6 Baseball Hitting Drills to work Middle/Opposite Field! (and to STOP✋Pulling the Ball/Roll Over)

What’s up guys coach Madden,
YouGoProBaseball.com and today we’ve got a question from lavish souls and he asks
do you have any hitting drills so that I can stop pulling the ball every pitch
yes I do but I’m not only gonna give you a few hitting drills we’re gonna talk
about why you may be pulling the baseball how you can fix it and then I’m
gonna give you six hitting drills that you can use to stay consistent with this
but before we get into it I want to say thank you to a bow baseball elbow
baseball is a bat manufacturer in Canada where they supply premium cut billets to
players of all ages they shipped to the US and worldwide so check the link in
the description and see what they got going on so the first reason I see guys
pulling the ball a lot is because they’re they’ve got bad timing you know
they’re out in front right imagine if you’re early on everything you’re gonna
be hitting that ball out in front and pulling it to your pull side every time
right so if timing is an issue you need to work on your timing so it drills that
help with your timing you’re gonna be doing more live front toss live EP live
hitting in games and really working on your timing and trying to get that
rhythm in sync with the picture or the thrower depending on whether you’re in a
drill or in a game and you’re gonna work on that because if you’re hitting the
ball out in front too much you’re gonna be pulling every time so work on timing
have the mental approach to go middle opposite field when you’re hitting the
second reason that I see guys pulling the ball a lot is they get long in their
swing so their hands get out and around and they’re coming around the baseball
so they may even be hitting the ball deeper in they’re in the zone but
they’re coming around with their hands they’re getting long what happens then
is sometimes you’ll get a bubble in your swing and you’ll have a rollover when
you have a rollover or a bubble in your swing you’re gonna be hitting weak
ground balls to the pull side all the time so if you’re crushing balls to the
pull side maybe look at your timing if you are hitting weak ground balls to the
pull side maybe look at do you have a bubble in your swing are you rolling
over are you getting along with your hands is your elbow getting away from
your body and your hands casting away if that’s the issue then you really got to
work on staying connected getting into slot with that elbow staying connected
compact to contact and then extending through the ball through the pitch where
it’s pitched – you also have the mindset hitting the ball back up the middle or
slightly opposite field when you’re working on that the third reason I see
guys that hit the ball to the pull side all the time is they’re flying open
they’re flying out right they get here if this is my batter’s box going this
way when they start to swing they’re either stepping out we’re pulling the
head out or pulling the shoulder out and they’re getting out and around the ball
if you’re doing that obviously that’s a problem that’s gonna lead to more balls
being pulled to the pull side so we got to work on that we got to check our
alignment we’ve got to stay more balanced and under control we got it
work again the main thing is having that mindset hitting that ball middle back up
the middle of the field slightly opposite when you have that
mindset you’re gonna be a little bit more successful but now let’s get into
the six hitting drills that you can work on to start being a better hitter not
pulling the ball all the time start working up the middle feel
slightly up as a field so hitting drill number one is angled toss I put this PVC
pipe here just for reference to show you guys where the batter’s box would be so
you can get the idea of the angle so I’m gonna set up in the batter’s box
actually normal so if this is my batter’s box here and this is home plate
obviously we’re not using the tee for this I’m just keeping it here for
reference so you guys get the idea but we’re gonna have a front tosser okay
normally your front tosser is straight up the middle right but for angle toss
we’re gonna actually angle him off between home plate and the first base
side if you’re a right-handed hitter so he’s gonna be about almost 45 degrees
maybe even a little bit more towards the first base side and he’s gonna be
tossing from there but you as the hitter are still going to be focused up the
middle here so we’re not going to be striding this way to him and trying to
go back we’re gonna be going up the middle with our stride but staying close
with our front shoulder and then trying to hit that ball deep in the zone and
shoot it right back at him okay so now instead of having your your front toss
are straight ahead he’s gonna be more down the first base line this way
tossing to you you’re still striding straight like at the pitcher but then
you’re staying closed more with your upper body and trying to stay connected
here and shoot the ball right back at the tosser think about letting that ball
travel a little bit staying connected and then extending where you’re trying
to hit that ball the second hitting drill I got for you guys I learned this
one from will Nieves he was a major league
catcher great hitter and he came on the YouTube channel last year I believe it
was and he showed us a great hitting drill where he was opened up when he
started and then he coiled back and then he tried to throw his hands at the ball
stay inside stay connected and shoot that ball to the opposite field if you
think about this this is actually very similar to angle toss he’s just creating
the angle with his body as opposed to the tosser creating the angle now this
is a drill that you could do off of the tee as you’ll see him do but it’s
another great one to really work on staying connected feeling the difference
of where you’re trying to hit that ball up the middle or slightly opposite field
and it’s just a great drill to feel it and work on it a little bit of an
over-exaggeration but it’s a great drill if you work on it and you practice it
over time hitting drill number three is the catch and crush drill I talked about
this drill a lot on my youtube channel it’s basically when you get set up and
you’re gonna have a partner and you’re gonna be hitting a ball off the tee but
your partner is gonna throw you a ball just over the ball on the tee you’re
gonna catch it you’re gonna keep that front shoulder closed and you’re gonna
make contact with your backhand it’s a one-handed drill this drill is great for
guys who pull the ball all the time because we really got to focus on
keeping our front shoulder closed and staying in there now what we want to do
the only adjustment we want to do if we got a guy who’s pulling the ball a lot
we’re rolling over a lot or yanking out a lot we want to take this drill and
have a opposite field mindset when we’re doing this drill so instead of just
trying to hit the ball up the middle we’re actually gonna try to hit this
ball slightly opposite field so we’re gonna catch the ball from our partner
take a stride stay close with our front shoulder take the back hand to the ball
and hit it slightly opposite field that’s the only difference
in this drill when we got a guy who’s pulling the ball very much now the
fourth baseball hitting drill that I got for you guys we were we’re big-time
pullers is the PVC drill now I got this PVC pipe here to show you the batter’s
box but I’m actually gonna take this out and I’m gonna use it for purposes of
this drill and we’re just gonna create an angle to where we’re trying to hit
the ball so imagine this was still my batter’s box right here but I’m gonna
try to take my hands along this PVC pipe okay so if I’m trying to hit the ball
off of the tee or you could even do the front toss or even lie BP it’s a lot
harder than lie BP but off of the tee or front toss you could definitely do this
drill and you’re just gonna try to take your hands along this path right the
only difference in a swing when you’re trying to go up the middle up as a field
versus a pull swing is you’re gonna stay connected a little bit less and you’re
going to extend through the ball through the pitch right so if you’re trying to
hit this pitch slightly opposite field you’re gonna disconnect from that slot a
little bit earlier and you want your hands to ride the path of that PVC so
I’m just gonna get here I’m gonna start my swing and then I’m just gonna imagine
my hands kind of going on that same path of the PVC this way I’m gonna extend
through contact that way as well and I’m gonna watch the ball fly in a nice line
drive fashion that way that’s the whole goal of the drill and it’s just kind of
a visual gives you a little bit of a visual to follow and some guys really
find this helpful when working on hitting the ball up the middle slightly
obvious feel for hitting drill number five we can use this tool right here it
has become one of my favorite hitting tools not only for guys who pull the
ball but really just to work on a great swing because this tool right here is
going to give you instant feedback whether you had a good swing or a bad
swing and you can use this for a guy who pulls a ball all the time because when
you all you do is you attach it to the bat here it comes with Velcro it goes
right around your bat nice and easy and then when you shoot the ball off if
you’re yanking out or pulling out this way that ball is going to fly that way
and you’re gonna know so your idea with this drill this ball is to shoot it
right up the middle this is really gonna focus on keeping you inside the ball and
having a good compact swing and shooting it right up the middle you could also
focus on going slightly opposite field the other great thing about this tool is
that if you dump the barrel or get long or have bad drag that ball is gonna fly
off this way so you don’t really want to work too far opposite field with this
drill work right up the middle slightly off this field but it’s a great
great drill because it gives you that instant feedback and you’re gonna know
right away whether you’re doing it right or wrong it’s fun it’s easy simple and
you can get a lot of swings in with this tool the six hitting drill that you can
use to work on not pulling the ball all the time is the connection ball drill
and this is just a ball that you can put between your bicep and your
or arm here because what happens when guys like I said one of the reasons guys
pull the ball a lot is they get disconnected their elbow gets away from
their body their hands get away from their elbow and they get real long early
in the swing right with their arm now if this ball was in there it’d be flying
out right we don’t want that we actually want to make contact still connected we
want to have a power L in our arm right there if we do that this ball is gonna
stay in there until after contact so you just place this ball right here in your
arm and you get here and you take your swings boom and you want to stay
connected with this ball until you get down to contact okay so this is a great
drill to work on it you could take full swings you don’t have to stop like I did
right there you could take full swings with it it’s gonna pop out eventually as
you get extended through contact but you’re gonna be able to tell especially
if you put yourself on video if that ball is popping out early you’re gonna
know that you’re getting too long and extending early you want to stay more
compact get to contact being a strong position and then extend that’s a great
way to work on not pulling the ball so much but hitting it slightly opposite
field for up the middle now there are many many many other hitting drills I’ve
talked about many on this YouTube channel if you guys are into learning
hitting drills definitely subscribe click the bell so you’ll be notified
when I put new ones up and you can use a lot of these other drills to work on
having that up the middle opposite field approach you just have to implement that
mindset into the drills as well right so just know when you’re using hitting
drills it’s for the purpose of trying to fix something I think of hitting drills
as like the prescription meaning if someone gets sick and the doctor
prescribes them something to help them get better that’s what you should use
hitting drills for every single hitting drill is not for every single hitter
you’re using hitting drills to help fix certain problems with certain hitters so
if you are that guy that’s pulling the ball every single time try v-6
again there are other ones that you can implement if you use the mindset of the
middle slightly opposite field that may will work great for you in fact I want
you guys to leave a comment below and let me know what are some hitting drills
you guys use to work to hit the ball up the middle slightly opposite field and
what are some of your other favorite hitting drills that use in general leave
your comment down below I’d love to talk to you guys down there of course I hope
you like this video and I will see you guys in the next one
thank you so much

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  1. We literally will put the ball on a tee, place it on the inside corner of the plate, and just tell the boys hit this up the middle. They learn within the first few swings to keep their hands in. The fence drill is good for casting issues too. Thanks coach, and we will see you in Florida in July…direct select baby!!

  2. Great video and killer bats. Just had a couple made for my Son…unbelievable pop to those things!!! @wingfieldbasebal29

  3. Coach! My life goal is to get to the MLB I am 13 years old almost 14 can you tell me what i should be focused on fundamentally and for workouts? What should I be doing to improve my game and take it to the next level.

  4. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on the transition from pitching to hitting. I bat third on my high school team and am also the #1 pitcher. When I'm not pitching, I'm at first base. I tend to hit much better when I'm not pitching. My pitching mindset is very calm and collected while I'm more effective hitting wise when I'm more aggressive. Any thoughts on how to transition between pitching and hitting?

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