5 things you will see in a baseball game

Hi everybody and welcome to Home Run Seby. Today, I will tell you about 5 things
you will see in a baseball game. The first thing you will see frequently is
that a batter can hit more than three foul balls without getting eliminated. In early twentieth century, there was only
one pitcher and there were only two or three balls available on the field. At that time, the rules were not what they
are now. Foul balls were not counted as strikes. So, obviously, the batters took advantage
and made it on purpose to put the ball out of play. The goal was to exhaust the pitcher. And, since there was not a lot of ball available
on the field, it was necessary to wait for someone to find the balls before continuing
the game which lengthened the duration of the game. The game was therefore unbalanced. At one point, we had to regulate that. So a foul ball count for a strike unless there
are already two strikes scorded, in which case a new foul ball can’t be considered as
the third strike that would eliminate the batter. That’s why you will see frequently a long
duel between a pitcher and a batter who would hit many foul balls. The only exception is that if the batter had
already two strikes and he hit a foul ball who land in the foul territory, that foul
ball will count as a third strike, and the batter will be eliminated. A double play is a strategy from the defensive
team where two offensive players are eliminated in one hit. Sometimes an example is easier to understand
than a long explanation. It’s beautiful! A double play requires speed, concentration,
precision and an excellent coordination between the players. I find it very exciting. It’s the same but the goal is to eliminate
three players and it’s even more beautiful than a double play. It happens when a batter decide to sacrifice
his presence at bat by holding the bat by both sides to hit the ball so that the ball
bounce in front of him. The goal is to help his teammates to advance
on the bases. It’s a sacrifice because this hit will not count on the statistics of the batter. In baseball, everything is a question of strategy. For example, the offensive team can use the
bunt sacrifice strategy when two players are eliminated, all bases are full and the batter has already 2 strikes. To avoid a third strike and therefore the
end of the half-inning without being able to score, the batter may decide to sacrifice
himself so that his teammates can scores points. But there is a risk: the ball may go offside
and count as the third strike. It’s a strategy where the defensive team
manager signal to the batter that he can go directly to the first base without being able
to hit a single ball because he is considered too strong and therefore too dangerous at
some point of the game. The strategy put in place is, for example,
to let a less dangerous batter hit the ball to provoke a double play. That’s it. And now it’s LSS Time Like, share and subscribe if you liked this
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  1. Salut je connais pas trop le baseball, en dehors de la MLB quel est le plus grand championnat ?

    j'ai vu que beinsport avait les droits tv pour cette année !

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