5 Unique Resistance Band Exercises For Baseball Players To Get Stronger

What’s up guys, Coach Madden, official trainer
at YouGoProBaseball and today I’ve got 5 unique exercises for you that you can do with the
bands when you’re training for baseball. Now, everyone has seen guys training with
the resistance bands for baseball. You know, you see guys on the fence all the
time getting their exercises in with the bands but in this video I’m going to show you 5
unique exercises that you may have not ever seen but are very useful and work very well. So, check them out. Alright, so the first one is going to be Squat
Pulls. We’re going to put the bands down nice and
low and we’re going to obviously put these on our wrists. I like to use the Jaeger Bands, J-Bands, because
they have the wrist straps and you’re not holding on to the handles. It just takes some of the tension off of the
forearm and the elbows so you really get the work in the shoulder. That’s why I like these. I sell these on my website. They’re on sale right now if you’re interested
in these. Of course, you can use other bands as well
to do these exercises but you may have to do them a little bit differently. The first one, the first exercise, unique,
is going to be Squat Pulls. So you’re going to get into a squat like you’re
a catcher. You want good squat posture, butt down nice
and low, chest up. And then we’re just going to pull one arm
at a time coming back to our ear. Just like this. I really like this exercise because it engages
your legs, it engages your core, and it’s working on the shoulder at the same time. You’ve really got to be balanced. You’ve got to be able to control your body
when you’re doing this and you’re getting a great shoulder workout. The next exercise is Half Kneeling Ys. We know the traditional Ys where we are just
making our body look like a Y when we are pulling back but this one we’re going to be
in the half kneeling position with our throwing leg forward. We’re going to clip this down low and then
we’re going to go Ys this way. We can also do this one arm at a time. We can work blocking off with this arm and
then pulling up so we’ve really got to stabilize the rotation of the core as well. Obviously if we did it that way we would also
want to switch and get the other side. The third unique exercise that we’re going
to do with the resistance bands is going to be Wall Slides. All you’re going to do is put this behind
your back and make sure it’s centered and then you’re going to grab on to the bands
where you feel some good tension. You’re going to get up against the wall, have
really good posture, you’re going to have your forearms against the wall, and then you
just want to slide them up and slide them down. Slide them up, slide them down. The fourth unique band exercise, and this
one is a tough one let me tell you this is really tough, is going to be Side Plank Ts. We know the traditional Ts where we are just
making our body look like a T but this one we’re going to be in a side plank position
and this is tough because it works on the abs and the shoulder at the same time. You can use both on one arm or just one. I suggest starting with just one just to see
how it feels. You’re going to put it on the wrist, then
you’re going to get into that side plank position facing the bands holding it up and then you’re
going to get into that T. Keep those hips up, good posture, really squeezing in the
back. The last exercise is going to be Rocker Rows,
or what I call Rocker Rows and for this one I’m going to use two on one arm because this
one you’re a little bit stronger in the exercise. All you’re going to do is get into your Rocker
position. Everyone knows the Rocker Drill, right? Nice and wide, heal to heal with the feet,
front foot open, back foot like you’re on the rubber, you’re going to sit into it. Now for this one we want to get some extension
out in front so kind of let the bands pull us out in front and then we’re going to pull
back like we’re doing a row. I want you to be blocked of with your other
side. Pull back like we’re doing a row and get some
rotation as well and pinch back in the back here. So just like this. Rock forward, rock back and row. Rock forward, rock back and row. Hey guys, if you enjoyed these 5 unique band
resistance exercises, you’re really going to love my Ultimate Guide for Resistance Band
Training for Baseball Players. It’s got everything you need to know in there
when it comes to band training. It’s on sale right now on my website. I’ll leave a link below where you can get
it. You’re definitely going to love it if you’re
into band training and of course you guys know the benefits that these things can give
you if you commit yourself and really focus on it and work on it in a planned way. So check out that program below and I hope
to see you guys in the next video. Leave me a comment and let me know what of
these 5 exercises have you done before and do you have any other unique exercises that
I may have not seen that you do. Leave me a comment below. Let me know.

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  1. One tip for future videos like this — explain where we should feel each exercise! Ie "back of the shoulder" or "scaps"

  2. hey John Madden so my friend gave me his old under shorts under jock not the cup because I have that but the its to big how can I shrink it

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