100 thoughts on “5 Things American Tourists Shouldn’t Wear in Europe

  1. Please Note: This Video is for 35+ year old US travelers heading to Europe. Young Europeans do wear most of these styles and trends, but the 35+ European crowd do not wear them to the same extent. And the locals won't care what you wear, so this is more to help you blend in a bit better. Great travels to you all & Thank you for all the comments & subscriptions.

  2. I‘m over 35 🙈 and European 😬 and i do wear baseball caps, athletic pans, sport shoes and university sweatshirts/ hoodies…

    ..and khakis are absolutely ok as well…

  3. My daughter's Swiss boyfriend lives in a backwards baseball cap & khakis and no one would ever think he was from the US

  4. Hmm. I'm a 49 year old German/Austrian guy who enjoys wearing khaki pants. Nobody ever mistook me for an american tourist because of that.

  5. in Brazil we dont mess with people using brazilian costumes, but at distance we just think the guy is little bit pathetic trying to be something he has no idea an also rio hats(that one yellow, white, not panama those a used by very poor people so you be dentified as poor) lol

  6. I really don't know why but US tourists still are instantly recognizable by their behavior and look I'm not sure why

  7. Central European here who has travelled to most of europe. While I love your videos, this one is off the mark. Your don'ts might apply to rural regions, but in cities? No, except for the high heels thing. We spot Americans due to their thick accent and loud speaking

  8. Any European men can recognize American under 2 seconds. We don't offended what you wearing, we only offended when Americans disrespected our respected areas, cultural places and cultural codes. Other than that, never wear football shirt in rival city and take out your fricken hat inside the building (you can wear them outside, backwards and other direction as you wished as long it's outside) it considered to be not raised well. If you are visit somebody please take off your shoes and hats and coats, keep the change for yourself(if you want to, but it is not mandatory or customary) because you already paid for their service. Please try not to bribe anyone or do anything like that, it will end bad for you or the person you trying to bribe.

  9. I don't really care about your travel tips we are Americans virtually every country in Europe its allies with Americans And all the International friends I have In Europe and other locations love Americans It's one thing if you wanna talk about all you don't want us take out and like the Middle East or Africa but who fucken care so we stick outWe are Americans we are the strongest military in the leadership of the world why not show your pride a being I American and European countries virtually everybody that is white accessory falls back to EuropeYour you can channel is great for the most part but no one gives a fucken s* If you stick out to be a American traveler Which has nothing to do with manners within Europe it's one thing if that has to do with manners but fashion most Europeans could honestly care less

  10. I've seen hundreds of German tourists over the years wearing sneakers, cargo pants, baseball hats, so this is full of crap. And who cares if you're comfortable.

  11. I mean people try to scam you sometimes, it happens everywhere in the world but… Why are you talking about Europe as a dangerous place where people run around robbing each other? Lmao

  12. Another suggestion is to shed any excess baggage before you go to Europe. Being obese quickly identifies you as an American!

  13. Interesting video and it's helpful to some degree. Good advice not to attract unwanted attention but I hope Americans will feel comfortable over here (Cumbria UK) regardless of what you wear; you're always welcome. So wear what you feel good in. In larger tourist centres, the world over, there will be pick pockets, so take a common sense approach to looking after your belongings. Don't get too paranoid though! Enjoy yourselves! A big give away for US tourists is ladies wearing those strange hats with a long brim at the front and just a strap at the back; like a sun visor hat. Those are VERY American. I am from the UK and we do wear trainers, sneakers as you'd say in the US, at all ages. Most of my shoes are trainers!

  14. I am an American, who has been living in Germany for 25+ years, and I have traveled all over Europe. It don't matter what you wear, as we stick out no matter what. I have run into Europeans, wearing college gear, and NFL gear, and and and.. I agree with you, that we should not TRY to stick out, however, we do anyways. Great videos, and I agree with you. just wanted to add my personal opinion.

  15. dude what u talking about… all people wear like this… except arabic maybe… u saw some old anty fashion people and this is your advice?

  16. oh come on… american style is so likeable. I love sports shoes, baseball caps and college sweatshirts. By all means flash that Wisconsin sweatshirt. At least the brazilian tourists, like me, will give you the thumbs-up. We brazilians will be faux pasing like crazy by the way, please join the fun

  17. If you're white and have blonde hair they'll still treat you like a tourist in all the Southern European countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria etc.

  18. Why exactly can't you wear a baseball cap in Europe or sports wear loads of people do and in all fairness even if you did wear this stuff nobody would care unless your going to a nice restaurant or trying to get into a night club in which case you just won't get in

  19. This is the stupidest video I have seen in a while, Now if you tell me don't wear a string bikini in church I might understand but ballcaps and pants

  20. I am European and honestly who cares what you wear. Americans are welcome and if their outfit “screams” American, well welcome American friends

  21. Well, why should it be such a sin if americans visiting here looked like americans?
    I would have zero problems with that. It would be boring if we all tried to look alike.

  22. Je suis européen et pas d’accord,nous portons des casquettes base ball et des sweat shorts pseudo-américains,parce que les usa ,c’est cool

  23. We don't care how you dress, we care how you behave that's all. Wear what you want, just don't be an obnoxious prick

  24. 😂 – I’m a German mid-Forty. And I’m wearing always baggy pants and baseballcaps. And I love my Hoodies.


  25. In the UK you do get some people in sports/leisure wear like caps and tracksuits for daily wear.. but these are often the UK version of, er, trailer trash, often called Chavs in England.

  26. Don't listen to him. We really don't wear gym, yoga or cycling clothes in the street, and baseball caps are rare, but khakis, uni sweatshirts and sport shoes are OK.

  27. 1 Thing American Youtubers shouldn't Do: Give advice about Europe as if it was one culture country.

    The cultural, fashion, etc differences are soooo huge, depending on what PART of Europe you are talking about…

  28. Europe is very tolerant… There is only one deeply forbidden option – Sandals with socks, NOOOOOOOOOOO… Besides that, a Tourist will never blend because of the speed they walk and the way they look around, exploring with the eyes, will always tell…

  29. Too many rules. I think I'll stick to a place where I can wear what I want when I want because it is the free-EST country in the world!!🇺🇸

  30. Sorry but this video is very bad and has nothing to do with the reality in Europe (I‘m from GER). The WW videos are all more or less lacking real content but this one is one fail after another 🙄

  31. Most Europeans don’t care what people wear. If anything just watch out for the jihadi types, they’re easy to spot. They hate Americans especially and will attack if they get a chance. Pick pockets not so much a worry tbh. With all the mass migration there’s a lot of anti US and western world people living in Europe now.

  32. Very good advice! Of course we know Europeans don't care etcetera but he's not talking about the normal Europeans caring about what tourist wear. It's to help you not be as noticeable or specifically targeted scammers. And it does work. The more you look like you know what you're doing with the less likely you are to be targeted.

  33. You can spot Americans a mile away. No need to try and fit in. Besides, European tourists to other European countries dress like tourists as well. I would never walk around in the summer in a warm southern city in anything but cargos, light running sneakers and a t. Baseball cap is not a problem either, but consider putting sun screen on your ears. A golf cap or hat would be the goto thing for someone who's balding. Thing is, anyone but maybe a pickpocket don't care one bit. I know you try and pretend you're Canadian. You don't need to. We like you guys. Don't worry about it. We like Canadians a lot too. If you're nice we like you. It's rude, unfriendly people we don't like, and we get plenty of those for other countries (no names given, but you can probably figure it out.)

  34. you keep saying "here in Europe". Please don't say that. Norway is part of Europe, but very different from Italy. In Norway, you use those clothes you like, and that's that! Don't talk like Europe is one country! Happy travels.

  35. Strangely i’m a belgian living in Paris, France. I usualy have à baseball cap. I do wear kakis and looking at my feet you wont see anything else than sport shoes. Usualy ultraboost because You know boost is life.

  36. Strangely i’m a belgian living in Paris, France. I usualy have à baseball cap. I do wear kakis and looking at my feet you wont see anything else than sport shoes. Usualy ultraboost.

    I’m 51 by the way 😙

  37. Francamente non me ne importa una cippa di come si vestono i turisti.
    Tanto, anche se vanno in giro firmati, non saranno mai eleganti. 😄
    L'unica cosa importante che dovevi dire te la sei dimenticata: nella quasi totalità delle chiese (cattoliche) è estremamente sconveniente (e spesso proibito) per le donne entrare (s)vestite con pantaloni corti, minigonne inguinali o canotte.

  38. I use a cap instead of shades, because it's easier when photographing 😊 I wear either hiking pants or shorts, because it is comfortable and light 😊 I live in Denmark and travel around Europe 😉 but yes, wear the cap normally 😊

  39. I wear Adidas shoes, with goretex 😊 don't be afraid of it 😊 wear comfort and support for yourself 😉 the shoes you are wearing would kill my feet, back and give really bad smelling feet if you get wet. Also, skip the undershirt when it's so hot 😉 black is also not a good thing in warm weather 😊

  40. As a german I enjoy your videos. But you are really wrong on that one. The sports shoe thing in particular. People are wearing sports shoes here all over the place. Besides that basically we don't even care what you're wearing at all. People wear all sorts of stuff so the only thing that really screams that you are a tourist is when you're wearing this stupid bavarian livery and this particular hat.

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