43 thoughts on “5 Hockey Drills for Acceleration

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  2. I'm learning the ''get on your toes'' for the V start in power skating. Does the second drill with the stick down can help ?

  3. The one drill you are doing with the cross over stride is not the way that is being taught now. Instead of crossing over to move laterally you should eliminate the cross over. Instead you should open your hips and push with your back foot kinda like the first drill you showed and guide with your shpulders. This technique eliminates wasted energy and allows you to cover more ice quicker.

  4. Can you make a video of stopping on your weak side. IF YOU CAN I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO WATCH IT. Thanks you are the best Jeremy

  5. i once had a power skating teacher who called the drill at 1:33 the Harley Davidson and we had to make motorcycle noises the whole way down, totally forgot about that

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