50 Things To Know About Qatar – By 50 People Living in Qatar!

Hi Freggle Friends! You’re about to see 50 things to know about
Qatar by 50 awesome people living in Qatar. Remember to share with other awesome people,
like and subscribe and we’ll get started right now! Qatar is the richest country in the world. Doha is the capital of Qatar. Qatar is a muslim country. More than a hundred nationalities are working
and living in Qatar as expats. Qatar is an emirate. And arabic islamic monarchy. Qatar became independent on the 3d of September
1971. Falconry is a very popular sport in Qatar.
A single bird can be worth between 5000 – 25000 USD. The locals are called Qatari. Pearl diving was the main industry until the
1940s. The national animal is the Oryx. Arabic is the national language, but most
people speak english as well. The country is ruled by Emir Sheik Tamim Bin
Hamad Al Thani. The headquarters of the TV network Al Jazeera,
are located Qatar. The 9 white triangles of the Qatari flag,
symbolize Qatar as the 9th member of the reconciled Emirates. Qatar celebrates it’s national day on December
18th. Qatar is the safest country in the Middle
East. The national dress in Qatar for men is a white
Thobe, with a Gutra on the head. In 1939 on the west coast of Qatar, oil was
discovered near a town called Dukhan. Qatar is 160km long and 75km wide. Qatar is one of the few countries that does
not charge any income tax. If you’re interested in art and culture,
visit Katara Cultural Village. The sea surrounding Qatar is the Persian Gulf. The landscape is quite flat, the highest point
is 103 meters high. The country is surrounded by many beautiful
beaches. The national airline is Qatar Airways. They
have about 160 destinations with a fleet of over 200 planes. The football World Cup will be held in Qatar
in 2022. The country is only connected to Saudi Arabia. The currency is Riyals. Souq Waqif is a historic market, and now a
popular meeting place. Doha has a spectacular skyline, which you
can admire from the roundshaped Corniche. Camel races are very popular in Qatar. The Qatar flag has a name, Al Adaam. Many locals and visitors like to smoke Sisha
on a night out. The most beautiful beach in Qatar is Fuwairit. There are 2.9 million people in Qatar, only
10% are local. The national dress for women, is the black
Abaya. The National Museum of Qatar is made in the
shape of a desert rose. Qatar has a desert climate, the maximum temperature
is 50’, and the minimum temperature is about 10 degrees. Qatar has the third largest natural gas reserve
in the world, about 25 million cubic meters. In Qatar, cars drive on the right side of
the road. You can even find truffles in Qatar. There are 329 different species of birds recorded
in Qatar. Most of them are passing through on migration. You can find a real desert with stunning sand
dunes, in the south of Qatar. Hamad International Airport is where you will most
likely enter the country. It opened on April 30th 2014. The lowest temperature ever measured in Qatar
is 1,5 C in 2017 on the 5th of February. If you’re lucky you can see dolphins, dugongs
and even whale sharks around Qatar. In 2019 the Doha Metro system opened in Qatar.
There are many Doha Metro videos elsewhere on my channel. Check them out! Every year the hawksbill turtles come to Fuwairit beach
to lay their eggs. The highest temperature measured in Qatar
was 50.4 ‘C on July 14th 2010. Qatar has one of the largest whale shark groups
in the world. In the south of Qatar, the beautiful inland
sea, forms the border with Saudi Arabia. Alright and that’s it, 50 facts on Qatar,
by 50 different people in Qatar. Of course a massive thank you to all those Youtube stars
participating in this video. Remember to like the video and share it with all your awesome
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  2. 6:27 Every year turtles come to fuwairit hotel 🤣. I can imagine 100 turtles queuing front of hotel’s reception desk.

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