5 Reasons To Play Street Football feat. Ohplai

I think everyone should play street football all around the world because it implies joy, skills and showing off. All the technical players you see on TV like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, all of them started there. If you want to be like Neymar, Cristiano, Mbappe and Dembele you need to start with street football. This is 5 reasons why you should consider playing some street football And to do that & give you the best advice possible we have come all the way to France to talk to some local guys. Let’s go! For me everyone should play street football because you get to play with your friends. You choose to play with your friends which you cant do at futsal or football clubs. I think that makes a big difference. It also allows us to create a very strong bond between us and I think that’s incredible! I think young people should play street football because for me, as a woman, it’s the only place where women can express themselves against men: play with them & against them without any specific rules. The style is very important. In all honesty, there are players that really suck but because they dress nicely you’re like: “I approve him only because he has a good style.” They have the cool new boots, the tracksuit, the haircut… They all want the same haircut Cristiano Ronaldo has! With street football we replicate what the professional world does – but we do it in our way, in street style. That’s it! I think being free on the pitch is an advantage. We can do what we want without a coach screaming at you: “Go there, pass the ball, shoot!” We can do the skills we want, we can shoot, we can basically do what we want. That’s why we should all play street football. For me street football is a real sport because we can play with the older guys. It’s the only place where we can make fun of the older guys. Usually it’s them who are teasing us all day long but when we’re on the pitch it’s our moment, there’s no more age difference. When you play football in a club everybody’s the same age, especially when you’re a beginner. In the hood, there’s no age difference! It’s great to see that Kylian Mbappé came back to his roots. He came back to his hood and I really like that. You can see the street football in his game. You can really see it! He has played all his life next to his building. The way he takes the ball, the skills he does, you learn that on the street. So, hopefully you guys enjoyed watching this episode I love everything about street football And I hope that you guys feel inspired and are ready to take on the streets with your homies Wherever in the world, you might be watching this episode And if you enjoyed watching this episode, make sure to hit me with the thumbs up And subscribe to our channel because we’re posting videos about football every single week Don’t forget to watch more videos, by clicking here, or here And with those words, I’m out. Translated these subs? Remember to click the credit box, to get credit for you eternal mark on the #unisportlife experience!

92 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Play Street Football feat. Ohplai

  1. I don’t reckon there is a single street football court in Australia, so we just use an abandoned tennis court and some cones

  2. I usually play street football with my bare feet while my other friends wear shoes as for me playing bare feet helps us to really improve in the game

  3. as a female myself and that I live in the US it is hard to play with guys cause they don't think much of girls playing soccer but when I show that I'm good they respect me but I have a lot of female soccer girls who are too scared to play cause of the guys mocking them

  4. Can you guys do a comparison on phantom 3 lows and vapor 11s? Im stuck between the two and cant put the information together from the two boots for some reason


  5. Few reasons I can’t play street football, no time, no place to play, our country doesn’t really provide a football or futsal spot to play in 🙁 🇲🇾

  6. U guys r awsome I watch all your videos I remeber u talking to me on instagram hopefully I can meet u guys and hopefully u give me a shoutout😂

  7. Unisport can u plEASE SEND me a pair of Ag boots bcoz playing in ag with trainers gave me serious wounds my knees are torned up so many times reason why I can't buy the theme bcoz I bought trainers before a short period of time and due to the bad result in exams

  8. it's maybe good to start in the streets for football, but it's not any good to dwell in it, coming from Africa, I grew up with many kids who had so much flair and skill, but when it came to playing 11v11 in a pitch, it was just a completely different animal, starting in the streets to gain fundamentals but joining a football club early on should be an immediate follow up.

  9. I like joltter but sometimes he acts like he got shit stuck up in his ass.. Moving alot with alot of hand gestures lol…

  10. I am a street footballer myself and i play for a futsal academy, street is the best! I personally like how it's basically "free time" you can skill through everyone or you can make a good pass! Without getting yelled at

  11. Used to play on the streets with older guys and then my game was on point. But i shifted recently and i cant find any park or friends or anyone who wants to play and my game has been effected very much 😢.

  12. Main reason why you shouldn't play street football – You play against shitty players and ultimately get fucked in a real match!!!!!

  13. When none of your friends like soccer 😫😫😫 all they care about is video games and the kids in my my neijborhood are to small for me to play with

  14. I'm seeing man in the comments complaining about not having street football pitch in their country. Its street football for a reason, play in the road use bricks or shoes as goals and there's your pitch

  15. لعب الشوارع بيطور من مهارات ومستوي لعب اللاعب فبعض اللاعبين بدء لعب الكرة في الشارع وصاروا نجوم كرة قدم مثل داني الفيش و رونالدو و نيمار وغيرهم كثير ….

  16. Why I don’t play street football
    1: I live in America
    2: my dad criticizes me when I mess up
    3: there no place to play

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