5 Best MBL Baseball Players of all time

Baseball is a rich deep sport rooted in the American tradition Every summer is being awaited for this great sport baseball is played and enjoyed by not only Americans But also by different countries of the world for every game to be great and super interesting some super talents must have made that happen and So we’re going to be discussing the five best baseball players of all time Make sure to hit the like button and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button at the bottom Don’t miss out on new videos every Sunday and Monday and share them with your friends and family number five Ted Williams this list can never be complete without mentioning Ted Williams the classic player of all time He was a great hitter as well as a very good pitcher during his career He later left to join the air force in service, otherwise One can easily say that it is better placed at the number two or three at the top of this list His game appearances are epic great confidence and accurate timing He had a point three for batting’s and over 521 home runs he won the Triple Crown in 1942 and 1947 and also won MVPs Though he had hard injuries and his Air Force move for six years cost him a lot in the game He is still one of the greatest baseball players of all time Number four barry bond Bond had been incredible during his career with his 73 single session record in 2001 you will understand that he is great also his seven MVP career awards and 688 international walks got him up on this list he’s a wonderful pitcher and runner number three Hank Aaron with almost 100 triples 3771 hits over 3,000 home runs and a large number of doubles Hank Aaron is definitely one of the best baseball players the world Ever seen it is also remarkable that hammering Hank as he is also called Never sustained any major injury that kept him from playing a great game number two Willie Mays After George Herman Ruth jr.. Willie Mays is the next world-class baseball player He is one of the players if not the only baseball player who has the incredible ability to hit throw run and catch During his career mays has the record of 3283 hits 660 home runs and 1903 runs batted in The most memorable moment of Mays career is his over-the-shoulder catch at the warning track in the eighth inning of a tied game in the 1954 series which helped his team the New York Giants to win the contest and also won the Championship number one George Herman Ruth jr. This named George Herman Ruth jr. Better known as Babe Ruth tops the list of baseball’s best players of all time He is awesome on the field and was known as a great hitter and pitcher making several home runs and creating records Because of some family problems with the wife He was suspended as every man has his own ups and downs But thank goodness that his second wife gave him all the necessary support he needed to get back to the field as he hit 60 home runs in the 1927 season which was a record that was broken only in 1961 by Roger Maris when he hit 61 home runs

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  1. Barry Bonds first off there is a s at the end of his name Get shit right people, nextly Bonds nor Williams were pitchers not even in a blow out game did either of those men take the pitcher mound so Ummmm INCORRECT the were Outfielders man it should be mandatory that you do fact checking before making videos like these dumb asses

  2. It’s Barry Bonds not Bond and there’s a reason he’s not yet in the Hall of Fame, steroids, Babe Ruth was suspended in 1922 for Barnstorming not martial problems. Ted Williams didn’t quit baseball to join the Air Force, he volunteered during WWII to be a Marine Corps pilot then was recalled during the Korean War.

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