5 Ways to increase your bat speed

sean plouffe hitterish.com today I’m
going to talk about five tips to increase your bat speed tip number one tip your back
father you tip your back all momentum you could create into the editing zone
tip number two keep your hands at your shoulder notice how my hands do not
leave the shoulder until I have to adjust to the location to pitch a lot of
times the kids will push their hands away from their shoulder that will not
help you guys to be tip number three shift your weight now that sounds kind
of silly but I see kids all the time starting to stance and they stride about
three inches and they’re trying to hit from a very narrow stance and ultimately
think about if you were to throw from this wide of a stance you can only throw
the ball so far so if you’re going to try to throw the ball as hard as far as
you can you’re going to really shift your weight and get after same thing
when we hit we need to create some kind of momentum in some kind of weight shift
going forward so we can really put our energy into the baseball it’s got number
four stretching five it’s not enough for us to just shift our weight if all our
weighting falls in the front foot and our hands come with it as we strive
forward our hands and pulling backwards to create a stretch on the back half of
my body they fall for I pull back and there’s a lot of stretch going on and
I’m creating a lot of energy on the background for my body step number five
pull your hands up and back the farther away my hands are from the baseball the
more room I have to create that bad to be if my hands stay right here it’s a
nice short swing and you’ll probably make more contact but not as much bats
meet Sean plouffe hitterish.com catch you next time realist one this reppin oh my god oh my
god if I die I’m a legend when they lay me down to rest I know I was always
rapping oh my God my whole life my words being my greatest weapon I know I I know
I been a ghost greatest blessing

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