5 Ridiculous Mascots (GAME)

We both can’t do it
at the same time. That’s against the rules. Is this a new thing, guys?( music playing )What up, homies? With March Madness
and Munch Madness – dominating the headlines…
– Yes! let’s not forget that today
is the opening day of the 2018 baseball season! My favorite thing about
going to a baseball game is the atmosphere, the food, and the weirdo
in a creepy costume doing the moonwalk
by third base. That’s right.
I’m talking about mascots. They’ve been
entertaining crowds and employing off-season
mall Santas for years, and nobody does mascots better
than minor league baseball. It’s time for… – Mmm, been to–
– Ooh, buddy, Link. Been to any minor
league games recently? – Like the Mudcats?
– The Carolina Mudcats? Is that still happening? I think so. What about
the Durham Bulls, man? – Yeah.
– They’re pretty famous. Yep. Been to one–
not recently. Kevin Costner played for them. He did.
In his heyday. A lot of crazy
mascots, though. I’m gonna tell you
about a mascot, and of course,
you just gotta guess– It’s like a fish– It’s like I ‘m on–
It’s like I’m on the pier
with Granddad and I gotta–
you remember those days? For one moment,
it did make you
a little mad, right? Okay. Now I know
what to do to get him. – I can’t catch it.
I can’t–
– With the dead fish. This is a good game.
We should sell this. You know, we’re changing it.
For the next– This isn’t about
minor league baseball. I thought
you were gonna hit me. This is called
“Catch the Fish
With Granddad.” For the next eight minutes, this is what we’re gonna do. Okay. – I’m gonna hurt somebody.
– You know what? Let’s go back
to the originally
scheduled program. I was having a lot of fun. – I’m gonna give you…
– Keep going. I’m gonna tell you
about a minor league
baseball mascot. – I understand.
– You’re gonna tell me – if it’s real or fake.
– Real or fake. And if you get three
of these right, you win– You– You– You– You win your very own mascot. Okay. This Triple-A team hails
from the Florida coast, the Pensacola Woodpeckers, colloquially known
as the Pensacola Peckers. In 2012, the Peckers updated
their mascot Peter Pecker from a family-friendly
woodpecker to a much fiercer one. The newest edition
wears sunglasses, has a fire-red Mohawk,
and goes by the name Pete. – Pete Pecker?
– Pete Pecker. – Peter Pecker.
– It was Peter Pecker. Now it’s Pete Pecker. Mascot or Mask-not? This is not true. False.
Mask-not. You think we would go with
a fake one for the first one? – We’ve never done that.
– Peter Pecker? Yes. Yes, you’re right, Link.
It’s fake. Peter Pecker pecked
a pick of pickled peppers.
Say that five times fast. Peter Pecker pecked
a peck of pickled peppers. Peter Pecker pecked
a peck of pickled peppers. Peter Pecker pecked
a peck of pickled peppers. – Peter Pecker pecked
a peck of pickled peppers.
– Oh, gosh. It’s actually just
saying “peck” a whole lot,
so it’s not that difficult. We’ve discovered
a hidden talent. We both can’t do it
at the same time. – That’s against the rules.
– Is this the new thing, guys? I hope not. If you’re in
Montgomery, Alabama, swing by Riverwalk Stadium and check out
their baseball team, the Montgomery Biscuits. Their mascots, plural, are Big Mo,
a biscuit-loving orange beast, and Monty,
an “anthro-formor-pized”– “anthro-for-morphized”– anthropomorphized
buttermilk biscuit… Do I need to hit you?
The record is skipping. …who served
as both their logo and the star
of the hit documentary film “The Story
of Monty The Biscuit.” Mascot or Mask-not?
Very complex. This is awesome.
There’s a– I know what
I’m watching tonight. The Biscuit documentary. Okay. Not sure…
you’re gonna find it. – True.
– …but it does exist. – True.
– True! You’re right, Link. Yes, both of
these mascots exist. – Check ’em out.
– His tongue is a butter. It’s butter!
His tongue is butter. Yeah, whatever you do,
don’t ask for
a Montgomery biscuit at a massage “poller”–
parlor. I know where you’re
going with that. You can’t say “massarge.” This is a “marsarge” parlor. Having trouble this morning
’cause there’s all
this Grandpa hand. Taco Bell isn’t
the only place smart enough to use
a Chihuahua as a mascot. In 2014, the Triple-A team
the El Paso Chihuahuas
unveiled their new mascot, a red-eyed doggie
with an attitude known as
Chico the Chihuahua. According to the team’s
official website, when Chico’s not riling up
fans at ballgames, he is ready
to come out and play,
make tails wag, and have people barking
at your next event or party. Mascot or Mask-not? So a Chihuahua with pink-eye? – Red eye.
– Okay, allergies, I guess. El Paso doesn’t have
a lot of allergies. Border town. – Um…
– Mm-hmm. Mmm, this is tough. It’s a big decision
I’m making. Right, ’cause you’re–
you’re– you’re– – I think this is–
– You’re two for two. – I think this is true.
– ( knocks on table ) False. What are you going with? False. True. – Make a decision.
– True. – Link, you’re right!
– Yes! Let’s show him the video. It’s time now to unveil the El Paso Chihuahuas’
brand new mascot, Chico.( electric blues playing )That was the video they made. – That was it?
– That was it, man. Be like,
“All I can do is this.” Boy, I’d like to hang out
with those two guys. – Yeah,
– Not the Chihuahua as much,
but the other two guys. Chico looks like
he’s been crying all night because of the fact
that he exists. The Weehawken Wigglers
were formed in 1998 and posted the best record
in the Northeast league in their inaugural season. Their mascot,
Wiggy the Wiggle Worm, is a green worm monster
with sharp teeth
and spikes on his back. At one point during the game,
Wiggy takes random fans
to the field, where they compete
in a wiggle-off, which is basically
just twerking. The best wiggler walks away
with a $50 gift card to one of
the team’s sponsors, Rumba Cubana
Cuban restaurant. Mascot or Mask-not? A wiggle worm? ♪ A wiggle worm ♪ ♪ Wiggle, wiggle,
wiggle, wiggle ♪ Um, you know what? My ki– I’m thinking
this should be false
at this point, but I believe
that this rings true. – This is true.
– Rings true. – Yes.
– Well… you shoulda rung it false
because it’s not real. But, seriously,
you should check out Rumba Cubana’s $5 mojito
on Tostones Night, Mondays, 5:00 PM to close.
It’s an insane deal. – So that part’s not fake?
– No, that’s real. Link, the clean sweep
is out of the question
at this point. You’re gonna get
your own mascot. – Yes!
– This is pride on the line. This next mascot is corny. No, really.
That’s his name– Corny. Corny is a mascot
for the Normal CornBelters, a minor-league baseball team
based in Normal, Illinois. Normal. Corny is anything but normal. He’s referred to
as a cornisaurus, which is I assume what happens
when a dinosaur mates with corn and births a child. It happens. The big green dinosaur
with corn dreadlocks, can be found corning things up
every baseball game at the Cornbelter stadium,
The Corn Crib. Mascot or Mask-not? Whenever I eat corn,
I give birth to it later
unchanged as well. Oh, brrr. – Unchanged, huh?
– Yeah, just a whole cob. Swallow it whole? I wasn’t listening to
anything besides the fact – there’s a town
called Normal.
– Normal. Um… And Corny’s–
the CornBelters. Oh, Corny, okay. – ‘Cause, you know, Illinois.
– Yeah. Uh, true. Uh, you’re right. Yes, you are right, Link. Whatever you do, don’t ask him
to show you his cornhole! And, Link,
you got four out of five, and that means you win
your very own mascot. – Yeah!
– Come on out, Link mascot. Chase: Whoo! – Ha, ha, ha, ho!
– What? – Yeah!
– What is it? Whoo! – What are you?
– Whoo! You’re a sausage link! I’m a sausage link. Hot dog! Yes! A hot link. – A hot link.
– Just a sausage link. Now, I like your fingers. – Thanks.
– I will point out that
I saw Chase earlier before the sausage link
part was put on. He was just in
the white part. It was quite disturbing. That was also good. – All right, so–
– You got any special skills? Yeah, I got sausage puns. Hot dog. You’re the bratwurst. Uh, do you wanna bite? ( humming ) This is your mascot.
Treat him with respect, man! Whoo! I’m just not gonna make
eye contact with him,
if that’s okay with you. – No– no.
– You don’t wanna eat
your own mascot? – Do you want a bite?
– No. I’m very grateful for you. Congrats, Link!
And thank you–
what’s your name? I’m a Sausage Link. Oh, you don’t have,
like, a “Weenie”
or something like that? He might have one, but… Uh… Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. My name’s Jordan Weathers.
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