She’s trying to get her team kind of fired up there. They have been a little lax on defense, back on their heels. So really be disciplined to move to your position. And as far as the hitters, they have to hit smarter. They have to lisp to where the block is and where the openings are. Easier said than done.>>Sneller gets the kill. What a setup by Madison Wilcoxon.>>.>>Big hitter goes against an outside blocker. Nice attack there by Sneller on the outside. They’re going to the back row attack.>>A little off timing. It has to be higher for the back row attacker.>>It’s going to be long. An attack error.>>It’s under kind of falling apart here a little bit on the western Dubuque side. There it is. Almost worked.>>And Foley, oh, long on the attack.>>But it did kind of mix up the flow. That was a smart choice there by Maahs. Take the second ball over, nice try. Almost caught that corner.>>Sneller.>>You have both the middle and the outside, a player going up quick. About three feet apart. So it’s hard to defend that. Nice offensive play.>>Service error.>>It’s one of the few service errors, I think, that sergeant Bluff-Luton has had this match. They’ve servel very well. It’s a good pass.>>Sneller with the tip. And Bahl, attack. It is good.>>That’s good, they got her back in the front right now. They probably need to keep going to her. She’s been one of their most effective players here. Nice sight by Madison to get her the ball.>>If they’re going to make a run, now is the time.>>Yep. Nice, quick back set. This one is block down by Sneller.>>Are you listening, are your players telling you where the block is, where to hit? So a nice middle block coverage to get out there. Sneller, good technique.>>A big championship game here, Sandy, for Sneller.>>She has really played well.>>And Foley says I’ve got your block. 18-9, warriors.>>Madison Maahs has a hard time going up against a six footer. That’s a tough place for Maahs.>>And an ace by wolf. And she’s continuing her tough serving.>>Western Dubuque will take the final time-out here. Let’s go to the sergeant Bluff-Luton warrior huddle.>>We’re done right now. You give them one, that’s it. One side out, clear game. Hey, hey! You do not let them come back into this. All right? You push from here on out. They get one point at a time. That is it. Push the run right here. Stay aggressive. Watch tips, deep corners, discipline.>>A 19-9 lead. And what an inside there. Yesterday after the semifinal win, she talked about the team she’s brought down here from sergeant Bluff-Luton, it’s DIRCHBTD this year. That was the first time they had played here and not lost a settle. Now today, in position to be able to do that against western Dubuque.>>Very impressive run.>>Kind of the key things coach said, don’t let western Dubuque back into this math. They have some power. Keep pushing. Don’t let them get a hope that they can get back into this match.>>And the block. Elgin with another block.>>Almost a strange hitting error there. See if they can to Foley here on the outside. She’s been their go-to player if they get a good pass. Nice serve. And it’s Foley.>>She’s their go-to player. Again, block a little. Late getting up there. Really like the offense the warriors are running. Really nice offensive patterns there for the warriors.>>18 kills here in this championship match. And right back at sergeant Bluff-Luton goes Meredith Bahl of western Dubuque. She’s BNL probably the most effective hitter they’ve had. Harris had a good first set. Let’s see if she can get back in and going. Great hustle.>>Foley.>>She’s feeling it now. Very aggressive net play. Staying up there, following the ball. Great arm swing, great wrist snap. Hard to beat.>>Well, and you think about it, too, for Foley, really, it’s a volleyball family. Foley’s mom, 30 years ago today, Julie, Julie Foley won a state championship for western Christian. And now her daughter with an opportunity to do it now and what a performance put together by Kenzie. 19 kills.>>Western Christian will be here. We’ll see them later today in the 2A. Great set here. Credit to western Dubuque, trying to handle in there.>>Side out to western Dubuque.>>They’ve got Harris in the front row now. Let’s see if they go to her on the outside for western Dubuque.>>Foley from the back row.>>Good court coverage back there.>>This is long. Western Dubuque with the point. And a nice try on the slide attack by Salker. Just a little wide. A good mix-up of trying to mix up the offensive tack all across the court, all across the net there. Good coverage by the libero there.>>And this one is able to get down for sergeant Bluff-Luton. That’s Emma Salker.>>And the defensive coverage just hasn’t been there. Block is late. Defense didn’t get over in time to get the ball.>>Harris, a little tentative, not swinging hard.>>Foley from the back row, a change-up.>>Look at those balls in the back row.>>She can leap, you’re right. Great coverage, though. On the block.>>That’s Madison Maahs.>>Nice rally there. Nice off speed. Found that open spot in the middle of the court.>>Opening set went to sergeant Bluff-Luton, 25-20. Second set, 25-14. Here in the third, it’s 23-16, sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>Mental bump set there. Sneller.>>The ball on the outside.>>Hinkel will put it up. Now to Sneller.>>She’s a great natural. One of the two seniors for the warriors. THOOSH they’ve been very impressive.>>We are at championship point. Bahl. And western Dubuque will play for another point.>>Again, a lot of these players, very young. Look to be back next year, bun it’s always tough to come here when you’re down 17-24, it’s a tough, tough right to try and come back. But way to keep fighting there.>>Now the freshman, Ella Meyer. Into the middle, that’s blocked. Foley will put it across.>>Good court coverage by the warriors.>>From the back row.>>Love the fight. Western Dubuque, not giving up, still playing strong. That’s great.>>Next point is it. So they’re playing for their lives.>>Sneller. And that’s the championship point. Sergeant Bluff-Luton wins their school’s first ever state title in volleyball here in the class 4A championship game. They do it in a sweep over western Dubuque, 25-20, 25-14 and 25-18. And the championship balloons are raining down here on the U.S. cellular center.>>It’s really an amazing match, amazing performance with sergeant Bluff-Luton coming here with the appreciate of being number one. Western Dubuque bobcats, they had some great wins here, great upsets to go to the finals, but this was not to be tonight. Sergeant Bluff-Luton warrorses, congratulations.>>Foley led the way with 19 kills. Let’s take a look at the championship point.>>Block a little bit late. Sneller had a very effective match, as well. One of the two seniors that carried them to the win here tonight. And the celebration is always on the floor.>>SNELTer, the X factor, no question. 11 kills. And it’s time now for the championship trophy presentation.>>Deanne Cramer, Travis fleshNER, SHAN SYVERT and Greg EBEling. Ladies and gentlemen, here is your 20189 class 4A all-TOURM team. From sergeant Bluff-Luton, Elle Sneller. From western Dubuque, Maddie Harris. From Marion, Delaney rice. From Waverly shellrock, jazz Westmoreland. From west Delaware, MACI CLEICHE. From western Dubuque, Meredith Bahl. And your 20194A all tournament captain, Kenzie Foley.>>What an all-tournament team here captained by Kenzie Foley.>>A two-time all-stater, really led the team. Serendipitous that her mother won a assist championship here 30 years ago with western Christian. Some great athletes there.>>Maddie Harris, western Dubuque, jazz Westmoreland, MACI CLEICH and Kenzie Foley of sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>And those two seniors have had a great career. The other ones, I think, are under classmen. So we’ll SHOEFLly see them next year.>>Head coach Megan Scherrman. And now, your 2019 class 4A champions, their ticket has been redeemed, coach Renee winkel and the warriors of sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>A grit way to see the end of a season there. This is the raising of the trophy, carrying it up to the fans that came all the way across the state to cheer on their team. A really nice finish to a phenomenal season, the number one team.>>So the class 4A championship is in the books. Sergeant Bluff-Luton beats western Dubuque to take home the 4A title. Say, folks, two titles are in the book. Sandy Stewart and I will be back for the 2A title game. Coming up next, Mt. Vernon takes on the Catholic knights.>>>Funding for the Iowa girls athletic high school union girls state volleyball championship sess provided by –>>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be title sponsor of the girls high school athletic union. Even is important and when one rises, we all rise to a better Iowa.>>Fairway along with Nabisco, Frito lay and Sara Lee ask a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls sports championships. We congratulate all the girls and student athletes participating in this year’s girls high school state volleyball championships. Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By MUSCO lighting, the sports lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.

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